欢迎来到 Sensorium 公司 博客。在这里,您可以找到我们对于人工智能、虚拟现实和区块链的最新消息、商业案例研究和行业见解。


Chat With An AI Avatar And Win A Share Of The 3000 SENSO Prize Pool
Chatting for hours on end, taking AR for a spin to create incredible dance moves, and unlocking next-level companionships with AI avatars… You already know that our Sensorium mobile app packs quite the punch, but now we’re excited to be launching a contest to reward our most dedicated users - and those wanting to join us, too. Excited to know more? Great. Let’s get right down to it. ## How Do I Participate? It’s super simple, we promise! ### Step #1 Download the Sensorium mobile App: iOS
Android *If you have our app already installed, make sure you're up to date with the latest version released.
** Discover all the features you can explore with the Sensorium mobile app (AI text chat, video talk, AR mode, dancing and much more). ### Step #2 Register, create your avatar and go to the “Chat” mode. ### Step #3 Ask a question or experiment with a creative prompt, in English, via the text chat. Your new friend will surely have fun talking to you no matter what, but try to be as imaginative as possible. You can use emojis! Examples:
How To Buy SENSO Tokens
Whether you are getting ready to enter the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse or to play and earn with SENSO DAPP, chances are you need SENSO tokens to make the most out of these digital experiences. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to buy SENSO in a few simple steps. First time you hear about SENSO? Worry not. Sensorium is a Web3 company and, as such, we are deep believers in decentralization. Blockchain technology is a core pillar of this new web paradigm as it enhances our ability to empower users in exciting ways. SENSO fuels the Sensorium product ecosystem. From purchasing immersive experiences to minting unique AI-driven virtual beings and earning rewards in exciting intergalactic missions, SENSO is behind it all. Our tokens guarantee full transparency and true ownership in each of your interactions with our products. For more details, you can read our SENSO Whitepaper. ## How to buy SENSO tokens on KuCoin
### Step 1 - Log in or sign up on an exchange of your choice
Sensorium Enters Play-to-Earn Arena With SENSO DAPP
Sensorium, a pioneer in the development of Web3 products, is excited to present SENSO DAPP — a play-to-earn strategy card game enabling participants to explore and interact with the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse through a series of highly engaging intergalactic missions. As the world accelerates its transition to Web3, our company is developing products that ensure users make the most out of the endless opportunities offered by this new paradigm. User centricity, gamification, and decentralization are the core pillars behind SENSO DAPP — a new way to experience the vast Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. SENSO DAPP will begin with the minting of 10,000 generative NFT cards. The minting will be structured in multiple stages so that holders can start playing the game right after the first drop. By collecting NFT cards, each representing space explorers, players can set up crews and embark on a trip across Sensorium Galaxy to accomplish a wide array of tasks. The rarity of NFTs is based on a combination of attributes impacting the strength of characters, including visuals, game-related features, and AI-generated music tracks.
## Key highlights
#### Free-to-Play and Play-to-earn with SENSO: SENSO DAPP will be available for everyone to enjoy. That’s right, even without NFTs you can play the game and dive into the exciting missions. Play-to-Earn mode allows players to earn $SENSO tokens in every round. Tokens are instantly available for them to withdraw, spend in the marketplace, or on other ecosystem products. #### Player-versus-Player or NPCs: Aside from playing against other real participants, users can challenge our NPCs and still earn SENSO rewards based on their performance. #### True ownership enabled by NFTs: All collectible cards in SENSO DAPP are minted as non-fungible tokens. This means that game assets truly belong to players who have full control over them. #### In-game NFT marketplace: An in-game blockchain marketplace ensures assets can be easily traded among players. The secondary market activity also enhances the game experience as players can get new characters and create diverse game experiences.
## Get pre-access to the drop Eager to play already? New details on the genesis drop and the gameplay will be released soon. In the meantime, register now and gain early access to our first minting event.
