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What Is Blockchain Interoperability
In recent years, distributed ledger technology has attracted widespread attention, not just for being the platform that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, but as a potential game-changer when it comes to bringing a vast number of industries and services into the Web 3.0 era. Driven by the promise held by capabilities and functionalities of this technology, the number of blockchain platforms has continued seeing a rapid rise. However, despite recent advancements and a generally positive reception, the fact is that the blockchain industry remains heavily fragmented, with platforms following wildly different approaches and adopting diverging protocols. This has put the issue of blockchain interoperability at the forefront of developer’s priorities. Just how will this unfold remains a question mark, but today we will be walking you through all you need to know about interoperability and the paths being followed to achieve it. Let’s dive in.
10 Best Metaverse Games To Play In 2022
The race for the metaverse is only heating up as 2022 continues seeing major digital projects come to life. And just how valuable could it all be? Short answer: very. Global consulting firm McKinsey is forecasting that virtual worlds can generate up to $5 trillion by 2030. In addition, the firm also says that it’s plausible that we will live more than 50 percent of live events could be held in the metaverse. You might be wondering then what it is that we will be doing in the metaverse that could possibly be that exciting. Gaming, for starters, is already attracting millions of users to virtual worlds. And this is just the prelude to something even greater ahead. With that in mind, we'll be looking at the 20 best metaverse games in 2022 that you’ll surely want to keep in mind or even try out today.
10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold [June 2022 Update]
We’re well into 2022 but the NFT craze isn’t going anywhere it seems. Investors and collectors flush of money have continued pouring in money into non-fungible tokens, from cat memes to pixelated apes to popular NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and a lot - and we mean a lot - of punk-like avatars. In fact, sales are on pace to surpass last year’s total and they’re on track to hitting a total $90 billion by the end of 2022 despite NFTs prices seeing a downturn as of late. But what’s really moving the market and what makes people want to buy NFTs for tens of millions of dollars? How about you see it for yourself as you go through the list of the top 10 most expensive NFTs sold so far. ## 10 Most Expensive NFTs
Top 10 Blockchain Companies in 2022
Blockchain technology wasn’t on anyone’s radar up until a few years ago. And it has since taken the world by storm, mainly because cryptocurrencies tend to capture all the major headlines. But blockchains - also called distributed ledgers - have been quietly revolutionizing many other aspects of our daily lives, particularly when it comes to the way in which data is managed, protected and shared online. To put it simply, a blockchain is a distributed database with a collection of records of data and information, stored in blocks, that are linked together via cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash function from the previous block, a timestamp, and the data related to transactions. The first decentralized blockchain was conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto and introduced in 2008 as the distributed ledger behind bitcoin transactions. Blockchains can be public entities, such as Bitcoin, or private networks, such as those developed by governments for central bank digital currency projects, known as CBDC's (central bank digital currencies). But the use cases of blockchain have extended to many industries, playing an increasingly important role in all types of sectors, from finance to entertainment to urban management and supply chain solutions. Now that we know what the technology is and what potential it might hold, it’s worth getting to know the best blockchain companies in the world and what they can offer when it comes to using this cutting-edge advancement. ## Top Blockchain Companies in 2022 Blockchain is now a major industry that has birthed several billion-dollar projects. Let’s take a look at the top companies making waves in the industry. ### 1. Binance
What Is a DAO? All The Basics Covered
If you're into blockchain and crypto (hard escape to headlines about the recent meltdown, right?), you’ll surely have come across the word DAO. DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are an increasingly important part of the blockchain world and a great share of crypto projects implement it as part of their roadmap. But what is it all really about? Let’s take a look at what is a DAO and how one such organization works.
Best Cloud Mining Services In 2022
With the growth of cryptocurrency technology and a new wave of investors looking for alternatives to traditional trading, cloud mining has become a popular phenomenon. But often with the good comes the bad. Ponzi schemes and scams have started surfacing on what appears to be legit cloud mining sites. Users too often invest their money into a cloud mining service they find online and out of the blue - the company vanishes. Instead of generating a steady stream of passive income, many find themselves losing thousands. Despite untrustworthy sites out there tarnishing the reputation of cloud mining, with the right company, cloud mining can be hugely profitable without users having to lift much of a finger. If you are looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency without having the technical experience or millions in your bank account, cloud mining is the way to go. Mining crypto no longer has to be a costly investment that bumps up your electricity bill and consumes every hour of your day. Instead, crypto mining has made crypto more accessible to all. The key is to pick reliable cloud mining solutions that fit your investment goals. ## What is Cloud Mining? Cloud mining is crypto mining through the cloud - instead of owning hardware that will increase your electricity bill and cost you an arm and a leg. Participants outsource computational work for crypto mining where they rent hash power from a company that mines crypto on their behalf. Cloud mining has many advantages such as not needing to deal with maintenance issues, high cost of equipment, equipment deprivation costs, and energy costs. It makes your life a lot easier. Before getting caught up in the nitty-gritty details, what is crypto mining? Mining is what keeps the cryptocurrency model intact, the process by which transactions are verified and new coins are released to the blockchain. This process involves computers solving unhuman-like equations known as hashes, the fastest correct answer gets a transaction to validate and therefore a reward of that crypto coin. Through the cloud mining process, you