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Extended Reality

Moss Book II Review: The VR Sequel You Won't Want To Miss
Moss Book 2 is as pure a sequel as you can expect, taking inspiration from the critically acclaimed first game, Moss. Developed by Polyarc Games, the sequel picks up right from where the previous game ends. The second iteration stays true to the first game, going for a more evolutionary approach as compared to other sequels that try and reinvent the wheel, an aspect we appreciated throughout our playthrough. You play as Quill, a cute mouse that you help navigate through intricately detailed worlds, trying your best to defeat minions with the three new weapons available in Quill's arsenal. You still also interact in the game as the Reader, providing you with an isometric point of view just like the original Moss. However, you now do a lot more compared to the first game.
Best Virtual Reality Movies To Watch In 2023
Virtual reality is making its way into almost every industry. From medicine to education to gaming and fashion. Movie studios are also increasingly experimenting with this unique technology to enhance the experience of users within digital environments.
How To Buy Metaverse Real Estate
Real estate is expensive. That’s a tough reality of life that many of us have come to face. But no, we’re not talking about London, New York or Paris. Turns out that some of the world’s most valuable land isn’t even on earth - and on top of that, it isn’t even real at all. Enter the metaverse. That’s right - investors are now paying millions of dollars in return for land that exists only in 3D virtual worlds. With the race heating up, crypto enthusiasts, tech followers and prospective metaverse users are being drawn in to snap up a piece of digital properties. But what’s the buzz all about, really? Today, we are taking a look at what’s behind the metaverse land rush and how you can join in.
Metaverse Real Estate - The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Land
Forget New York, Paris, London or Monte Carlo. Although no doubt glitzy and glamorous, the hottest real estate isn’t to be found in the real world anymore. The metaverse is now the go-to place for plush properties, from private islands to celebrity mansions. And the fact that it’s all entirely virtual hasn’t done much to scare off potential investors. Of course, the idea of virtual lands isn't entirely new. Many of us might remember playing The Sims and Second Life, or maybe even Facebook’s FarmVille, but the rise of metaverse has seen digital lands taking on a completely different (and very lucrative) meaning. Brands like Nike or Gucci are snapping up real estate in virtual worlds and opening retail stores for meta customers, while others hold on to virtual plots of land as the next technological goldmine. And in truth, real estate prices in some of the most popular metaverses have surged by as much as 400% to 500% in the last few months, reflecting just how frenzied the race for virtual land has become. Investors are now paying millions for a piece of the metaverse dream, perhaps hoping to prove that it is more than just La La Land talk. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together this guide with everything you need to know right now about the world of real estate in the metaverse.
15 Fashion Brands Leveraging The Metaverse
In February 2021, NFT marketplace RTFKT sold 600 pairs of digital sneakers in under seven minutes, racking in some $3.1 million in sales. A few months later, in June, a virtual-only Gucci bag sold on Roblox for over $4,000— a price tag higher than its real life counterpart. And fashionistas can now purchase rare digital garments from the likes of Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana across a number of NFT marketplaces as the rush for statement pieces that can be flaunted in the metaverse picks up pace. In many ways, fashion in virtual worlds is poised to emulate what we already see in day to day life, as we’ll want to dress-up our avatars and use fashion as a form of self-expression and status. Sure, you might not be convinced yet, but some think the idea has legs. Morgan Stanley, for example, recently forecast that the virtual fashion market could be worth over $55 billion by 2030. And we don’t even have to look that far ahead into the future to see whether or not metaverse fashion will take off. As you’re about to find out, there are already a number of brands launching metaverse-only collections and making millions off of fashion NFTs. Curious to know what are fashion houses doing in the metaverse? Let’s find out. ## What Benefits Does Entering The Metaverse Brings To Fashion Brands Fashion is, as we know, a trendsetting industry, never to be left behind as times move forward. And with the metaverse now rapidly taking shape, it’s no surprise to see apparel brands embracing emerging technology, particularly non-fungible tokens, and experimenting with new mediums. Here are a few reasons why entering the metaverse can prove to be a very successful strategy: ### Massive Margins Simply put, moving to all-digital collections saves designers a lot of headaches. They no longer have to worry about issues such as sourcing raw materials, finding factories and skilled workers or inventory storage. Fashion is a notoriously laborious industry, with couture pieces taking weeks, if not months, to be completed. Digital designs, on the other hand, can be put together in a matter of minutes. By embracing a virtual approach, creators can dramatically cut their costs and focus their creative efforts in a more efficient way. These days, virtual fashion can be synonymous with huge profit margins. In fact, a digital garment can represent nearly 100 percent in pure profit for its creator. Compared to all the costs involved in the extensive process designers and brands have to go through in fashion, the upside is very clear. With minimal labor involved and no (real life) materials needed, minting designs can become a very lucrative business. ### Secondary Market Profits Just as selling virtual fashion can lead to great profits, there’s another tempting reason to experiment with the metaverse and with creating fashion NFTs. These tokens are built on top of smart contracts, which determine the terms and conditions associated with the underlying digital asset. More importantly, this means that a brand can embed a code related to royalties, so that each time a virtual garment changes hands, they get a cut of the transaction. The same cannot be said about the secondary market panorama that we have today as normally pieces that are resold bring no additional money to the original designer or fashion brand. The Fabricant is an example of a digital fashion house that also takes 5% royalty whenever a garment is resold after the first purchase, but they’re not certainly alone in this strategy. ### No Inventory or Oversupply Fashion brands are frequently faced with problems related to overproduction, over-inventory and end-of-season stock. In turn, this forces companies to scramble for strategies in order to rapidly dilute inventory before the beginning of the next season, including slapping steep discounts onto their pieces, and reduce exposure to logistical bottlenecks as those recently experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. A virtual fashion collection eliminates any number of these problems by simply staying within the digital environment. In other words, buyers don’t receive a physical version of the garment, though they could be provided with all the details needed to produce it in the real world if they so choose. By the same token, apparel companies opting for a digital-first approach are in a leading position to offer