Who’s Got The Best SENSO Of Humor? Our Global Meme Battle Is About To Go Live
Are you an expert at cracking jokes? Are you known as the family joker? Have you been elected Chief Meme Spammer by your friends? And more importantly - are you a fan of SENSO? Then you’ll want to keep reading, we promise. We’re excited to be launching a contest with the goal of bringing closer together the SENSO community through something we can all agree the crypto world can’t live without - memes. And yes, our first ever meme contest has some major prizes at stake — totally 2200 SENSO tokens. It’s also a great opportunity to finally find which of our eight Telegram SENSO communities packs the best sense of humor. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than coming up with new crypto memes (and we all know there’s plenty of material for it right now). Are you on board? Great. Let’s get down to the details. ## Open To Our Telegram Channels English Spanish Turkish French Indian Korean Chinese Arabic
## Timeline First Selection Round: July 15-17 Second Selection Round: July 21-23 Third Selection Round: July 25-28 Semi-finals: July 29-August 1 Final: August 5-6 Announcement of final results and winner: August 8-10 ## Choosing the finalists and winner The best memes will be picked by our team, together with chat administrators, across three different selection rounds. This will help us select 24 semi finalists, that is, 3 memes will be chosen per each of the 8 SENSO local Telegram chats. Next up, a public poll will be held across each chat so that our communities get to take a look at the memes in the running and decide which ones are worthy of making it all the way to the grand final. Only 8 memes will make it to the next stage. And finally, the moment of truth. The winner of our first meme battle contest will be crowned after a public vote that’ll be made available across all of the online communities. Remember, you won’t get to vote for a meme from your own Telegram channel. ## Entry requirements - One submission per account. Even if you don’t get selected during a specific round, you can try your luck again in the next one. There will be 3 selection rounds, a semi-final and then a final. Make sure to submit different memes during the selection rounds. - It’s important that you don’t forget to feature or mention SENSO or the SENSO community. - Memes must be posted in your group’s chat with the hashtag #senso_meme_battle. - English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the memes being shared, so that we can all enjoy them the same way and crack up a laugh (or two). Trouble translating your meme? No problemo. Ask the chat admin for help and they’ll come to the rescue. - Image and text must be easy to read. PNG and JPEG formats accepted. - Pro tip: Make sure that your memes can be easily understood by everyone. After all, memes are meant to be universal. ## No-nos: - Plagiarism: submitting the same meme more than once. - Submitting more than one meme per selection round; - Offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc. ## Final Prize The author of the best meme will be getting 1,000 SENSO and the winning meme will also be featured as our official avatar across all of our 8 telegram chats during a whole week. But wait, our semi-finalists will not walk away empty-handed, either. Each of the 24 semi-finalists will be getting 50 SENSO as a reward for their efforts in putting a smile on all of our faces. Good luck to all participants!
SENSO Featured On LBank Exchange
Sensorium is pleased to confirm that SENSO, the metaverse currency of Sensorium Galaxy, is now available for trading on LBank — a renowned digital assets exchange. LBank has been providing cryptocurrency exchange services since 2015, making it one of the world’s first players in this space. Aside from spot trading, clients of this exchange can benefit from additional functionalities like token staking and a convenient NFT marketplace. “With Sensorium Galaxy approaching a long-awaited public launch, it’s more important than ever to ensure that SENSO is widely available worldwide. We believe that LBank’s rapid expansion of its operations in Asia and Africa make it a great ally for our Web3 ecosystem,” said Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO at Sensorium. LBank will add support for the pair SENSO/USDT according to the following schedule: - Deposit Enable: 18:00 June 27,2022 (UTC+8) - Trading Open: 18:00 June 28,2022 (UTC+8) - Withdrawal Enable: 18:00 June 29, 2022 (UTC+8) SENSO tokens are already available on top cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex, Kucoin, Poloniex, Bitcoin.com, HitBTC, Gate.io, and others. ## About LBank LBank Exchange, founded in 2015, is an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets. LBank Exchange provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 7 million users from now more than 210 regions around the world.