outsource the equipment from a third party that solves these hashes through a cloud mining contract, without having to purchase your own expensive physical hardware. By renting cloud computing power, you do not need to install and run the hardware and software, allowing for hassle-free passive income. So, how do you make money from cloud mining? Cloud mining companies allow people to open an account and participate in crypto mining through a pricing model, usually a commission. Users purchase a certain amount of hash power and profits are allocated in relation to the hash power purchased and the current price of the coin. Companies tend to have cloud mining profitability calculators to provide potential customers with clues on earnings expected for a given hashrate purchased. ## How Does Cloud Mining Work? Cloud Mining is where two worlds collide - cloud computing and cryptocurrency mining. Cloud computing is where users access the processing power and storage capabilities of huge computer systems that are maintained by the companies that own them. Think Dropbox, Gmail, and Facebook. Cryptocurrency mining is the process where computers crunch difficult numbers to solve hashes, creating new blocks on the blockchain. Even the most powerful computers find it complex to solve these hashes. A fast answer allows miners to validate transactions and release new coins. Mining is the backbone of the cryptocurrency model not only for the validation and release of coins but also because it maintains the blockchain's security. The blockchain is a distributed ledger, a database that is shared and synchronized across multiple nodes, making it accessible to multiple people and allowing transactions to be visible to all. Cloud mining is the hybridization of these two concepts. Cloud mining companies will set up massive mining farms, larger than a single individual could manage and mine cryptocurrency using their systems. Cloud mining sites will then offer contracts to potential customers who can purchase a percentage of the hash power for a period of time. Picture a warehouse with thousands of servers and rigs, cooling technology, and enormous power supplies, as well as experts maintaining the hardware. Remember that the more powerful and faster a computer is, the higher the likelihood of solving a hash and generating a block in a cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Users are essentially sharing their computational resources by renting out a powerful cloud mining service, increasing the probability of generating a block. If successful, they are rewarded with cryptocurrency, but the amount each receives is calculated through their purchased percentage of hash power. Within cloud mining sites, there are two types of models - hosted mining and leased hash power. The hosted mining model is the most popular model for mining Bitcoin where customers purchase or lease mining hardware located on mining farms. The equipment is regularly maintained and replaced when necessary by the cloud mining service provider. Customers know that technical issues are taken care of at all times, whilst having direct control over their crypto. The second model of cloud mining on cloud mining platforms is leased hash power. This cloud mining model allows customers to lease computer power from a mining farm while getting a share of the farm’s overall profits from crypto. Instead of renting hardware, customers are leasing a fixed amount of hash power. This model is most popular for altcoins, all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. All customers need to do is open an account on a cloud mining site with this model and select their preferences such as the hashing power and the time period of the mining contract. ## Best Cloud Mining Services In 2022 While cloud mining can be hugely profitable, the risk lies in betting on the wrong cloud mining companies. The key to achieving financial independence through cloud mining solutions is finding the right home for your money to minimize risk. The following list includes the best cloud mining sites on the market in 2022 that you can trust to generate reliable passive income. ### 1. ​​Shamining
Star Atlas Review: How to Play and Earn With This Metaverse Game
The blockchain gaming universe is focused on offering monetary gains to its players. Along the way, the fun part of the game is often neglected. Repeated scenarios, senseless gameplay, and mediocre mechanics plague the game which manages to deter casual gamers from dipping their toes in the lucrative world of blockchain gaming. However, a space-themed blockchain game, Star Atlas, plans to change that perspective by offering a diverse outer space experience of the cosmos. Built on the Solana Blockchain using Unreal Engine 5, there’s a strong buzz going on around the Star Atlas metaverse, and both blockchain gamers and casual gamers have strong expectations from the project. In its infancy, Star Atlas combines an MMO concept in space with modern decentralized mechanics to create a game that is unmatched. In today’s round, we’re offering an in-depth Star Atlas review consisting of every minor detail. Fascinated by the concept of exploring the unexplored parts of the cosmos, taking control over a fleet of spaceships, and minting NFTs? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Star Atlas.
What is MetaFi: A Beginner's Guide
We’re living through times of rapid technological change - and development - that has seen the recent rise of blockchain-based platforms like NFTs, cryptocurrency, DeFi and the metaverse. More recently, Binance introduced a new concept aimed at tapping into the infrastructures needed to power virtual economies that can function in parallel with the real world - MetaFi. Meta-what? Sure, we get it. Understanding all of these concepts and ideas can be quite dizzying these days. But we got you. In this article, we will be looking at what exactly is MetaFi (digestible way, we promise), how can we see it in action, what will all of it look like in the future and what exactly is the MetaFi DeFi connection. Let’s dive in.
Best Bitcoin Faucets 2022: Top Crypto Faucets To Try
Crypto enthusiasts are increasingly turning to bitcoin faucets as a way to earn bitcoin. Simply put, this helps them get acquainted with the idea behind virtual currency. To earn it, they have to complete easy but interesting tasks on a crypto faucet website, like watching video clips. Also, there is a variety of other platforms to choose from. A crypto faucet determines if one can earn bitcoin and at what rate. The hourly reward is sometimes lower than $1, which is unsatisfactory. However, there are some profitable websites on the market. This article will deal with the idea of a crypto faucet and present the highest paying Bitcoin faucets. Even though they may not be the best solution in terms when it comes to making money, they are a great option for those who have a full-time job and would want to earn some on the side. As you’ll see, the tasks are uncomplicated and can even be enjoyable. Let’s dig in!