a novel way of embracing fashion, whereby customers are offered the chance to experiment with a wide variety of garments online - that is, in the metaverse - and place orders in such a way that designers are only creating real life pieces once they’re ordered instead of filling stores with stock that might never be sold. ### Innovation and Creativity In many ways, fashion is about anything and everything but the garments and accessories themselves. The industry is anchored on creative processes, self-expression freedom, personal enjoyment and the message our choices send to others around us. That being said, it’s still hard to challenge real world limitations to innovation as designers can’t exactly create pieces that defy gravity, fabric limitations or material durability, which put a finitude to the types of things that can be made. Well, that’s finally out of the window. Creating fashion for the metaverse is injecting a breath of fresh air into the industry by liberating creators from all constraints. We’re already seeing garments being designed out of impractical or even impossible fabrics like liquid gold, water, fire or smoke. With such a unique blank canvas, the road for original and eccentric creations is wide open. Another way in which fashion brands are leveraging the metaverse is seeing iconic houses dusting off their archival designs and re-creating metaverse-only versions. ### High Personalization As part of the customer experience enabled by the metaverse and the technology that underpins it, the idea that we can now access fashion that is for us, as an individual, rather than for the masses is finally possible. That’s because in the metaverse it’s possible to create “custom’ fashion apparel that can be personalized for each avatar, down to the smallest detail. This individualization feature adds tremendous value in a market increasingly customer-centric and where many of us are looking for one-of-kind garments. In addition to developing custom pieces, in the metaverse, each digital item is assigned a unique serial number, which further cements its status as a truly unique fashion piece. ### Engagement Having entered virtual spaces and embraced cutting technology, brands have started creating next-gen retail experiences, tapping into newer and more dynamic forms of engagement with consumers. From digital retail spaces to fashion pieces, we are reaching an unprecedented moment where fashion is capable of undergoing constant updates so that the experience of buying a garment in the metaverse will be but static and dull. According to recent data, of all the overall fashion retail sales worldwide, 21% are now done online, with the trend only expected to keep growing in that direction. As such, it’s relevant for fashion brands to keep pace with the times and meet the age- old adage of meeting consumers where they are. It’s becoming clear that virtual environments are where they are. ### Accessibility It’s no secret that if there’s an industry particularly hard to break into, fashion is certainly one. This doesn’t have to hold true in the metaverse. One of the key pillars behind the concept of virtual worlds and the upcoming web3 (thought of as the next generation of the internet) is decentralization. The role of intermediaries will be completely removed, lowering the barrier of entry significantly. Whether you’re an established fashion brand or an emerging designer, there will always be opportunities for you to showcase your work in a metaverse boutique store and share it freely across virtual worlds. ## Top 15 Fashion Brands Leveraging The Metaverse
### Gucci
What Is Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies that have been introduced to the market in recent years. And though we’re very far off from how useful AR could actually be, it’s already making impressive progress as it is being adopted by several high-profile industries such as healthcare, entertainment, tourism, retail, and more. If you don’t know what AR is, how it works, what benefits it brings to the table, and its applications in the real world, this article is for you. We’ll go into great detail and explain all the core information about AR so that even if you’ve never heard of it before, by the end of this read, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what AR is and what it means for the future. ## What Is Augmented Reality (AR)? AR or also known as augmented reality is a technology that fuses the virtual and the real world together for a more immersive, engaging, and interactive mixed reality. An AR system allows virtual and real objects to overlap within an existing real world environment in real time. One of the most familiar examples of augmented reality is social media selfie filters. Remember the famous dog filter on Snapchat? That is augmented reality taking place in real time. With that being said, this type of AR is very basic and doesn’t even scratch the surface in terms of what is possible currently and what will be possible in the future should AR continue to develop at the rate that it does. ## Definition of Augmented Reality A more technical definition of the term augmented reality is that it’s a technology that involves overlaying different sensory information onto the world we live in. For example, adding a CGI element to a video in real-time, adding filters to an image on your camera, or even changing a person’s voice as it’s being recorded, whether as a video or a single audio file. Unlike virtual reality, AR is very different. Virtual reality creates a whole new digital world in which people can immerse themselves. Augmented reality, on the other hand, fuses the digital and physical together to create a unique experience. Types of Augmented Reality There are many different types of augmented reality and below, we’ll talk about each one of them. ### Marker-based A This type of AR is based on using different markers in the camera’s frame as a reference point for placing the AR image. This is the most common type of AR and the one that’s most widely used today. This type of AR works through a computer or AR device recognizing different points and real and virtual objects within the frame. Most of the time, these points and objects have been pre-programmed for the AR device to recognize. The device can recognize points in many ways, but once it finds the marker, it uses the marker as a reference point so that it can superimpose the AR image in the right place. ### Marker-less AR This is a more complicated type of AR. Augmented reality technology works with the AR device to recognize objects as they pass through the screen through an algorithm. The device uses different parameters like size, color, shape, and texture to determine what an object is then uses an accelerometer, GPS, and compass as a reference to ensure the AR image is in the right place. ### Project-based AR This type of AR superimposes a 3D image within the user’s physical space. With this type of AR, the user freely walks around the real environment where there is a fixed projector and a camera to produce the AR. This is great for producing illusions by projecting light onto flat surfaces, which produces a very unique result. An example of this is using projection-based AR to present instructions for certain tasks that people perform in a specific space. This makes communication much easier and ensures that everyone understands what they need to be doing. ### Superimposition-based AR Superimposition-based AR is typically used in the medical field. A great example is when doctors project and superimpose an X-ray on the patient’s body, giving them more context and a clearer view of the patient’s condition. This AR works with the camera or AR device recognizing a certain object, then