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Year In Review: Sensorium In 2022
We ended last year with the promise that we would raise the bar in 2023. And that we did. New beginnings, endings and re-starts, the world has seen it all in 2022, especially in tech. We’re finally talking more about the metaverse, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and, of course, crypto. The future looks exciting. And Sensorium is leading the charge with the launch of some long-awaited VR and blockchain projects. Here are some of the milestones we reached this year:
Wakatta is now Sensorium Chain
Last year, the Sensorium team embarked on a mission to create an independent layer-two blockchain tailored to the needs of our products and the rapidly growing metaverse arena. Wakatta was designed from scratch to deliver a solid set of technical features, including ultra-low fees, fast transactions, and the possibility to mint traditional and programmable NFTs. At the time, options for ready-made infrastructure solutions with those characteristics weren’t available. The changing nature of the market gave birth to new solutions, better optimized to serve the needs of Web3 environments. After long consideration and a broad-market assessment, Sensorium decided to retake control of the Wakatta project as part of an M&A deal. All initial investors in the Wakatta Seed Round were compensated in full in the context of this operation. Moving forward, we are taking the progress made with Wakatta and leveraging it for the creation of Sensorium Chain — an enterprise network that will provide a seamless experience to all our ecosystem users, turning SENSO into a single-token solution that enables purchases of assets and exclusive content without the need of an additional currency for gas fees. Sensorium Chain is part of a company-wide Web3 strategy to ensure all products are ready to support the exciting applications of this new paradigm. From DAO services and self-sovereign identity to true ownership and token-based payments, we are building a future where users are always at the forefront of innovation and take a leading role in shaping their digital footprint. Stay tuned with the development of Sensorium Chain. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram (Chat / Channel)
Sensorium Galaxy's Carl Cox Avatar Featured On Mixmag Cover
Sensorium is pleased to announce that its collaboration with legendary electronic music DJ and artist Carl Cox is on full display in the December issue of Mixmag, one of the world's leading electronic music and clubbing publications. In a first-of-its-kind, Carl Cox graces the digital cover of the famed magazine in the form of his avatar, created by Sensorium for a series of upcoming virtual reality concerts the pioneering artist is slated to perform within Sensorium Galaxy.
Sensorium Participates In 6th International VR Awards Ceremony
Sensorium has taken part in the 6th International VR Awards held this past December 1, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The event is one of the world’s leading gatherings of innovators behind ground-breaking projects that redefined the immersive world and it meant to be a recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in VR. For the second year running, Sensorium was nominated for VR Experience of the Year and Innovative VR Company of the Year. Representing the company at the awards ceremony, Sensorium’s Head of Content, Matias Lapuschin handed out the top award for VR Game of the Year to POLYARC GAMES – Moss: Book II. “The VR Awards have become an invaluable opportunity to meet peers and keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, discussing opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. As the developer behind a comprehensive metaverse such as Sensorium Galaxy, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of the next digital revolution and we greatly benefit from exchanging visions with our partners in VR and beyond”, added Matias Lapuschin . Held by the Academy of International Extended Reality, the VR Awards are held as a complement to year-round international initiatives dedicated to the celebration of excellence and unique access to the world’s most influential names in immersive technology.
Sensorium Takes Part In World’s Leading Web3 Gathering at DCENTRAL Miami
Sensorium is taking part in one of the world’s foremost Web3 conferences, DCENTRAL Miami, set to take place November 28-29th at the James L. Knight Center in the heart of downtown Miami. The event precedes the biggest art week in the United States, Art Basel Miami, where emerging technology will also be in focus. As part of DECENTRAL Sensorium’s Chief Web3 Officer, Alexander Firsov is joining a panel dedicated to exploring industry’s landscape and future opportunities under the topic ’Unlocking the true potential of metaverses’. “It’s hard to imagine another year when the conversation surrounding Web3 technology has been more front and center than in 2022. I believe that this is a recognition of the transformative potential harbored by Web3 and a confirmation that the industry is making strides as we press ahead with next-gen innovation and this generational tech shift. We might be just at the nascent stage, but the advancements seen across blockchain, tokenization, machine learning and the metaverse are deeply promising. As a leader in emerging technology, I look forward to showcasing Sensorium’s Web3 projects to my peers at DECENTRAL,” says Alex Firsov. Key conference themes across this year’s edition of DECENTRAL stages include DeCloud, NFT architecture, Tokenomics, DAO opportunities and crypto regulation, with the programming focusing specifically on conditions to create a multi-chain, cross-chain future, and an inclusive space for the entire Web3 and NFT community to foster a shared learning environment. Over 5,000+ attendees and exhibitors are expected to attend the event, with extensive media coverage from outlets such as Bloomberg, NBC and Vice News. Some of the speakers in attendance include Polygon’s Michael Blank, Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Mark Xu and Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Digital.