What Are Smart NFTs - Definition, Types & Examples
NFTs are getting a lot of hype today, adding to the crypto craze taking over the online world. In recent years, the market for non-fungible tokens has been the fastest in the crypto and blockchain universe, with celebrities, brands and millions of buyers jumping on board. The technology has also attracted plenty of attention for the innovation and potential opportunities it holds. And while most of us will have heard of non-fungible tokens, many people still don’t know quite exactly what they are or understand how they’re being used. Today, we are taking a closer look at not only NFTs but also a new generation of non-fungible tokens that promise to take this technology to new heights - Smart NFTs.
How To Play Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play multiplayer game that resembles the likes of Roblox and Minecraft and its developer, Mythical Games, is known for having the hefty backing of notable investors. In Blankos Block Party, players are able to create their own characters and worlds that other players are able to also enjoy. It incorporates elements of the Play to Earn model - a growing trend in gaming where players earn rewards through NFTs and can later trade them for real cash. Blankos is committed to becoming one of the top crypto games and leveraging NFT features, making it a title that has great potential to last and appeal to large audiences.
Best DAO Tokens In 2022
Crypto trends and blockchain technology are bringing a constant stream of new innovations that offer many promising opportunities. Businesses and individuals around the world have become aware of the potential of blockchain technology as new advancements such as DeFi emerge. Crypto trends continue to evolve as do the tools available to support them. Some of the best DAO tokens are a good example of how technological advances can drive DeFi governance. DAO members enjoy governance system privileges granted only by internet-native social organizations. Due to the growing interest in decentralized finance, the role of DAOs has become a focal point, too. The phrase refers to a decentralized autonomous organization — an association created around a crypto project or a financial goal that can't be achieved by one individual alone. An example of the goal might be to pool funds to buy an expensive piece of art. However, DAOs can also function as private clubs, where you have to purchase a particular NFT to gain access. The DAO crypto token can be used for many purposes, including investment, buying or crafting NFTs, fundraising, charity, and more.
How To Make an NFT: A Beginner’s Guide
NFTs were big in 2021. After all, Collins Dictionary chose non-fungible token as word of the year. And while we’re now seeing the non-fungible token market slowing down quite a bit, interest in the technology is hardly fading. Whether you’re a creator looking to branch out or just someone curious about this new world, there's no doubt that NFTs can be a great asset. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to make an NFT - and possibly even help you earn some money from your creations.
Best Metaverse Wallets
​​NFTs have accelerated the use of personal cryptocurrency wallets, where users can keep and manage their non-fungible tokens. And with interest in the metaverse also rising, you might be wondering how will you be able to purchase digital things like avatars, virtual land, and add-ons, and where can you keep track of all your transactions in a virtual world. Enter the metaverse wallets. They’re essential to ensuring that you get the best out of your experiences in virtual worlds, storing metaverse tokens and opening one is a crucial step in getting started with NFTs and investing in non-fungible tokens (which are a major component of the metaverse). Today, we are listing the top metaverse wallets in 2022 and taking a closer look at the best functionalities each has to offer.
Best NFT Rarity Tools
The exponential growth of the NFT space is making even the most skeptical investors take an interest in this market. Aligned with this rising enthusiasm, demand for the best NFT tools seems equally affected as investors try to identify the next best non-fungible asset out there. Rarity reigns supreme when it comes to getting the most for your money in any collectible market. It is essential that you track trending NFTs if you want to turn a profit. Sniping NFTs is the act of buying NFTs that are priced below their value due to the seller's unawareness of their rarity. Fortunately, there are rarity tools, often referred to as rarity sniper tools, to help you with that. This article introduces you to the concept of NFT rarity and reviews some of the top NFT tools currently available. Let's get to it.
## What Is NFT Rarity? Several new NFTs have hit the market, but how do they differ in trait value? What makes some NFTs sell for millions while others sell for less? It has to do with rarity. NFT rarity determines how rare and valuable an NFT is. Collectors highly prize truly rare NFTs, which makes them more expensive. Consequently, people want to know whether the NFT they own is rare or whether the one they plan to purchase is rare. ## NFT Rarity Calculation Methods It is possible to calculate the rarity of an NFT using several methods. By calculating the rarity of an NFT trait based on its rarest trait, taking the average rarity of traits, or examining rarity statistics. ### Trait NFT Rarity Ranking To compare NFTs, one can simply compare the rarest attribute of each non-fungible token. Yet, this approach has one significant flaw despite its simplicity and straightforwardness: it ignores the NFT's overall rarity, just focusing on the rarest one. ### Average Trait Rarity Another method that will help you check NFT rarity is to average the rarity of traits present on the NFT. If an NFT had two traits, one with a 50% rarity and one with a 10% rarity, then its average trait rarity would be (50+10)/2 = 30%. The problem with this method is that it stresses the overall rarity of every trait, which means the single super NFT rare trait does not receive enough trait value, and the overall rarity value is diluted.
### Statistical Rarity In this method, you multiply all of an NFT's traits together to determine the NFT's overall rarity. If an NFT has two traits, one trait has a weight of 10%, and the other has a weight of 50%. That NFT would have a 5% 'statistical rarity' (10% * 50%). These three approaches have different results when comparing the rarity of some NFTs. Average Rarity and Statistical Rarity tend to overvalue many of the traits in an NFT, potentially diluting the value of an ultra-rare, one-of-a-kind trait. Trait Rarity faces the complete opposite problem by narrowing the calculation to the single rarest trait. A solution? Rarity Score.
