Turn ideas into actions with SENSO DAO

In the Web3 realm, you are always in control. SENSO DAO is our way to make that a reality. Join a decentralized autonomous organization to influence the future of Sensorium.

Start voting

More than community, decision makers

A decentralized future is already here. Step into it with SENSO DAO — a mechanism that empowers you and all our community members with voting rights.

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Push your ideas to the finish line

Our collective of SENSO holders can submit, vote, and decide on proposals that directly affect the development of Sensorium’s Web3 products.

Do more with your SENSO

Your tokens, ready for action. Aside from fueling the Sensorium ecosystem, SENSO now acts as a governance token. From design to features, there are no limits. Voice your initiatives now.

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Powered by Snapshot

SENSO DAO is built with Snapshot — a voting system based on the IPFS decentralized storage system. This off-chain, gasless, multi-governance solution powers DAOs for some of the world’s leading tech players.

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Ecosystem integration

Stage 1

MVP launch

(limited products & features)

Stage 2

Hybrid deployment

(advanced set of features)

Stage 3

Full decentralization

(full scope of products)

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Get the latest new on product development