We are inviting virtual entertainment content creators to partner with. All integrated content must be suitable for ages 12 and up, and shall not violate local laws of countries where the content shall be available via Sensorium Galaxy platform.



Bespoke development and integration of unique virtual locations on Sensorium Galaxy platform. Individual terms and costs.
• Custom space, made available to users on the platform
• Part of a thematic virtual planet



Bespoke development and integration of unique virtual planets that can contain any number of virtual locations.

The brand name can be used as a name of the planet or any of its locations. Individual terms and costs.

Let’s make an impact beyond reality together!

Development Center

Sensorium LAB is researching the opportunities provided by cutting-edge AI technologies for creation of unique behavior models of virtual characters inhabiting the VR space.

Emotional contact and social interactions between AI and users bring the next level of purposeful communication with the native inhabitants of Sensorium Galaxy.

Motion Capture Studio

Using the highest grade technology in the industry, we bring a full performance capture to the Sensorium Galaxy.

We want to build the largest mocap library in the immersive space and bring it to life on our platform with our virtual characters and the power of AI.

This is why we launched our own motion capture studio at Sensorium. With constant access to the studio, we are able to continuously experiment with novel motion algorithms and develop unique capabilities for creating the most advanced features on the platform. Our goal is to translate these capabilities into the most realistic immersive experiences for our users.

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Strategic Partners

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Epic Games
Cary, NC

Strategic partner in the scaling of the project

Sensorium Galaxy is being built with the unprecedented feature-set of Unreal Engine 4, making it the truly AAA- level VR experience.

The main goal of the strategic partnership between Epic Games and Sensorium Corporation is to create a next generation product for the worldwide community, and making it available to the Epic Games Store audience.

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RedPill VR
Los Angeles, CA

Creation and streaming of the Social VR content.

Product development is carried out in cooperation with Redpill VR (Los Angeles, USA), an expert in the field of VR development.

Development Partners

High Scream, London, UK

Concept development and virtual scenography.

Iconic Engine, Los Angeles, CA

Avatars development, facial animation, 360° content streaming from virtual environments.

H+ Creative, Los Angeles, CA

Visual development (avatars)

Temporal Games, Chicago, IL

Evolving Avatar AI R&D

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Let’s make an impact beyond reality together

We want to bring people together to create meaningful experiences beyond compare and we cannot do this alone. We need like-minded visionaries and technology fanatics on our side, so that we can create amazing things together.

We are technology agnostic and always open to new possibilities.

At the moment, the following areas excite us the most:

  • AI
  • Streaming
  • Multiplayer capabilities
  • 3D Capture
  • Avatar generation
  • Voice & Language

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