## How to Calculate NFT Rarity The value and rarity of NFTs differ even if you have thousands of them in a single collection. Therefore, a decrease in supply leads to a rise in demand, which drives NFT prices up. However, supply value is not the only factor contributing to NFT rarity. To get an NFT rarity calculated, you can opt for various methods, as we already mentioned. Different parameters, such as rarity based on the rarest trait, will be considered by assessing all NFT traits statistically or by calculating the average rarity. A Rarity Score is therefore used to calculate the rarity of an NFT. Calculating the Rarity Score does not need to be done manually since various rarity tools can do it for you. With the right NFT rarity tool, you can view the results in just a few clicks. Rarity Score stresses single rare traits while including overall trait rarities in its calculation. To date, this is by far the best way to calculate rarity. Here's the formula: > [Rarity Score for a Trait Value] = 1 / ([Number of Items with that Trait Value] / [Total Number of Items in Collection])
## Top NFT Rarity Tools Although the formula is pretty straightforward, there's no point in doing all that math on your own to estimate the rarity of all of your desired NFTs. There are several investment tools available to assist you. Investments in NFTs come with many risks. Using a reliable NFT investment tool can help you check NFT rarity and stay on top of the changes effortlessly. Needless to say, these tools shouldn't be used as the only criterion for buying NFTs. Make sure you research the NFT market and project in question well before making a purchase. ### Rarity.tools
What Is A Dapp: Decentralized Apps Explained
With the rise and growing adoption of blockchain technology, focus is turning to a particular segment with immense potential - Decentralized Applications (dApps). In 2021, daily unique active wallets connected to dApps increased seven times, reaching an all-time high of 2.7 million at the end of last year. Trading volumes were also higher than ever. This helps underscore the kind of interest dApps are experiencing - and why you should take note of it. Today we’re taking a look at what is a dApp and all you need to know about the Decentralized Applications.
Best Play To Earn NFT Games for Android and iOS
The NFT world is rapidly exploding and becoming increasingly more popular. And the growth of the NFT community is also making Play to Earn games the next big thing in crypto.
Because more developers are making such crypto games, the blockchain gaming industry is entering an entirely new market with a lot of potential. As a result of the integration of non-fungible tokens in games, users are able to purchase exclusive in-game assets or merchandise under their name and keep ownership over their digital collections. In the same way, these NFT games enable players to generate passive income by completing quests or staking their tokens. This gives consumers the ability to earn a real income from playing games. There are multiple games that are NFT play to earn titles available today, which can make it difficult to decide which of the P2E games iOS or Android systems support is the one to start with. So, which Play to Earn NFT game is best for mobile users? We’ve listed 20 Android and iOS mobile NFT games that give you the most bang for your buck, considering all the benefits NFT games offer.
Best NFT Podcasts To Listen To Right Now
2021 was a huge year for NFTs. And in 2022 that’s only set to become even bigger. With all the buzz surrounding non-fungible tokens, you're probably interested in knowing more. Or maybe you’re already an enthusiast who just wants to keep up to date with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry. But where to start? With so much information out there, it can be challenging to pick the best resources. No worries, we got it. In today’s, we’re listing the 23 best NFT podcasts that you can start listening to now, to get the best insights not just into non-fungible tokens but that will also give you a broader view on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, the metaverse, and more. Let’s get into it.
Top NFT Games In 2022
In contrast to traditional online gaming, blockchain provides players with the opportunity to earn some real money while they are doing what they love. Playing NFT games allows you to earn crypto rewards. The game also offers you the chance to earn digital items with in-game value, such as those associated with characters, clothing, and virtual properties. The value of these digital assets can be converted into real-world money, meaning that gaming is now becoming an even bigger business. As we entered 2021, crypto — and NFTs in particular — reached all-time highs, thanks to a number of new titles. In the blockchain games space, play to earn games (P2E) have acquired massive popularity, so why not dive into their world and learn about them? In the following list, we will go over some of the most popular play to earn games currently available, as well as some of the top upcoming games. This guide can help you find the best play to earn game, whether you're new to blockchain games or have been looking for a new world to explore.
## Axie Infinity
Best NFTs For Passive Income
Crypto has been around for quite a while now, even though it has only really gained widespread attention in the last couple years or so. And as blockchain technology continues evolving investors, are scrambling to find ways of making money off of it. When it comes to investing in crypto, being active - you know, checking the market, comparing charts, following specific projects/ coins, trying not to be fazed by the wild market swings - is the most popular approach. But let’s face it, not all of us are up for trading our hard-earned money for an anxiety-inducing experience, which is what dealing with crypto can feel like most of the time. It’s also possible to opt for a passive income strategy and take the safer route. There are several ways of going about it: - Staking your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions, which will see you earning, in some cases, more than 10% or 20% per year. - Find up-and-coming projects and become an early investor, getting a reward if the project takes off. - Investing in NFTs, which opens up many avenues for both active and passive income. - Trying yield farming, which involves lending your crypto assets for interest to DeFi platforms, where they are locked in liquidity pools. You're paid an interest proportional to your asset's shares of the liquidity pool. Today, we will be focusing specifically on how to earn passive income from NFT coins in 2022 and make your investments work for you (even while you’re asleep).
