Best TV Shows On Crypto And Blockchain In 2022

If you came across our recent list of best blockchain movies, then you might be interested in checking out a different type of equally binge-worthy content - blockchain TV shows.

Once a niche (read: too geeky) topic for most producers, the small screen is suddenly embracing all things crypto, with even family favorites like The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory dropping a mention or two.

We've put together a list of the best tv shows that you can catch in 2022 to explore more about blockchain and crypto.

Read. Set. Play.

Mr. Robot

A cult classic in its own right, this TV show has been consistently praised for keeping the finger on the pulse of current trends and themes. Mr. Robot follows the life of security engineer Elliot Alderson who doubles as a vigilante hacker by night and is eventually recruited by a mysterious underground hacking group to bring down the 'one percent'. Starting from season 2 of the show, viewers are showered with plenty of crypto storylines, from money laundering schemes using cryptocurrencies to E Corp's digital currency - Ecoin. There are plenty of nods to Bitcoin, too.


Despite premiering in 2016, just as crypto was picking up steam, StartUp only recently stumbled upon newfound success (thanks to being picked up by Netflix). This gripping crypto drama centers around Izzy, a young computer whiz behind a new digital currency dubbed the “Gen-Coin,” which she claims to be better than bitcoin. But as she attempts to fund her start-up, she is slowly dragged into the criminal underworld of the dark web, gangsters and money launderers, forcing Izzy to face impossible dilemmas. This is a small series consisting of just three seasons, making it an easy and entertaining watch.

Silicon Valley

All hail everyone's favorite tech show about a stereotypical (yet fictional) Palo Alto startup - Pied Piper. Silicon Valley features several episodes about crypto, most notably introducing viewers to PiedPiperCoin, the digital coin created by the protagonists of the series. The show goes into the details of the world of assets, leading to this rather memorable PowerPoint presentation about how crypto works. HBO turned to real-world crypto experts to develop this series as show-runners also looked for inspiration in real blockchain companies like Blockstack.

Black Mirror

There's hardly any list that would be complete without mentioning Black Mirror. This futuristic series was once thought of as pure science fiction material but since being released in 2021 it has proven to be an eerily accurate oracle. Take Fifteen Million Merits, an episode about a dystopian world where the only currency available is 'Merit', virtual credits earned through activities like cycling or watching ads, and that can be spent on services and products. This technology, which can be thought of as an example of a cryptocurrency, already exists to varying degrees. Another episode titled Nosedive, takes a similar approach where social credits play a central role in shaping another dystopian society.


This TV series has become a mandatory must-see for the finance bros, crypto enthusiasts and those just generally interested in business, finance and blockchain. It focuses on two heavyweights of the US financial world, hedge fund mogul Bobby Axelrod and arch nemesis Chuck Roades, Prosecutor of the Southern New York District. The show delves into the shenanigans of the business world, pitting hedge funds against the legal system throughout a series of shadowy deals, but season 5 finally starts addressing cryptocurrency themes.


Although not styled as such, Coins is in essence a docuseries featuring the who’s who of the crypto sphere. Given its high production value and the people interviewed throughout the series, one would be forgiven to mistake it for a Netflix feature. Coins explores watershed moments in the history of money and the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It also touches upon the darker side of the technology and Bitcoin, including scams, illicit schemes and hacks.

Queen of the South

Closing this list is a TV show centered on the criminal underbelly of drug cartels as it follows Teresa Mendoza, a woman who goes from escaping the Mexican drug lord to starting her own cartel in America. The series features extensive mentions of cryptocurrency and how it's used to conduct business and evade detection by the authorities.

Final thoughts

Crypto is going mainstream and getting the Hollywood treatment. From movies to TV shows, there's not denying the appeal of having storylines about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For starters, it's sure to make audiences (especially the younger ones) stick to their screens. After all, this is still pretty new tech and many of us are looking for some answers. Or maybe you're already an investor but you'd still like to know what Bobby Axelrod would do in your position.

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