Sensorium’s Deputy CEO Is Elected as Executive Board Member of AFEM
Sensorium is proud to announce that its Deputy CEO and Art Director, Sasha Tityanko, has been elected as member of the Executive Board of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM). In her new role, Sasha will be working together with other board members on matters related to operational decisions and strategic direction, as well as contributing towards efforts undertaken by AFEM to promote and preserve the best of electronic music culture together with a community dedicated to solving issues and developing commercial opportunities. In August of this year, Sensorium was accepted as an official AFEM member, thus joining 220 other leading enterprise members across 25 countries that are currently part of the association. “I feel very privileged to take on this role as AFEM’s executive board member at such an exciting time for our industry. I look forward to being an active party in bringing the conversation about emerging technology in AR, VR and AI to the forefront and exploring the capabilities now being unleashed by technological advancements within the electronic music industry. At Sensorium, we’re leading extensive efforts in expanding the applications of AI-generated music in the metaverse and digital-first environments. And as our AI avatars and their uniquely crafted music continue bringing a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene, my role with AFEM will help highlight the enormous changes we’re currently seeing and why we need to continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved”, explains Sasha Tityanko. The Association For Electronic Music’s Executive Board is scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), one of the world’s most influential gatherings for global electronic music and its industry. Sensorium is gearing up for the public launch of Sensorium Galaxy’s PRISM world, a metaverse dedicated to celebrating the passion for electronic music. Developed hand-in-hand with Yann Pissenem's The Night League, PRISM will be home to out-of-this-world performances delivered by the The Chosen Ones, a select group of chart-topping artists including David Guetta, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, and others.
Sensorium Registers UAE Branch as Dubai Becomes a Hub for Metaverse Companies
Sensorium, the company behind the industry-leading Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, confirmed its expansion into the United Arab Emirates. The company has registered a new entity and plans to open a new office to expand its global presence further and accelerate the development of metaverse initiatives in the MENA region. The new office, expected to be formally inaugurated in the coming weeks, will be located at Opus tower in the Business Bay district. The iconic building complex was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. This office will operate under the entity "Sensorium Global Solutions LLC". The branch will undertake a key role in the operational and strategic development of the Sensorium Galaxy brand and other company verticals. With this initiative, Sensorium capitalizes on the ramping metaverse opportunities being offered by the Government of Dubai. Back in July, Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, crown prince of Dubai, introduced the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to add $4 billion to the UAE economy in the next 5 years. This strategy will support 40,000 new jobs and provide vast funding to foster business competitiveness. This framework promises to strengthen Sensorium's position as a leader and speed up the accomplishment of its goals. "Dubai is quickly becoming a global hub for companies in the Metaverse and Web3 space. By establishing a local presence in Dubai, we will be able to collaborate more closely with key players in the space, and establish long-lasting relations in the MENA region. We fully support the initiative of the Government of Dubai, which once again proves to be at the forefront of technological changes and innovation," said Sensorium CEO Vladimir Kedrinsky. Aside from becoming an exciting new destination for employees in the product and business development, marketing, communications and IT areas, the Sensorium office will also include a demo studio where government officials, investors, and strategic partners can experience the full range of our Sensorium Galaxy products with maximum immersiveness. This announcement arrives on the heels of Sensorium's unparalleled success at GITEX GLOBAL 2022, one of the world's biggest and most reputed technology exhibitions. Sensorium was recognized as a Top Disruptor in 2022 following its participation at X-VERSE, a metaverse-dedicated pavilion. A series of interactive activities were organized for attendees to experience the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse in various ways, including one-on-one talks with AI-driven avatars, a metaverse runway show, and in-engine Empyreal Parties. Sensorium Deputy CEO & Art Director Sasha Tityanko has participated in multiple panels at the Future Blockchain Summit, also part of GITEX, and hosted her own keynote presentation titled "The Future of Web3: Virtual Artists and Beings Take Over The AI-driven Metaverse" on October 13 at the X-VERSE Talks stage.