Top 10 Metaverse Crypto Projects To Watch In 2022
We’re living through transformative times, which can feel both exciting and hard to keep up with. All that talk of Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, but most of us are still left scratching our heads if asked about it. The good news is that while the technology might be a new concept, there are plenty of great projects already taking off and creating opportunities that could change your life in a profound way. In particular, the metaverse and crypto are coming together to shape the future of digital frontiers in areas like gaming, work, entertainment, education, shopping and much more. With so much going on, it’s perhaps worth getting to know what’s this all about and which metaverse projects to keep a close eye on in 2022.
Best TV Shows On Crypto And Blockchain In 2022
If you came across our recent list of best blockchain movies, then you might be interested in checking out a different type of equally binge-worthy content - blockchain TV shows. Once a niche (read: too geeky) topic for most producers, the small screen is suddenly embracing all things crypto, with even family favorites like The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory dropping a mention or two. We've put together a list of the best tv shows that you can catch in 2022 to explore more about blockchain and crypto. Read. Set. Play.
2022'de Oynanıp Kazanılacak En İyi Blockchain Oyunları
Oyun her zamankinden daha hızlı büyüyor. Oyun endüstrisi şu anda 173 milyar dolar değerinde ve önümüzdeki beş yıl içinde 300 milyar doları geçeceğini gösteren çok olumlu göstergeler var. Bu patlamanın arkasında, dünya çapında tahmini 2,6 milyar oyuncu için oyun oynamayı daha pratik ve kolay erişilebilir bir deneyim haline getiren, özellikle mobil platformlarda yeni oyunculardaki son artış var. Ancak birçokları için sadece eğlence için çevrimiçi olmak artık birincil itici güç değil. Söylediği gibi, zaman nakittir ve oyuncular sanal deneyimlere çok az getiri ile büyük bir yatırım yaptıklarını kesinlikle fark ettiler. Böylece hobilerinden para kazanmanın yollarını aramaya başladılar. Ancak, eSpor dünyasının ötesinde, sıradan oyuncuların oyun oynamak için harcadıkları çabadan para kazanmaları için şimdiye kadar pek çok fırsat bile olmadı. Blockchain oyunlarının yükselişi, ana finansal karar vericiler geliştiricileri değil oyuncuları yaparak oyun endüstrisindeki tabloları değiştirdi. Oynamak için kazan (P2E) kripto oyunu, göz ardı edilmemesi gereken bir trend. Ancak ayrıntılara girmeden önce, her şeyin nasıl çalıştığını anlamaya değer.
2022'de Takip Edilecek En İyi Kripto Etkileyenler
Bu nedenle, kripto ile ilgili her şeyin patlayan dünyasında işlerin ters gittiğini söylemek doğru olur. Milyonlarca satan ikonik internet memeleri, kripto para yatırımları yapmak için büyük takipçiler toplayan genç TikTokerlar, finansal piyasaları terörize eden ve kim unutabilir – 'The Dogefather' aka Elon Musk (biraz) utanmaz [SNL fişi](https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5RCfQyTDFI).
2022'de En İyi Blockchain Kursları
Muhtemelen son zamanlarda blok zinciri veya kripto para birimlerini oldukça fazla duymuşsunuzdur. Bu teknolojinin etrafındaki çılgınlığı inkar etmek - hatta kaçmak - zor. Aslında, ayak parmaklarınızı kendinize daldırmak ve bir blok zinciri uzmanı olmak ilginizi çekebilir. Ama bir yakalama var (her zaman bir yakalama var). Blok zincirinin arkasındaki mimariyi anlamak, BT alanı dışındaki çoğu kişi için kolay bir başarı değildir ve kafanızı gelişmiş kriptografi ve karmaşık teknolojik jargonun etrafına sarmaya çalışmak ilk başta oldukça korkutucu gelebilir. Bu nedenle, merakınızdan veya kariyerinizde seviye atlamak istediğinizden dolayı yılmayanlardansanız, o zaman kafa kafaya dalmaya değer olabilir. Geleceğin teknik becerilerini öğrenmenize ve gelişmelerden haberdar olmanıza yardımcı olmak için başlangıçtan ileri seviyeye kadar en iyi blok zinciri kurslarının bir listesini hazırladık.
Physical NFTs Explained
NFTs are a topic of discussion hard to escape from these days. Either because of multi-million dollar sales or brazen hacks, non-fungible tokens have entered the mainstream world for good. But while the majority of us will think of digital art, music, fashion and the metaverse as the main areas of application of this technology, physical NFTs are also carving out a space of their own in crypto. Here’s a closer look at what they actually stand for and how they are already being used.