AMA回顾:Sensorium x Gate.Io
大家好。 最近,我们的副首席执行官Alex Blagirev与Gate.io社区举行了一次深入的AMA会议,就Sensorium、SENSO和我们产品的现状以及Sensorium Galaxy metaverse的未来进行了令人兴奋的对话。亚历克斯还对一些期待已久的发展做了一些暗示。如果您错过了,这里有一份AMA的文字记录。
SENSO 正式登陆 Gate.io
Sensorium很高兴地宣布,SENSO,Sensorium Galaxy元宇宙的平台内货币,已经正式在[Gate.io](http://Gate.io)上出现。 作为基于交易量的全球10大加密货币交易所之一,Gate.io目前拥有超过800万用户,涉及许多数字资产产品,而介绍SENSO的举动将使该代币在更广泛的全球加密货币爱好者中得到更多的曝光和供应。 对于Gate.io的用户来说,以下交易对SENSO/ETHSENSO/USDT将于1月20日开始进行交易。 > "通过在另一个主要的全球加密货币交易所展示SENSO,我们的目标不仅是在我们接近Sensorium Galaxy的推出时抓住对我们代币不断上升的兴趣,而且我们还希望继续专注于为那些持有或想要持有SENSO的人提供最佳交易体验。Sensorium副首席执行官Alex Blagirev说:"现在SENSO的可及性比以往任何时候都要大,这标志着我们在元宇宙和区块链领域的一个新的里程碑。 Gate.io将允许用户访问SENSO访问市场信息,包括当前价格、交易量、流动性和该代币以及其他支持的替代币的价格变动。 SENSO代币用于Sensorium Galaxy内的所有价值交易 - 一个与世界知名艺术家、制片人和媒体公司合作开发的数字元宇宙。 代币也可用于铸造非可替代代币(NFT),运行市场业务,并实现对去中心化自治组织(DAO)的访问。 最近,Sensorium成功执行了10亿SENSO的代币燃烧,使目前的供应量为700个代币,此举有助于进一步支持Sensorium Galaxy元宇宙的扩张,并将SENSO定位为最令人兴奋的全球加密货币项目之一。 目前,SENSO代币可以在所有主要的其他加密货币交易所获得,包括Bittrex、Kucoin、Poloniex、Bitcoin.com和HitBTC。 ## 关于Gate.io Gate.io成立于近十年前,它所做的一切都是为了给其加密货币爱好者提供最好的交易体验,甚至更多。Gate.io以其交易量而闻名;它也是全球十大加密货币交易所之一,提供市场上一些最高的回报。Gate.io的主要任务之一是通过提供安全可靠的产品和服务来服务于区块链行业。他们的主要价值观是透明、安全和诚信。
祝贺我们Sensorium应用程序AR竞赛的所有参与者。我们的团队很高兴看到您们中的许多人利用我们的增强现实功能创造了如此生动和有趣的内容。今天,我们终于准备好宣布所有108名获奖者。 如果您在下面的名单中,您将在最近的时间内收到团队的电子邮件。所有的奖品将在SENSO中分发,直到一月底。条款和条件[这里](https://sensoriumxr.com/articles/sensorium-app-ar-contest)。 ## 比赛获胜者 1. omf*******@gmail.com (Instagram)
Sensorium很高兴地宣布,SENSO,我们基于区块链的元宇宙货币,现在可以在KuCoin交易所进行灵活的押注,年利率约为35%。 抵押...什么?对于那些不熟悉押注概念的人来说,可以把它看作是银行的储蓄账户。您所有的SENSO代币在定投时仍然在您手中,您只需通过KuCoin的Pool-X定投将它们 "投入工作"。 SENSO灵活抵押计划于2021年12月10日10:00:00(UTC)开始启动。这一举措的硬性上限是5,000,000SENSO。 您可以在下面的表格中找到所有细节。