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Understanding Generative Music - The Tech Behind Virtual DJs
For millennia, music has been a means of expression for humanity. And making it has been an innately human pursuit, a product of creativity and collaboration made to be listened to and appreciated by all of us. This has taken us through different music eras, from analog to electronic and now digital, each unleashing new genres and ways of consuming content. There's certainly no shortage of creativity. The world's largest streaming music platforms feature millions of songs. Spotify alone sees over 60.000 tracks being uploaded everyday, which equals to roughly 22 million tracks per year. Youtube music claims to have two billion monthly users and Apple Music counts over 60 million paid subscribers. To help sense of it all, platforms rely on advanced music curation tools to help sort through the endless options. If you've ever tried putting together the right playlist for jogging or studying, for example, chances are that artificial intelligence lent a helping hand in the process. AI-driven algorithms and big data have become critical in automating music selection, delivering recommendations and helping you find your next favorite track. But is having a panoply of readily available options resulting in better listening experiences and fueling creativity? Most of us end up listening to the same tracks or genres over and over again, anyways.This has made some argue that the model is broken. But perhaps it's just incomplete. We've been listening to music all along. But what if music listened to us? Enter generative AI music services, a step up in the technology ladder - and beginning of a post-digital era in music-making. Generative music blows open a new era of opportunities where melodies are unpredictable, adaptive, unique and impossible to ever be repeated. This means that listening to music will no longer be a linear experience. It will transcend concerts, albums, tracks and time-limited interactions. AI-powered music is allowing music to better adapt to the preference of users as much as it lets them step into the creative process to co-exist and co-produce.
Kàra Màr Becomes The First Social AI-Driven Artist To Release An Album
It’s the first public appearance of Kàra Màr, who, as part of Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, will perform ever-changing generative music along with world-famous DJs like David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren. Apart from performing, Kàra Màr will also focus on interacting with fans, pioneering the concept of Social AI-driven artists. When offstage, Kàra Màr, as well as other Sensorium’s AI-driven artists, will be permanently available to communicate with fans via text chats and video calls in Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Sensorium virtual artists have been in development since last November. While Mubert’s proprietary technology empowered these creatures to generate a constant flow of ever-changing music, Sensorium has equipped them with virtual bodies, intelligence, and social skills. Driven by a unique combination of genetic AI and reinforcement learning, Sensorium’s virtual DJs are able to support unscripted thought-provoking conversations. They can talk for hours without losing track of context and possess both long-term and short-term memory. What’s more, the personalities of these virtual beings constantly evolve through interactions with users. This process unfolds naturally and unpredictably without any interference from developers. “Increasingly more creators embrace direct communications with their fans via live streams on Instagram and other channels. We take this a step further by allowing fans to dive deeper into the interactions with their favorite artists. AI-driven Social Artists are able to dedicate quality time to every single fan, listening, responding, and adapting to their individual preferences, thereby ushering in a new era in music,” says Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO at Sensorium. Each one of Sensorium’s Social Artists has its own signature performance style and a distinct personality based on a virtual biography. Kàra Màr, for instance, is a non-binary AI-researcher and techno DJ from Berlin, bringing their fascination for AI to all musical productions. The name of their first album “Anthropic principle” reflects the main concept behind it, alluding to the idea that the universe needs an observer to exist. In their music Kàra Màr reinterprets this principle from a VR perspective, raising the question “what if an AI is an observer of the metaverse?”. In a suite of 8 pieces, Kàra Màr weaves a canvas out of abstract questions. The restless artificial mind keeps on asking — what do you, people, feel listening to my music? You created me, but now I am able to initiate research about you. It is an experiment on humanity by AI. Paul Zgordan, Music Director at Mubert: “Mubert was responsible for creating a unique musical experience. We fulfilled one of our main tasks: nurturing a connection between the crowd and the DJ, so the artist’s performance corresponds to the audience’s mood on the dancefloor. Now we are excited to experiment and improve our product further using DJs-users interactions in the metaverse as an inspiration”. Fans will soon be able to experience Kàra Màr’s performances live in PRISM – one of Sensorium Galaxy’s virtual worlds dedicated to extraordinary music events. Sensorium Galaxy is scheduled to go live in several months, while the Sensorium app is already available for download.