Generative Art NFTs: A Guide To AI Art
Shelling out millions for a piece of art is nothing new, but doing it for digital paintings, memes and GIFs is a whole other story. These days, collectors are willing to part ways with some really big bucks to snatch top NFTs and cash in on the craze that’s taken over the digital art market. And while you might have heard about it all, what you might not know is who exactly is behind this art. Or rather, what is. See, until now NFTs have been the product of human creativity being given a helping hand by technology. Browsing through the world’s largest NFT marketplaces like Nifty Gateway or OpenSea, you’re more likely than not to find art made by humans. And those are the tokens selling for top dollar. But the dark horse of NFTs might be something else altogether. Get ready because your next favorite artist might be AI - and it’s something you're unlikely to have ever come across before. Art made entirely by artificial intelligence has been touted as the ‘next big thing’ and that's gotten collectors are buying in. A collection of NFTs created by a robot artist named Botto sold for over $1.1m last year and projects like the AI Art House feature generative art NFTs that so closely resembles the likes of Monet, Mondrian and van Gogh you’d be forgiven to think they’re long lost art pieces by past art geniuses. But in the end, AI-generated art is able to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that push the limits of exploration and creativity beyond human touch.
Wearable NFTs — Everything There’s To Know About Them
The fashion world has been set abuzz, with die-hard fashionistas desperately rushing to get their hands on the latest Gucci bag or Balenciaga collection. The catch? None of the glitzy apparel and accessories are real. That’s right, they don’t exist in the real world and buyers won’t ever get to actually wear them. Instead, the latest fashion trend is playing out in the metaverse, where users are looking to glam-up their digital avatars with wearable NFTs designed by luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Burberry. Soon enough, flexing in the metaverse won’t be much different from what we already see on Instagram or TikTok. Wearable NFTs are becoming hugely popular for the personal branding appeal they have in virtual worlds where people can connect with others in more immersive and interactive ways thanks to virtual and augmented reality technology.
Best Blockchains For NFT Development
A year ago, at the start of 2021, only a small group of people on the internet really knew what NFTs were. And while non-fungible tokens have been around since the mid-2010’s, it was the now infamous Christie’s auction of Beeple’s ‘Everydays: the First 5000 Days’ that really kicked the NFT craze off. By the end of last year, $41bn had been spent on NFTs and now the world is all over the media, social networks, talk shows and day to day conversations. Crypto investors and enthusiasts have been quick to rush to all things NFT, but you too might now be interested in developing your own NFTs or leveraging your business with non-fungible tokens. Before you do, it’s worth understanding the different blockchain standards available, how to best compare them in connection to your needs and the considerations to bear in mind so you can make the right choice.
How to invest in NFTs In 2022 — A Step-By-Step Guide
There is a reason why NFT was chosen as World of the Year for 2021 and it probably has to do with the fact that none of us could escape from hearing about it last year. And given all the hype, we bet that you already have some understanding of what’s going on with crypto and NFTs. You might even feel tempted to get yourself a few non-fungible in the hopes of striking gold. After all, there are children out there making millions of dollars with their NFT creations so why not cash in, too? The market is definitely soaring like never before as evidenced by the sales volumes of OpenSea, the largest NFT market in the world, smashing all-time records right at the start of 2022. So, with things looking this bright (at least for now), maybe it’s time to jump in on the action and learn how to invest in NFTs. In this guide, we will walk you through the simplest ways of identifying a good NFT investment, how to buy a token and what you should keep in mind if you want to make sure that you’re making a sound choice.
What Is Web 3.0 And Why Should You Care
First things first. What is web 3.0, anyway? Simply put, it refers to the next technological evolution of the internet that eliminates the middleman, like tech giants, and gives more power to web participants to control their data and online identity. Currently, a great share of the business model of tech giants like Google, Meta, Twitter and Microsoft is based on exploiting user data in return for enormous profit. All allegedly, of course. In Web 3.0, web participants can move away from having the majority of their online activities in a few dominant platforms while retaining ownership over their digital experiences. Moreover, this new iteration of the internet will allow online content to be increasingly tailored to each user, without compromising their privacy, which adds a new layer of utility and meaningfulness to the internet - and the interactions within it. So, why should you care? Well, if control of the web is decentralized, users now only have more freedom but they can also own a piece of of the internet through digital tokens that are given as a reward for their effort in helping develop and improve Web 3.0 This third stage of the evolution of the internet will see users become active participants of the web rather than being just content consumers that can be easily commodified by a tech company. Web 3.0 has been associated with the rise of technological advancements like cryptocurrency, NFTs, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and even the metaverse, ushering in a new internet paradigm based on peer-to-peer transactions, transparency and data democracy.
2022'de İzlenecek En İyi Blockchain Trendleri
Blok zinciri (Blockchain), 2021'deki tüm teknoloji trendlerinin en büyüğü olmasa da en sıcak olanlarından biriydi. Kripto para birimleri ve diğer blok zinciri tabanlı varlıklar yatırımda “ana akım” haline geldikçe, teknolojinin endüstriler ve toplumun sektörleri arasındaki kullanımı durumları önemli bir odak noktası hale geldi. Güvenlik, şeffaflık, mülkiyet ve güvenirlik de dâhil olmak üzere, dijital dünyanın çok sayıda eksikliğini ele alma potansiyeli, teknolojinin manzarasını sonsuza dek değiştirdi. Çoğu insan blok zincirini geleneksel olarak kripto para çılgınlığıyla ilişkilendirecek ve onu Bitcoin'in temelini oluşturan teknoloji olarak tanımlayacak, ancak blok zinciri konusu tabii ki bundan çok daha geniş. NFT'lerin yükselişi, Axie Infinity gibi oynayarak kazanılan oyunlar ve Bored Ape Yacht Club (Sıkılan Maymun Yat Kulübü) ve CryptoPunks de dâhil olmak üzere, dijital sanat koleksiyonları tarafından popüler hale getirilen teknolojinin daha geniş çapta benimsenmesinin yolunu açıyor. Bu nedenle, bugünlerde herkesin ağzında blok zincirinin konusunun geçmesi sayesinde, 2022'yi şekillendirecek en iyi blok zinciri trendlerine ve bunların teknolojinin işletmeler ve tüketiciler tarafından benimsenmesini nasıl etkileyeceğine dair bir liste oluşturduk.
