Sensorium Galaxy Makes a Major Step Towards Public Launch, Reveals New Content and Plans for Expanding Closed Beta

Earlier this year, Sensorium launched a closed beta for its metaverse which allowed testers to explore for the first time two virtual worlds — PRISM, dedicated to extraordinary music events, and MOTION, an underwater-themed world focusing on mindfulness and relaxation. As the end of year approaches, Sensorium is unveiling a major series of updates, bringing the metaverse closer to a public launch, including significant content enhancements and the introduction of a multiplayer mode.

Starting today, Sensorium’s first users will be able to experience concerts performed by AI-driven DJs in PRISM. These virtual artists, developed in partnership with Mubert, create generative music in real-time, adapting to a wide array of environments and the mood of concertgoers. Using artificial intelligence, they combine individual elements — drum beats, synth pads, bass line, etc. — to create algorithmically-generated, infinite music streams that change continuously and can neither end nor be ever repeated.

Following the public launch of Sensorium, virtual artists will host shows in this metaverse, along with world-famous artists like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, among others. For the first time in history, AI-powered artists will complement the natural talent of the real-life performers — a balanced mix of human and AI-generated art. One of Sensorium’s upcoming virtual stars, Kàra Màr, has already released their first album across major music streaming platforms.

A second major update will see AI-driven virtual beings added to the beta version. While exploring PRISM and MOTION, users can now chat and befriend some of the smartest conversational AI-driven characters available to date. Each virtual being has a unique personality, possesses long-term memory and is capable of supporting unscripted conversations without losing track of context. These creatures were unveiled by Sensorium earlier this year and have already attracted the attention of VentureBeat, Forbes, PCGamer, Fast Company, among other media outlets. Apart from being trusted companions and guides inside the metaverse, these virtual beings can facilitate connections between real-life users.

While interactions with AI virtual beings for the VR and Desktop modes are currently only offered to users within the closed beta, a wider audience can already chat with them through the Sensorium Galaxy Mobile App (available on the App Store and Google Play). This application also gives access to additional features of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse in AR mode, including dancing with virtual beings, as well as staging unique choreographies. All user-generated content can be easily shared across social platforms.

Finally, Sensorium has polished its multiplayer content distribution platform, so that beta testers can now tune in to Sensorium Galaxy from different devices and share immersive experiences.

All these updates set the stage for the welcoming of new beta testers early next year, with the public launch slated to take place upon the completion of beta-testing.

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