superimposing an image on top of that. This is done to either fully or partially replace the object in the frame. ## The Origins of AR Technology Some people trace the birth of augmented reality back to 1957 when a cinematographer named Morgan Heilig invented a device known as the Sensorama that can add visual, auditory, and even olfactory stimuli to the viewer. This isn’t the same as the computer-driven AR we know of today, but it’s one of the first instances of someone enhancing an experience by introducing new stimuli and data. However, most people consider the first functional AR device to be the one that USAF produced in 1992. This system used superimposition to overlay more sensory information in a workplace in an effort to speed up productivity. But nowadays, AR is very different. The system back in 1992 was huge and very robotic. This is very different from modern AR devices which are very compact by comparison. Modern AR incorporates various technologies and devices to add different stimuli to our physical world. And we’re only beginning to discover the potential and possibilities with the technology, which paints a really exciting image of what’s to come in the future. ## How Does AR Work Before we discuss how AR works, let’s talk about what technology you need for AR to work. AR starts and ends with a camera-equipped device such as a tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or as of late, even smart glasses. Do note that for these to work, they need to have AR software installed. Once the technology is set up, all AR basically does is use the camera of your device to project what’s in front of you, and using AR, it can bring in virtual objects and layer them on top of the content the camera is capturing. In its most simple form, an example of AR would be using the dog filter on Snapchat or adding a pink set of glasses to a selfie. In more complex cases, AR can be used to display crucial information for pilots, surgeons, and other professionals so they can do their job better and in a more safe manner. ## AR Devices There are quite a few types of AR devices available on the market today. All of them aim to achieve the same unique experience and can be used in many different industries and for various applications. In fact, you might even have some of these devices at home without even knowing about them. So, here are a couple of the prominent types of AR devices and how they work. ### Kinect Cameras
VR Gaming: What Are the Best Puzzle VR Games?
VR games are a revolutionary way to experience your favorite games by bringing them to life like never before. From exploring open-worlds to heart-thumping horror experiences, the opportunities are endless. But the VR game that sounds out the most is by far VR puzzle games. VR puzzle games are the perfect blend of a challenging mental workout with the immersion of VR. They can take many different forms, from physics-based puzzles to logic puzzles, and can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Puzzle games are by far one of the most interactive virtual reality games and are often a lot more intense and exhilarating than other VR games. If you’re looking for a new VR game to try out, or are just curious about what VR puzzle games are all about, then look no further! Here are 22 of the best puzzle VR games available right now. ## Top 22 Puzzle VR Games
### Superhot VR
Top 11 Augmented Reality Games
Six years ago, the world was introduced to Pokémon GO - and we’ve been gripped by the AR gaming fever ever since. Side by side with the VR greats like Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, augmented reality titles are also making waves of their own, with immersive experiences that players can instantly step into with just their smartphones quickly becoming a fan favorite. As AR technology continues making strides, augmented reality gaming is poised to become an even bigger phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. They’re immersive and interactive, but what else makes augmented reality games an awesome playing experience? Let’s dive right into the top best AR games for Android and iOS users to find out. ## Best 11 Augmented Reality Games In 2022
### Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)
The Sandbox Review
Blockchain-fueled metaverses are soaring in success and have attracted millions from around the globe. Mainly, to invite them to create a more robust and dominant virtual reputation and set foot in the digital age. Major brands from all over the world are also jumping on the bandwagon of the Web3-powered future where virtual worlds will be forming new realities. Over the years, blockchain game developers gave birth to many metaverses, and The Sandbox is one of the most prominent ones. Aimed toward offering a decentralized virtual space for its users to freely use their imagination to build immersive gaming experiences, The Sandbox is revolutionizing the gaming spheres forever. In the massive and immersive virtual world, players are equipped with the tools required to build exciting gaming projects and deploy them on the owned land parcels. This concept not only allows artists to make their ideas possible, but also opens up alleyways for them to earn monetary gains through their imaginative projects. In this in-depth The Sandbox review, we’ll cover all the essentials that players must keep in mind for a successful campaign. ## What is The Sandbox
Top VR Sports Games
Sports are by far one of the most popular categories in gaming. And there's a good reason: they're fun to play, especially with friends. Virtual reality elevates the whole experience of playing sports games by actually pushing you to move something else aside from your fingers. This article introduces you to an ultimate list of VR sports games you can enjoy alone in your living room or as party entertainment. And since we all have our preferences, we have divided the list by sports so you can easily pick a game that aligns with your taste. So look for the category you like the most and try our recommendations. Maybe your favorite sport is now part of the virtual reality landscape. Some of these games accurately represent real-life sports, while others present you with a futuristic twist on golf, tennis, and more. Get moving! ## BEST VR SPORTS GAMES FOR GYM FANS For gym fans, there is a genre that takes these exercises to a new level. From expanding your horizons by running in the field or biking on virtual mountains, these VR games combine new scenarios and exercises that will take the word sport to a different level. Also, virtual trainers can guide you during play. You can find these titles on Meta Quest and other platforms. ### SUPERNATURAL
Best VR Cooking Games: Top 10 Titles To Try Now
Are you looking for a game where you can use your VR headset and improve your cooking skills at the same time? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of VR cooking games currently available, both arcade and simulator types. More and more games now support VR headsets, the majority being simulators of some extreme activity, sports, racing cars, or activities that need you to make a wide range of physical movements like dancing. However some gamers prefer more everyday, mundane experiences. They can still be as entertaining, especially when enjoyed in virtual reality. Many of the games developed for VR headsets are slowly finding ways to bring new mechanics to different genres. Among them is the theme of cooking and restaurants. One of the features that make them even more attractive is the multiplayer section, making it an experience that you'll definitely want to enjoy together with your friends and family. ## Best VR Cooking Games Let's hope you've had a bite before reading on.