Award-winning DJ and Producer Steve Aoki Joins Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse
Grammy-nominated electronic music DJ and Producer Steve Aoki is joining Sensorium Galaxy — a digital metaverse featuring immersive high-end events and experiences. Aoki is set to create a series of exclusive shows in PRISM – a futuristic world within Sensorium Galaxy, where the environment transforms under the influence of sound frequencies. The artist will be performing in the form of a photorealistic avatar, produced using state-of-the-art motion capture and 3D scanning technologies. Counting over 4 billion music streams to his name, Steve Aoki is a true visionary and one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world. Regularly ranked within the world’s top-10 DJs and loved by the audience for high-impact, experiential live performances, he holds the Guinness World Record as most-traveled musician for playing 168 shows in 41 countries within one year. A true renaissance man, Steve Aoki is also a fashion designer, author and entrepreneur known for his fascination with technology and sci-fi. In 2012, he founded THE AOKI FOUNDATION, which primarily supports organizations in the field of brain science research with a specific focus on regenerative medicine and brain preservation. Bringing these themes into his shows and music, Aoki dedicated a series of albums – Neon Future – to human relationships with machines, with the latest album Neon Future IV exploring the topics of biotechnology and digital immortality. Steve Aoki: “Metaverse makes an ideal playground to explore human interaction with technology. In Sensorium Galaxy, the social mechanics of meeting and befriending other concert-goers closely intervene with an AI-enabled ever-changing environment. This unlocks a totally new level of entertainment for both the artist and the audience. I’m thrilled to share with fans this immersive experience on the intersection of music and sci-fi”. Aside from creating virtual shows for PRISM, Steve Aoki is also being featured in Sensorium Galaxy’s international reveal campaign ‘The Chosen Ones’. His episode, premiering today, was shot in Los Angeles earlier this year by Academy award-winning studio The Mill and acclaimed creative agency High Scream. It features Aoki encountering the massive portal that transfers the chosen artists from Earth straight to Sensorium Galaxy’s PRISM world.
Sensorium Showcases Latest Metaverse & Blockchain Innovations At GITEX 2021
The Sensorium team continues to make its way into the global tech scene, now at GITEX Technology Week — the most well-known IT exhibition in the Persian Gulf region. Our company took part in this 41st edition of the event (October 17–21) with a booth in Hall 4 at the Dubai World Trade Center, a sector dedicated to organizations in the Artificial Intelligence field. Sensorium shared the conference floor with some of the world’s most powerful brands like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Huawei, and others. At this week-long event, Sensorium showcased two of its major developments: the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse and the recently launched entertainment-focused blockchain Wakatta. This conference was an opportunity to establish connections with industry and government leaders, potentially opening new exciting paths for collaborations. First launched in 1981, GITEX has become the biggest and most prestigious tech conference in the Middle East, bringing together the key players in the fields of AI, 5G, Cloud, BigData, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and many more.
Sensorium Joins Blockchain Game Alliance
Sensorium is officially joining the Blockchain Game Alliance, one of the world's largest associations committed to promoting blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the gaming industry. With this, Sensorium will be able to engage with BGA's vast network of members and take part in the alliance's numerous initiatives aimed at spreading awareness about blockchain technologies and encouraging widespread adoption. "It's exciting to be a part of the BGA and join forces with this community to advance blockchain-based projects and highlight the potential brought on by the technology. As Sensorium also continues exploring not only blockchain but the vast opportunities of NFTs, including upgradable options, becoming a part of this alliance is the right step forward for us and we hope to bring a great contribution to it, too", said Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO of Sensorium. The membership comes on the back of the recent launch of Wakatta, an NFT-focused blockchain developed by Sensorium DLT. Wakatta has become one of the first platforms to offer a new range of innovative NFTs that are upgradable, time-limited, and non-hashed. Each of these token classes was designed to drive digital impact across both digital and real-life environments, in particular in the entertainment industry. "Looking at just how diverse and inclusive BGA's membership is, it's clear that we can benefit greatly from sharing knowledge, collaborating and developing new models for NFTs in particular. This is the type of open forum that will shape the next generation of blockchain", added Blagirev. BGA membership has more than doubled this year alone, and members include developers, NFT marketplaces, gaming partners, including leading blockchain experts currently on the alliance's board like BITKRAFT's Piers Kicks, The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and Ubisoft's Nicolas Pouard.