En İyi NFT Pazar Yerleri
Ah be, ne yıldı. Kriptolar, NFT'ler, piyasalar ve metaverse hepimizi şaşırttı. Bu tür bir uyum için bir yerlerde bir bingo olmalı. Yani, maymunların/balinaların/ ve diğer nesnelerin pikselli JPEG'leri dünyanın en popüler varlıkları arasındayken (petrol, altın ve gayrimenkulün hala çok fazla var olduğunu unutmayın), muhtemelen bir şeylerin kötüye gittiğini söylemek doğru olur. Halihazırda bu yeni altına hücum etmek isteyen kalabalığın bir parçasıysanız, muhtemelen değiştirilemez jetonların ayrıntılarını biliyorsunuzdur. Ama değilse, iyi haber. İlk jeton satın alımınızı gerçekleştirmeden önce kontrol etmeniz gereken NFT dünyasına ve en iyi NFT pazar yerlerine girişinizi kolaylaştırmak için bu kısa ve tatlı kılavuzu bir araya getirdik.
Best Play-To-Earn Games To Try In 2022
Play-To-Earn gaming is all the rage now. Unlike traditional gaming, P2E brings real money and rewards into play, marking a departure from the business model that dominated the gaming industry for decades. From Splinterlands to Axie Infinity, players are rushing to games that can fulfill their entertainment needs while providing clear monetization paths in return for the time and effort they’ve put in. Last week, we put together a quick intro to Play to Earn, but here’s a recap icymi: P2E gaming relies on blockchain, meaning that through this technology players are able to buy, sell or exchange in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This way, not only do they have control over their transactions every step of the way, players are even more crucially able to to retain ownership of the digital assets they’ve collected during the course of their gaming experience within a title. From there, players can choose to take those items outside of the game and exchange them across other marketplaces and trading platforms, in return for digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) or fiat money. In short, in-game items have real world value. There are plenty of monetization opportunities within P2E. A player can, for example, purchase an NFT, upgrade it and then resell it for a higher price. Play to earn games are also highly attractive given the opportunities to get rewarded for activities completed within the game, like quests or duels. The impact of P2E is accelerating profound changes in the gaming industry, with more than half of American and UK-based video game developers now saying they’re starting to implement blockchain technology and the use of NFTs in their titles, according to a recent survey.
What Is Play to Earn Gaming - And How Is It Changing Gaming
Many gamers will remember the times when glued to the computer, gaming days and nights away, they would be criticized for 'wasting their time'. No doubt that spending hours on end gaming has its drawbacks, but what was once just a hobby has taken a very lucrative turn. Nowadays, gaming has become synonymous with enjoyment as much as it has with earning some big bucks. This is because an increasing number of players are flocking to Play-To-Earn games, where players have real-life financial returns as a reward for the time and effort they put into a game. P2E games have fueled a new world of digital economies, where users can create, sell or exchange in-platform assets in return for money.
How Blockchain Is Changing Gaming
The gaming industry has come a long way. From clunky consoles, quirky cartridges and simplistic games (Super Mario Bros, anyone?) to an entertainment outlet worth over $170 billion, powered by more than 2.7 billion players worldwide. Nowadays, gaming is an all-consuming experience, built on top of ultra-realistic animations, full of twists and turns throughout what seems like an endless stream of entertainment content. There's seemingly nothing out of bounds when it comes to the possibilities of gaming. From personalizing avatars to customizing environments, purchasing tools and setting up tournaments, gamers are showered with all kinds of options to enhance the time spent in virtual worlds. But we've gone beyond the choosing of color palettes and skins; user preferences are changing the foundations of gaming. Instead of the linear experiences of the past, gaming is increasingly an open-ended experience. This is evident by the success of sandbox titles like Minecraft, drawing in players with infinite playable loops that can take shape in the form of challenges and competitions, for example. The more players engage, the greater their status in the community and bigger the incentive to engage with other users. And how to better enhance this experience than by letting players create and exchange (or even sell) their own content. All of this opens the doors to a gaming experience without limits. Take Roblox or Fortnite, two games also seeing a meteoric rise on the back of user-generated content (UGC). However, the majority of gaming experiences remain trapped in traditional, centralized models. This means that developers and gaming companies hold the most power within the ecosystem. Even when users come up with their original content, its value is entirely tied to the gaming dynamics set by developers. That's because games are provided to users on a licensing basis, meaning that they’re free to play and be enjoyed, but in the end users don’t own any in-platform assets. Think of it like renting a house but not being the owner; gamers are simply renting games. Players can be subjected to unexpected or arbitrary decisions that limit their possibilities, from the worth of their creations to the number of units that can be sold or exchanged in a marketplace. Ultimately, centralized gaming models don't favor players - and certainly fail to reward the most loyal ones, despite them spending more time online.