### 1. Clash of Chefs VR
Decentraland Review: The Ultimate Guide To This Metaverse
The concept of virtual reality is catching on and with the maturation of the cryptocurrencies, developers are leveraging the blockchain technology to create decentralized realities. Over the years, we’ve heard of numerous metaverses built on blockchain technology, which not only offers complete digital ownership of the virtual property but also opens up alleyways for generating revenue using decentralized smart contracts. The focus of the world is moving towards work-from-home through the adaptation of virtual spaces and metaverses. One such virtual world, Decentraland, is an example of a virtual world whose users have leveraged the opportunity for their personal gains. From using digital real estate to create a virtual workspace to building entertainment hubs to secure the land as an investment opportunity, Decentraland truly revolutionized the concept of virtual reality. Decentraland, which has already launched its beta mode, lets users take a peek at the virtual reality experience. At the same time, other blockchain-based metaverses are still in infancy mode and years away from becoming a reality. Decentraland’s virtual world has seen a soaring success with enthusiasts investing in the early in-game content and grabbing the limited Decentraland LAND parcels to immerse themselves in the virtual world. Today’s round-up will include a detailed Decentraland review where we’ll discuss all the metaverse's distinctive features that set it apart from other virtual worlds built on the blockchain. ## What is Decentraland?
Top VR Racing Games In 2022
Within a large number of video game genres around the globe, racing games have been there since the beginning. Hundreds of video games of the racing genre have been released year after year and evolved along with technology and gaming platforms. Both the gameplay and the graphics have followed a revolutionary path, and now, we are in the stage of virtual reality. This new stage of racing games is critical because it is a perfect opportunity to introduce new mechanics in VR games, in addition to creating a VR world full of new opportunities that can bring the player realistic simulation. Thus it’s possible thanks to the technology of the VR headsets like the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest, and HTC Vive which provide an immersive and fun experience. The development of the most famous racing titles has also gone hand in hand with the evolution of the cars themselves, creating memorable content that has accompanied gaming enthusiasts for over 40 years. Right now, VR racing games are at their best, which is why we bring you this list of the top VR racing games in 2022. ## Best VR Racing Games In 2022 To define which are the best VR racing games, it is necessary to mention what was considered to create a list like this one. The player's immersive racing experiences are the most important thing, as well as the development of the game as a racing simulator. Another vital section for some fans of racing games is the multiplayer modes and story mode. We cannot leave behind the graphics section, where there are clear differences in each of the styles, although most seek to be faithful to the representation of the models that can be selected in the game to play with and that are part of the real world; thus having VR headsets can improve the experience to make it more realistic. Let’s continue with the first game on the list. ### 1. Gran Turismo Sport
What Are AI Avatars: A Guide to Intelligent Virtual Beings
From virtual goods to burgeoning new digital worlds, technology is again pushing the boundaries of human experience into unchartered territory. Many of us have recently faced a deluge of buzzwords like Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and, of course, the metaverse. And while much of it might seem incomprehensible for now, they’re not to be discarded as another tech fad. In particular, the recent progress in the field of artificial intelligence is opening up new opportunities that are sure to greatly impact human experience in the upcoming era of virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse. While in the past, AI helped machines carry out routine manual tasks, the technology can now also perform certain cognitive work thanks to its ability to learn, improve through experience and ultimately mimic human behaviors. Not only that, but the rapid expansion of cheap and powerful computing power has seen the massive digitalization of world objects and processes. More recently, humans themselves are being digitized in the form of virtual avatars. And artificial intelligence is giving a new meaning to the creation of virtual people by pushing the boundaries of technology to yet again a new frontier - AI lifeforms. AI-powered avatars can serve endless purposes, from being hired out by real-world companies to teach new employees, to serving as trusted confidantes in the metaverse, to name just a few use cases. Emerging virtual worlds, and their profitable economies, already encompass some 2.5 billion people, according to market research company L'Atelier. Moving forward, the world will only become more virtual and humans are increasingly going to live in the metaverse, side by side with AI-driven virtual beings. With that in mind, we’ll be having a closer look at what sharing our online experiences with artificial intelligent avatars will look like and how it could change the world as we know it.
Best VR Headsets In 2022
The concept of virtual reality, or VR, isn’t exactly new to most of us. For decades, VR has been discussed in sci-fi literature and featured in movies. But while we’ve been familiar with VR as a concept, the actual VR technology has only become widely accessible over the last several years. In the beginning of VR, the market was only populated by a few virtual reality headsets. Today, the story is much different. It almost seems like every couple of months, a new groundbreaking and more immersing model is announced. As a result of that, if you spend some time browsing the VR headset market today - you’ll come across a ton of different and great VR headsets that can truly immerse you into a different reality. For example, Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta, is announcing its own VR headset pretty soon. Apple is another company rumored to be developing some form of VR headset for its consumers. And this doesn’t even include the various models already on the market like the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Pro. With all this variety in the market, finding a VR headset that actually fits your needs and preferences can be hard. In fact, with all the different features present on modern VR headsets, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. And that’s why we’re writing this VR headset review guide for you. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best VR headsets in 2022. Not only that, we’ll also talk to you about a couple of things you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on a VR headset. But before we do any of that, let’s take a look at what a VR headset is and what types of headsets are currently available on the market.
What Are AI NFTs: The Beginner's Guide
NFTs have been all the rage for the past year as the popularity of these digital tokens, along with cryptocurrencies, saw buyers across the world shelling out millions in a burgeoning crypto market. The trend has become part of a large shift in technology that has seen the emergence of the initial iterations of the metaverse and the Web 3.0, where non-fungible tokens play a crucial role. The first generation of NFTs, and the one the majority of us will be the most familiar with, has focused on key properties such as ownership, authenticity, uniqueness and transfer. However, rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence are now opening the doors for applications to be extended to areas like blockchain technology and unlocking new layers of potential in the form of AI NFTs. That’s thanks to AI models like GAN’s (Generative Adversarial Networks), which are able to generate new content on its own once they have been trained with the right data set, making it an attractive technology to be paired with NFTs. And with non-fungible tokens taking by storm industries like entertainment, sports, and luxury goods, the expectation is that the latest generation of NFTs will only set the bar even higher.
