Sensorium Galaxy uses a payment instrument based on blockchain technology — in-game cryptocurrency SENSO Token. It’s built on the Ethereum Network in accordance with ERC20 standard. SENSO Token can be used in various ways.

More details are available in the White Paper.

  • Issuer — Sensorium Corporation Cayman
  • Status — utility-token
  • Nominal value — 0.1 USD
  • Investor status — qualified*
  • Public round — not held

* No investors from the USA were involved in the pre-sale.

Application & Benefits

Feature Available in Tech Demo Available in Release
Purchasing avatars from the in-game store library
Personalization of a personal avatar through customization (hairstyles, clothes, makeup, thematic suits and more)
Purchasing access to personal cabin at Sensorium Spaceship
Gaining early access to the Sensorium Galaxy worlds
Paying for branding of virtual worlds
Acquisition of virtual locations within Sensorium Galaxy (offerings for business partners engaged in creation of virtual worlds and planets of Sensorium Galaxy)
Customization of personal virtual space
Emotions and personal tracking for virtual Avatar
Purchasing digital tickets for virtual concerts and events

The cost of in-game goods and services of Sensorium Galaxy is nominated in USD.
Payments are made using Senso Token payment instrument and enable up to 20% discount of the initial value nominated in USD.

Visit Sensorium Galaxy website!

And try technical demo version

SENSO Roadmap


March, 2021

790 millions SENSO tokens unfreeze


Q3-Q4, 2020

New exchanges featuring

May 25, 2020 featuring

April, 2020

400 millions SENSO tokens unfreeze

April 6, 2020

HitBTC featuring

March 20, 2020

KuCoin featuring

March 19, 2020

Token pre-sale closed

January 20, 2020

Sensorium on GBBC at Davos


November 1, 2018

Token pre-sale started


$ 0.1
0.00 B
0.00 B
$ 0 M