Şu Anda İzlenecek En İyi Blockchain Filmleri
Bunu blockchain, şunu blockchain. Her yerde blok zinciri. Ancak blok zincirini anlama kılavuzu nerede ve daha da önemlisi, sonunda tüm bu kripto memlerinin gerçekten ne anlama geldiğini nasıl bilebilirsiniz? Çünkü dürüst olmak gerekirse, blockchain kulağa öğrenmesi zor bir konu gibi geliyor. Ama endişelenmeyin, sizin için bir çözümümüz var. Filmleri seviyorsanız, yeni şeyler öğreniyorsanız ve blockchain (ve kripto para birimleri) ile ilgileniyorsanız, bir araya getirdiğimiz film listesi sayesinde kısa sürede uzman olabilirsiniz. Ana Blockchain oyuncularıyla tanışın, en önemli kavramları öğrenin ve yol boyunca eğlenirken kendinizi bazı ciddi sorular sorarken bulun. İster teknolojiye tamamen yabancı olun, ister zaten bir kripto meraklısı olun, bu belgesellerde herkes için yeni bir şeyler var. Öyleyse, hemen tıkınırcasına atlayan başlıklara geçelim...
NFT Kullanım Örnekleri: Sanattan Daha Fazlası Var
NFT'ler her yerde. Ama bunu zaten biliyoruz. Şimdiye kadar, çoğumuz muhtemelen sadece iki kez okumak için geri kaydırmak zorunda kaldığımız en az birkaç manşet veya sosyal medya gönderisiyle karşılaşmış olacağız. Bilirsiniz, sanal tabloların, GIF'lerin, çizgi filmlerin, tweet'lerin ve milyonlara satılan kaya resimlerinin hikayelerini bilirsiniz. 2021'e hoş geldiniz (çünkü bir salgın yeterince vahşi değildi). Ancak yine de sanal sanatı bu tür akıllara durgunluk veren fiyat etiketine tam olarak neyin değdiğini merak ediyor olabilirsiniz, özellikle de teorik olarak internetteki herhangi bir şey kolayca kopyalanıp paylaşılabiliyorsa. Bunun nedeni, bu parçaların aslında NFT'ler veya değiştirilemez belirteçler olmalarıdır, yani türünün tek örneğidirler ve çoğaltılamazlar. NFT'ler esasen, özgünlüğü, mülkiyeti ve işlem kayıtları bir blok zincirinde kayıtlı olan günlük, gerçek hayattaki öğelerin dijital temsilleridir. Bu teknoloji, NFT tabanlı dijital varlıkların kopyalanmasını, düzenlenmesini veya saldırıya uğramasını neredeyse imkansız hale getiriyor. Tüm NFT'ler olduğundan: - Benzersiz: her dijital öğe için her zaman yalnızca bir NFT vardır - Değiştirilemez: aynı değere sahip olmadıkları için diğer jetonlarla takas edilemez - Kıt: NFT'lerin değeri, ne kadar nadir olduklarına bağlıdır Özellikle lüks moda segmenti gibi sahiplik kurmanın veya özgünlüğü belirlemenin özellikle zor olduğu sektörlerde dijital varlıkları ticarileştirmenin yeni ve daha verimli bir yolunu sağlarlar. NFT'ler ayrıca yepyeni gelir akışları açar ve yenilikçi dijital ürünlerin yükselişini hızlandırma potansiyeline sahiptir. Birçok endüstri, spor olayları, müzik albümleri, ikonik eğlence anları ve hatıralar dahil olmak üzere varlıkları şimdiden token haline getiriyor. Ancak NFT'ler dünyayı ele geçirmeye devam ettikçe, bunların sadece bir heves olup olmadığı ve uzun vadeli bir vaatleri olup olmadığı hakkında çok şey soruluyor.
En İyi NFT Sanatçıları: Dikkat Edilmesi Gereken En İyi 10 NFT Sanatçısı
Yüzlerce yıllık boya fırçası sanatı, göz alıcı fiyat etiketleri için mi satılıyor? İsviçre dağlarındaki başka bir dağ evinin duvarına asılacak başka bir Picasso veya Rembrandt mı? Müzayede evleri, ultra zenginleri duygu yüklü ve antik eserlerle mi besliyor? 2020'ye kadar böyledi.
En İyi Blockchain Startup Firmaları 2021: Bilmeniz Gereken Projeler
Her yıl, teknolojik gelişmelerin getirdiği yeni blok zinciri yenilikleri sürüler halinde ortaya çıkıyor. Ancak 2020'de pandemi, teknoloji dünyasını daha önce öngörülmeyen bir şekilde hızlandırdı ve çoğu (hepsi değilse de) işletmeyi çalışma şekillerini değiştirmeye zorladı.
Değiştirilemez Tokenler (NFT) nedir? Hızlı Kılavuz 2022
Değiştirilemez tokenler (NFT'ler), 2021'de, DeFi ve olağanüstü Bitcoin rallisi ile blockchain endüstrisinde en çok tartışılan konulardan biridir. Peki bu NFT'ler tam olarak nedir? Neden bu kadar önemli?
2021'de Blockchain Pazarına Hâkim Olacak 15 Trend
Geçen yıl her türlü nedenden ötürü tam tarihe geçecek bir yıldı - ama her şey de kötü değildi aslında. Blockchain dünyası için 2020 mükemmel bir yıl oldu.

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