Metaverse Banking: An Opportunity Too Big To Miss
Out of breath. That’s probably the first association that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘bank’. And who can judge me? After all, that’s exactly what my seven-year-old eyes saw when waiting for my parents to cash out their paychecks. People limited by the banks’ inconvenient schedule, trying to catch their breath as they waited for hours (seated if lucky) to get hold of their salaries or pensions, send money to relatives, or simply get a statement. By that time, my interests weren’t much besides playing video games and watching cartoons. I knew nothing about banking, marketing, or customer satisfaction. Yet, it didn’t take a degree to sense something was off about the whole experience. Today, I can assert that instinct was right.
14 Best Machine Learning Courses
Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that puts you in charge of teaching machines how to learn. This growing field of computer science opens up a world of opportunity for qualified machine learning engineers and is set to be an in-demand profession in the years to come. The list of industries using machine learning to speed up decision-making and make areas of their businesses more efficient has kept growing at great speed. In addition, there are plenty of machine learning courses available for the enthusiasts planning on gaining new skills or even breaking into the industry. If your goal is to learn machine learning in 2022, these are the best machine learning courses to dive right in. They cover creating machine learning algorithms, the mathematical applications behind them and building machine learning applications and systems. We will cover exciting topics including deep learning, artificial neural networks and utilizing algorithms through various programming languages.
Metaverse Gear You Should Know About
The metaverse has gone from being just another tech buzzword to becoming a massive investment for companies around the world looking to be at the forefront of the race to develop virtual worlds where people can interact, attend events, work and play. Many have come to see it as the next iteration of the digital infrastructures we have in place today. But realizing the metaverse requires gear that can allow users to enter virtual environments and have immersive experiences within it. From VR headsets to haptic gloves, big investment is pouring into the metaverse. And with so many breakthroughs being experienced lately, engaging with the metaverse is on track to becoming a seamless and compelling experience that attracts more users to digital worlds. With that in mind, today we are focusing on the metaverse gear that you might be looking into having to make the best out of this technology.
Pavia Metaverse Review
Worldwide changes are occurring, people are moving towards adopting Web 3.0 in their lives and the metaverse is gaining traction with enthusiasts. The virtual shared space, commonly referred to as the metaverse, is the talk of the town, and Pavia, an up-and-coming decentralized virtual space is laying the foundation for what the future holds. The idea of owning virtual land is something we need to wrap our heads around. But as the world moves towards technological advancements, it won’t be long before we’ll be interacting with people from every part of the globe without ever leaving our house, courtesy of the metaverse. This roundup includes a detailed Pavia Metaverse review covering all you need to know about the virtual land metaverse. From owning a piece of land parcel on the side of the beach to creating avatars, is the Pavia crypto project worth investing in? Read on and find out.
Metaverse Glossary: All the Terms You Need to Know
From gaming to music and e-commerce, all major industries have now started experimenting with the metaverse and laying out experiences, products and services compatible with 3D virtual worlds. But, let’s face it, for most of us this is a lot of new tech to pack in. That’s why starting a conversation about the metaverse with your friends, family or co-workers can seem a little daunting. After all, there are plenty of new concepts and buzzwords to digest. So, to help you get started here are the most important metaverse terms you should know when talking about the metaverse.
What Is a VTuber?
With the advent of modern technology, creating content online has become more and more popular. The emergence of the first VTuber transformed content creation online by improving how people look, sound, and act. The phenomenon of anonymous influencers is not new. For example, consider Marshmello, Gorillaz, or Corpse Husband continually charming the world with talent and an anonymous online persona. Online platforms like Twitch and YouTube and the whole international market have been flooded with popular VTubers, a new breed of online influencers. By presenting themselves in their content as avatars, these influencers avoid showing themselves in person. The era of a public figure's influence centered on their physical appearance is over. What's the big deal with virtual, anime-inspired avatars lately? How do most VTubers fit into today's age of content creation, and what is actually a VTuber? As we examine in this article what VTubers are, how they became so popular, what their influence means in the age of digital media, and how you can become one, you’ll get a chance to learn all about them.
Best Artificial Intelligence Books
Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, is no longer simply something that used to be the stuff of science fiction movies. Nowadays almost every business is using AI in some way to streamline and improve their processes. In fact artificial intelligence and machine learning influence everything from politics to the economy, with algorithms often being central to decision-making. As you can imagine, artificial intelligence is a very complex subject and can be hard to grapple with, particularly for beginners seeking to understand the world of machine learning and automation. It raises so many questions… will machines replace jobs only experts could once do? Will a superintelligent machine one day outsmart us all? Can AI be weaponized by global leaders to gain power and control? Luckily, the world's leading experts on AI can answer some of those questions. There are plenty of resources available to help you learn more about artificial intelligence and some of the best resources are books on artificial intelligence. Explore all there is to know about artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, and how they’re shaping the future with 31 of the best artificial intelligence books.
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks In 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing at an astonishing pace and as it continues unveiling new promises for the future, AI is also becoming an attractive investment proposition. The first uses of AI can be seen in today's technology, with interactive apps, voice-driven personal virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, automated cars, and suggested search ideas seen on search engines like Google. In the future, artificial intelligence will extend to devices that can autonomously learn and evolve, enhance and create new experiences and offer solutions that one day can match human intelligence. AI supercomputers are also being built to solve complex humankind problems and find solutions to issues like incurable forms of cancer, which will not only make today’s technology obsolete but will open the doors for an even bigger growth of the AI sector as a whole. Over the next two years, the global artificial intelligence industry is expected to grow to $554 billion in total revenue by 2024, according to market research firm IDC. And with virtually every major industry being disrupted by this technology, the opportunities for investors are becoming hard to ignore. With that in mind, here are the best artificial intelligence stocks to keep track of in 2022.