Sensorium To Showcase Latest Innovations Of Its AI-driven Metaverse At GITEX 2022
Sensorium, a leading developer in the metaverse space, is joining GITEX GLOBAL for the second year in a row. The company has prepared a range of thrilling activities for all visitors to discover and experience the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse ahead of its public launch. As a key participant of X-VERSE, a new GITEX event dedicated to immersive technologies and the Web 3.0 industry, Sensorium will showcase some of its latest innovations in the field of extended reality and artificial intelligence with an interactive multi-day program. Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO & Art Director at Sensorium: “GITEX GLOBAL is one of the most influential events for the tech sector, and we are delighted to once again contribute to its outstanding agenda. This year, we wanted to take the metaverse one step closer to everyone, ensuring all visitors can experience the different technological advancements that come together at Sensorium Galaxy. From remarkably natural conversations with AI beings to the high-quality generative music created by our virtual artists and the striking visuals available all around the metaverse. With our program this year, we intend to reshape people’s vision of the metaverse and set new standards for the creation of future virtual environments.” Program details: ## Face The AI: Join A One-On-One Talk With Sensorium Galaxy Virtual Being October 10-13 | 11:00 - 17:00 | Location: Sensorium Galaxy Demo Station Attendees can jump on stage and test the advanced conversational AI powering Sensorium Galaxy virtual beings. A sophisticated architecture based on genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning enables the company’s proprietary virtual beings to chat naturally on any given topic for extended periods of time without losing context. ## The Metaverse Runway Show by Sensorium Galaxy October 10-13 | 17:00 - 18:00 | Location: Main screen The future of immersive experiences is defined by AAA graphics. And this show is a statement of our commitment to a much-needed superior visual quality in the metaverse. Our 15-minute show exposes the power of graphic details through an exclusive selection of Sensorium Galaxy virtual beings and progressive outfits designed by award-winning artist Jason Ebeyer. ## Empyreal Parties by Sensorium Galaxy: Raving our way to the metaverse October 10-13 | 17:00 - 18:00 | Full show on October 13 at 16:00 and 10min previews regularly | Location: Main screen GITEX visitors can further explore the depths of Sensorium Galaxy by joining Empyreal Parties — a series of exclusive performances taking place in the metaverse and available through the world’s first 24/7 in-engine metaverse streaming channel.
Sensorium Announces the Development of UNDER - A Pioneering P2E Metaland Platform
Sensorium, the leading tech company behind the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, is unveiling its latest groundbreaking project dedicated to exploring the wide potentialities of metaverse real estate as an emerging asset class - UNDER. The upcoming UNDER virtual land platform features NFT parcels with built-in game mechanics and an extensive upgrade system tied to original play-to-earn games. UNDER PLAY, the project’s gaming library, is set to include a vast range of casual P2E titles, which will be regularly updated to include latest releases. The Web3 initiative is centered around the virtual land of UNDER – a mystic world in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse along with the PRISM world, where the world-renowned stars, from David Guetta to Steve Aoki will perform exclusive shows. UNDER is an attraction to metaverse miners given the unique presence of SENSO Aura (SAr), a valuable resource that can be used across the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse or exchanged for fiat money. Sensorium plans to release a total of 100,000 parcels for players. Each plot will feature in-built games enabling the mining of valuable resources. The UNDER experience offers three pathways for users to obtain these resources and get revenue: landless players can rent parcels from Sensorium or other players, while land owners can play themselves or stake / lend their parcels to other users for the revenue share. The more parcels owners stake, the more likely they are to obtain profit through other players’ winnings. The land owners can also upgrade their parcels with new games from UNDER PLAY gaming catalog, thereby making their parcels significantly more attractive to other users. “We recognized a market niche and identified consumer demand for virtual land projects that aim higher than simply offering static land parcels for collecting or re-selling purposes. The fact is that metaverse users are fast becoming savvy and demanding customers. And as we step into the next generation of digital experiences in a Web3 world, we understand that virtual land parcels must have compelling utility, including incredible game mechanics and a sustainable play-to-earn model to support the overall ecosystem. UNDER is Sensorium’s high-up Web3. We are very excited about the project coming to life in the coming months”, explains Alex Kim, Sensorium’s Chief Monetization Officer. UNDER will be leveraging Sensorium’s ecosystem currency SENSO, simplifying the management of land sales, fueling P2E mechanics, and adding further utility to Sensorium’s metaverse currency. With the goal of making UNDER an experience for everyone, Sensorium will be focussing on a roll-out that has an equal appeal to the crypto community and beyond, as the company continues its efforts in helping internet users transition from traditional Web2 gaming platforms into Web3 experiences. Furthermore, UNDER will allow Sensorium’s vast community and fans to contribute and actively interact with the metaverse following its public release. For more information regarding UNDER land and pre-sale opportunities, please contact alexander.kim@sensoriumxr.com
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