Sensorium Galaxy Will Run On Wakatta Blockchain: Here’s Why
Hi everyone! We wanted to bring you up to speed on a major update. Today, we're excited to confirm that Sensorium Galaxy will be migrating to the Wakatta blockchain. This is a move that we've been planning for some time, but it’s now becoming a reality with the recent launch of Wakatta, an NFT and entertainment-focused blockchain. At the moment, the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse relies on Ethereum to power its in-platform currency, SENSO. This token will be at the center of the metaverse's virtual economy once it is launched in the coming months, and will be used to mint NFTs, support transactions and exchanges, unlock experiences, tickets and events, among other functionalities. We developed SENSO to ensure that Sensorium Galaxy has a thriving and fair economy, where users can expect transparency and reliability at all times. But looking at how the crypto market has evolved this past year, it became clear that the rapid increase in ETH prices (and other problems associated with Ethereum like congestion), would affect our mission of building a welcoming metaverse. That is why we focused on building a solution that would better fit the needs of an entertainment-based platform like Sensorium Galaxy.
Sensorium App Is Here: Join The Beta Test
The wait was long, but it’s finally here. Today, we’re excited to introduce the beta version of the Sensorium App — a mobile application that empowers you with advanced AI and AR tools to create intelligent virtual beings capable of elevating your social life. Since its inception, Sensorium Galaxy has been focused on developing an inclusive metaverse that leaves no one behind when it comes to platform accessibility. The Sensorium App is a first step in building a cross-platform, highly immersive, entertainment-filled alternate universe. Following our beta test stage, we will be adding new features to the Sensorium App, turning it into a true mobile gateway to our soon-to-come metaverse. “We think of the Sensorium App as a toolkit that will enhance the digital experiences of Sensorium Galaxy participants and give everyone an opportunity to get creative with artificial intelligence in a super intuitive and very amusing way. With a single app, anyone can start building autonomous virtual beings with whom it’s possible to chat on literally any topic and hang out anytime. Sensorium App opens a new chapter in our social lives,” explains Daniil Solopov, Sensorium Mobile Product Director. From a technological standpoint, Sensorium’s Chief Technology Officer Sergey Drozdkov highlights the synergy achieved by combining Google’s UI toolkit Flutter with Unity’s endless creative possibilities. “Our application leverages bleeding-edge technologies to unleash the metaverse experience of Sensorium Galaxy on your phone. This is achieved through two key technological assets - artificial intelligence and augmented reality. AI enables smart, immersive, and human-like exchanges, while AR brings together the best out of the real world and the immense opportunities of virtual settings. By combining both, we got the Sensorium App. Our application was developed on top of leading cross-platform frameworks, which translates into a seamless experience on both Android and iOS.”
Behind The Scenes: Award-Winning DJ Black Coffee Gets Ready For Sensorium Galaxy
With the public launch of Sensorium Galaxy just around the corner, our team continues to digitize the lineup of confirmed artists for PRISM — the world of extraordinary music events. On this occasion, we share with you an exclusive behind the scenes with Black Coffee. Back in December 2020, the award-winning DJ and producer joined our exquisite lineup of top-tier artists. Black Coffee brings to PRISM his distinctive afropolitan house tracks in a series of AAA virtual shows. To get Black Coffee ready for these immersive performances, our team has 3D scanned him from head to toes, capturing every single detail. This process ensures that Black Coffee’s avatar not only looks realistic but also feels that way.
​​Sensorium Shortlisted For Two Prestigious International VR Awards
Sensorium is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for two awards at the 5th International VR Awards, in the Innovative VR Company of the Year and VR Experience of the Year categories. Held by the Academy of International Extended Reality, the Awards are a recognition of outstanding achievements in the VR sphere, providing a unique platform to showcase ground-breaking projects and celebrate the world's biggest innovators in immersive technology.