What Is Extended Reality - XR Explained
The pandemic introduced us to a blended life, mixing real-world living with virtual activities. From working over Zoom to ordering groceries straight to our doorstep, all of us have become accustomed to the digitalization of our routines. And whether you love it or hate it or you’re still trying to understand it, there’s no going back. Digital products and experiences will now continue ranking high among consumers and enterprises’ priorities. Helping all of this become true are technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), the combination of which is better known as Extended Reality (XR). Nowadays, these technologies are becoming almost indispensable to anyone seeking to better their digital experiences. So, today we are taking a closer look at what extended reality is and how does it all work.
Best Artificial Intelligence Movies
Artificial intelligence has been a recurring theme of the silver screen since its earliest days, captivating (and frequently, horrifying) audiences with the prospect of sentient robots capable of equaling mankind’s unique traits like consciousness and ability to feel emotions. Over the decades, potential technological advancements were imagined in a myriad of ways. But more than that, sci-fi movies have also asked questions related to the moral, ethical and societal consequences of the use of technology like AI. In this article, we will be listing the 23 Best artificial intelligence movies that you can watch in 2022. So, in no particular order, let's dive in:
Advertising In The Metaverse
As we usher in a new era in technological innovation, it's becoming apparent that brands and consumers will interact very differently in the Web 3.0 world - and the metaverse that is emerging from it. By blending physical with digital, we will see the rise of hybrid experiences where immersion, personalization and connectivity will become some of the key selling points. And with new patterns of behavior and consumption slowly taking shape, brands will have to re-invent themselves to align with audiences in the metaverse. What is important to take note of is that the marketing of today will not translate well in a virtual world; from advertising to purchasing channels and the very nature of the interests of consumers, marketers and advertisers will face a new set of challenges. The metaverse is being billed a trillion dollar market opportunity. Some brands with deep pockets like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, are already carving out their influence in the metaverse - and making big money with their first forays into virtual worlds. Even for those who aren’t willing to commit just yet, brand experimentation has become a top trend to follow. And while we’re just at the tip of this technological advancement, there are already real-world areas that can benefit from having a presence in a virtual world. Perhaps without much surprise, advertising and marketing are likely to become an even bigger industry in the metaverse given the new (and extremely profitable) avenues that are being opened up. In this post, we will be discussing advertising in the metaverse, from the advertising channels of the future to the pros and cons of embracing this technological development.
Virtual Influencers: The A to Z Guide
Many of us spend a huge amount of time on social networks. We scroll through endless streams of memes, photos and videos. And one thing is becoming increasingly difficult to do (besides quitting social media, of course), and that is telling apart what’s real from what isn’t. Sure, we all know that there’s a lot of photo editing going on, but what you might not have noticed is that some of the influencers you’re seeing online aren’t real at all. More likely than not, you’ve already come across a cool Instagram channel without realizing you’re actually interacting with a fictional character. Worry not, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people around the world are taking to Instagram and other platforms to follow and engage with a new wave of edgy online personalities: virtual influencers. They might not be flesh and bone, and yet they are deeply engaging (and entertaining). So, today we’re taking a look at the world of all-digital characters that are taking over our social media feeds - and making us question reality.
Metaverse Meaning: Definition, Origin and Opportunities
The word ‘metaverse’ seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. But what exactly is the metaverse, what helped create the concept, which technological advancements are helping it come to life and how did we all get here, anyways? Today we’re doing a deep dive into all of these aspects and picking apart the key ideas you should know about the meaning behind the metaverse.
Metaverse Stocks 2022: Where Is Money Flowing In
There’s no skirting around it - the metaverse is poised to become the 21st century’s goldmine. There's plenty of money to be made with virtual goods and services, as well as NFTs, crypto - and, of course, good old stocks. And this is just for starters. Virtual world infrastructures have been valued as a trillion dollar opportunity, luring in investors who’re pumping vast amounts of money into all sorts of projects and companies involved in creating the technology necessary to support this new digital environment. Slowly but surely, the metaverse is emerging as the investing theme of the moment, despite the fact that a clear definition for it is yet to emerge. So, ok, it’s a still-evolving concept but it’s slowly materializing and becoming less the stuff of science fiction novels and more like reality (pun intended) - and metaverse stocks are riding the trend. There’s been a lot of hype energizing the market, so today we’re diving into the top metaverse stocks worth keeping an eye on in 2022.
Metaverse Casinos: Gambling In Virtual Worlds
Online gambling is far from being a novelty. Since the very inception of the internet, gamblers have turned to virtual platforms for their wagers while pinning their hopes of landing a winning hand on online casinos. And with real-life casinos shuttered across the world during the pandemic, bettors have increasingly embraced virtual gambling opportunities. But one particular Sin City has risen above the rest - the metaverse. Although still a vastly unexplored concept, it can more simply be described as a shared virtual world where real-life and digital experiences crossover, and users can engage in a vast number of activities, from buying virtual goods to meeting new people and starting businesses. Given the endless possibilities, or better yet, its estimated yearly trillion dollar money making potential, no wonder then that gambling has become a top activity in the metaverse. Players are blowing millions and raking in millions more in virtual world casinos. One such casino, ICE Poker, reported a revenue of $7.5 million in the first three months of 2022. And while it cannot be compared to the astronomical numbers pulled by the world’s gambling capital, Macau, it is yet a notable feat for an industry still taking its first steps in the metaverse.
How To Move Your Business Into The Metaverse
The metaverse is quickly becoming the next digital frontier that everyone will want to conquer. The concept exploded last year when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta and announced that it would be pouring in billions into metaverse-related projects. This prompted other tech companies and brands to follow suit and start having a presence in virtual worlds. And while a full-fledged version of technology might still be a decade or so away, businesses can start entering metaverse-like platforms today, where they can set up virtual stores, advertise and sell their products or services. One of the greatest advantages of the metaverse is how it is leveling the playing field for brands and businesses, allowing everyone to have an equal chance at tapping into the broad opportunities brought on by this technology. And it goes beyond consuming-facing companies. Brands of all kinds, from small businesses to larger companies, can dip their toes into a virtual world and reap the benefits of having a presence there. If you’re looking to start your transition and move your business into the metaverse, here are a few steps you might want to follow. ## How To Move Your Business Into The Metaverse
How To Become a Metaverse Developer
The metaverse has moved past being a buzzword to potentially becoming a trillion-dollar industry, opening up the doors to a new world of digital opportunities. From developers to 3D designers and architectures, the creation of virtual worlds and infrastructures will require the help of many professionals with skills including coding, 3D modeling and blockchain technology. Whether you already have the necessary experience or you’re looking to get started, here’s a closer look at the metaverse and ways of becoming a metaverse developer.
Best VR Games 2022
The year 2020 wasn't exactly a great one for humanity. Yet, it's been an amazing year for VR. With lockdown measures keeping people trapped behind walls, the VR industry experienced a boom in consumption leading to higher HDM sales and, yes, more quality content.
Best Artificial Intelligence Courses In 2022
Hoping to master Artificial Intelligence abilities? You are in the right place. In this quick guide, we review the top AI courses 2022. These free and paid educational programs will help you acquire capability and set you up for a promising profession in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Best Virtual Worlds for Children
Many of us still remember life before computers and smartphones, but nowadays you’re more likely to come across the generation that’s grown up already hooked to the internet. In fact, they might be walking around your house at this very moment. Parents will surely relate to the reality of raising children in a connected world where - let’s face it - a tablet loaded with a Disney movie or an online game can prove to be a welcomed helping hand during trying times. But a big part of parenting has also become living in a constant state of alertness over their kids’ screen time and making sure they’re not exposed to the most unsavory corners of the internet. Fortunately, there are plenty of family-friendly online platforms where the younger ones can enjoy themselves, learn and make friends, and virtual worlds are quickly-becoming a favorite. With that in mind, here are the best (and safest) virtual worlds that you kid can start having fun with today.
Metaverse Jobs — How To Find Work In The Metaverse
In search of a new gig? Aiming for a career upgrade? Or maybe you’re just tired of your boss’s antics. It’s ok, we’ve all been there at some point. The good news is that the job market is booming, if not in the real world at least in the digital one. This might seem obvious given that the majority of us have been in WFH mode for the last two years, but what we’re really talking about is a whole new employment world that didn’t exist up until just a few months ago. Enter the metaverse. The meta what? Don’t feel too bad if you still don’t know what this is all about. Very simply, it’s a 3D virtual world, powered by virtual and augmented reality, where people can work, socialize and play in. If you want to know more, here’s a quick intro to bring you up to speed in no time. As an emerging virtual platform that is yet to truly come to life, the future of the metaverse lies in the hands of the people who are currently busy building it. Think backend developers, 3D designers or programmers, there’s a vast number of skills needed and employment opportunities are abundant across a wide range of industries. And no, you don’t always have to have work experience to get started. Ready to give it a shot? Find out what jobs are in high demand in the metaverse right now.
10 Best Virtual Worlds for Adults
Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably heard about the metaverse and virtual worlds lately. It’s become really hard to escape it. Ever since Facebook’s splashy rebranding to Meta last year, the tech world has been set abuzz with all things metaverse which, for all its publicity, still remains a vague idea for many. Confused? No problem. Here’s a quick intro we’ve put together. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to spend a lot more of our time online, whether for work, shopping or to socialize with others. On social media alone, users spent on average 142 minutes per day on such platforms in 2021, which is a jump for the 90 minutes recorded less than 10 years ago. And not only are we spending more time inside digital platforms, new forms of producing and consuming content are also being embraced. Technology like augmented and virtual reality are pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities, helping fuel the rise of the metaverse. In fact, the idea of virtual worlds is far from being a novelty and many of us might not even realize that we’ve already dabbled in earlier iterations of the metaverse though games like The Sims or platforms like SecondLife. For as long as the internet existed, we’ve had the urge to create virtual identities and re-invent or extend our lives online. Virtual worlds have become a leading outlet in the quest for digital exploration, and it will continue expanding thanks to features like: - A sense of community - Immersion and interactivity - Tools for creativity - Communication and collaboration With VR, AR and AI now pushing the limits of immersiveness and the boundaries of what can be done and experienced, here are the best virtual worlds for adult users that you might want to explore someday.
How To Make Money In The Metaverse
The metaverse revolution is here - and so the rush for virtual gold begins. This new digital frontier is attracting plenty of attention, from big tech names to average users looking to be the first to seize the infinite opportunities that come with the metaverse. From taking on a virtual job to creating new forms of art and entertainment, there are several ways of generating and exchanging value for real-world benefits as a result of your experience in the metaverse. And it’s probably much simpler than you imagine, too. So here’s a list with 11 ways in which you can make money in the metaverse.
Best VR And AR Christmas Gifts
'Tis the season, everyone. Holidays are just around the corner, Christmas trees are up (well, for some of us at least) and the race to find the perfect gift is on. If you have a techie friend, relative or better half, now is a great time to start thinking about something they'll certainly enjoy having this Christmas. We're rounded up some of the best virtual reality holiday gifts to help you get going.
How To Enter The Metaverse - A Step-by-Step Guide
You might live in this world, but soon enough there will be others to populate (no, we're not talking about Mars, sorry Elon). Enter the metaverse, the hottest topic of 2021. Sometime this year, between the third and whatever pandemic wave we're now at, the term creeped into our lives - and it won't let go. This latest tech buzz has got the usual suspects (read Facebook/Meta, Microsoft, and the whole Silicon Valley bunch) coming around the block for a piece of the action, but smaller players are making a move, too. But what exactly is all this metaverse hype about? And what does it got to do with blockchain or NFTs or living 24/7 inside the internet? There's plenty to unpack, so let's jump right in.
Best Virtual Reality Tours You'll Want to Embark On Today
Another week, another lockdown. 2021 sure isn't giving us all the send-off we had hoped for, so better buckle up for a few more months of being mostly stuck at home, zooming and memeing our way through live (and work). But believe it or not, you can still realize your traveling dreams and make up for lost time, without ever stepping outside your house. There are plenty of virtual reality tours that you can take right now and trust us, they're almost as good as a real-life trip. To help you get trough the pandemic blues, we put together a list with the best VR tours we think are packed with plenty of action, adventure and excitement to make you forget the current state of affairs. Pick up your VR headset, fasten your seatbelt and head somewhere new.
16 Best Indie VR Games to Play Right Now
Gaming is great. But playing in virtual reality it's simply (and forgive us for the pun) a whole other game. It's hard to beat the experience of being IN a game, which is why VR is quickly becoming the favorite medium for so many of us. And when it comes to titles to play, fortunately there are hundreds of great options, from fan favorites like Half-Life Alyx and 'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, to lesser known experiences created by indie developers, like Into the Radius. With so much to choose from, we decided to make things easier for you and picked the 16 best indie VR games that you're sure to enjoy.
Best VR Games for Meditation and Relaxation
With Halloween behind us now, we can almost hear the jingle bells (or, most likely, Mariah Carey) already echoing in the distance. And as the weather gets frostier, it's that time of the year to reach for the blankets, grab a hot chocolate and enjoy a relaxing evening. Fortunately, there are great VR options that are sure to take you to whole new level of mindfulness and relaxation. Whether you're just looking for a quick guided meditation session or you're in for a more playful and engaging experience, here's a list of the best VR games that will help you shed some stress and enjoy your 'me time' to the fullest.
13 Best VR Horror Games to Play on Halloween
Spooky season is just around the corner, everyone. There won’t not be much fanfare this year (again) so you might want to save the creepy costumes and the trick-or-treating for 2022. But that doesn't mean you can't get your Halloween buzz elsewhere. Thankfully, there are plenty of virtual reality games ready to give you the frights and jump scares you've been craving for all year. We've put together a list of the best VR horror games to indulge in during this Halloween. Enter at your own peril...
Virtual Reality Headsets — Buyer's Guide
The 'Year of VR' has been ushered in at least once every year for the last decade. But as much hype as the technology has generated in the past, it has largely fallen flat. At least so far. From cartoonish graphics to clunky gear, the complaints over the rollout of virtual reality have been many. And that's made it incredibly difficult for people to consider embracing it. But one thing is for sure, the virtual world is here to stay. 2021 has proven that there's plenty of success to be found in building virtual worlds where users can purchase plots of land, snap up ultra stylish houses, buy Louis Vuitton virtual garments or attend Ariana Grande concerts. This has renewed interest in the metaverse - loosely described as a shared and persistent virtual environment that combines real-life and digital experiences into one space, powered by virtual reality. This is where purchasing a VR headset becomes an important decision if you're looking to get the best out of your experience. So, here are five things to consider and know before pulling out the wallet to make an investment in a VR gadget.
Best Virtual Reality Use Cases For Businesses
VR is not just about gaming anymore. It's entering other facets of day to day life at a breakneck speed. From planning your next trip to purchasing your first house, immersive technology can lend a helping hand in optimizing experiences. And as the world is finally getting real about virtual reality, it's perhaps a good idea to get up to speed with what's going on in the world of immersive technologies and what exactly are they being used for.
Best Tools For VR Painting, Sculpting and 3D Modeling
Virtual reality has, for the most part, been associated with gaming and education. However, digital technologies, such as VR, are experiencing transformative uses in art and design. VR devices are fast becoming a creativity tool that we can use to create 3D art, from sculpting to painting and animation. Imagine having an idea, picking up your virtual sketchbook and seeing your thoughts come to life, straight from your mind into a 3D canvas. Not only that, but VR technology allows you to think big, we mean really BIG. You can create at whatever scale you want and navigate your virtual environment however you want, like walking around or through your designs. Whether what you're looking for is painting, modeling, sculpting or animating, there's plenty of software for creating art in VR, which makes knowing where to get started quite the challenge. That's why we put this list together. Without further delay, and in no particular order, here are the best VR art-making applications you might consider downloading.
Digital Immortality: Deciphering A Modern Promise Of Eternal Life
We’ve tried it all. The mediums, the necromancers, the seances and the Ouija boards. There are also the mummies, the cyborgs, the cryonized, the genetically engineered and the biohackers. And yet, no matter how creative humans have tried being, we’re no closer to cheating the grim reaper than we were when we thought that drinking mercury was the key to everlasting life. Mankind has been chasing immortality for millennia. All the bizarre iterations aside, it’s fair to say that something lurking in the depths of our nature wants to desperately transcend biological limitations - and ultimately transcend death itself. More than just biological, immortality seems to be the ultimate human spiritual need. Vanity or not, we are also wired to want to be remembered forever by leaving behind a legacy that can outlive us and be shared with future generations. And while the formula for the ‘Elixir of Life’ is yet to be found, we are now edging closer to a transdimensional plane of existence that partially solves this age-old problem. Maybe the issue all along was less about preventing biological death but finding new ways to extend our current existence. That’s exactly where digital technologies play their part.

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