Behind The Scenes: Creating David Guetta's Avatar For Sensorium Galaxy

Have you been following Sensorium news lately? Then you’ll be aware that Grammy award-winning superstar DJ & Producer David Guetta was the first artist announced to join Social VR platform Sensorium Galaxy to create a series of exclusive performances in PRISM world.

Today we share a behind the scenes video showing the process of creating his photorealistic avatar for his forthcoming shows.

Sensorium Galaxy will create a unique immersive experience and the next level of interaction between artist and fans.

Step 1: 3D Scanning

As outlined in our press release, the first step to turn David into a photorealistic avatar is to conduct a full-body 3D scanning. On this occasion, the Sensorium team picked the Rouge Mocap Studio, an industry-leading facility based in Los Angeles.

Using a state-of-the-art photogrammetry rig consisting of 250+ cameras, we were able to perform a highly detailed body scan and FACS blendshapes (Facial Action Coding System).

“We capture every minute detail of [David’s] appearance. His costume, his look, his hair, everything. We capture every bit of his likeness in every facial expression he makes, every tick, every microexpression. We capture the true essence of David,” explained Vince Argentine, CEO of Rouge Mocap Studio.

Step 2: Motion Capture

After the 3D scanning was completed, David moved to the next stage — Motion Capture. As the name suggests, this step is all about capturing the movements that make the avatar not only human-like but also seem alive.

For this process, David had to wear a motion-tracking suit and perform one of his shows on a stage surrounded by over 100 Vicon motion capture cameras.

“We have David perform in front of a DJ deck and we capture all of his signature moves. You’ll actually be able to see David performing with photo-realistic quality in VR at Sensorium Galaxy,” added Vince Argentine.

Step 3: Post Production

Here’s where the magic really happens. Our top-notch graphic experts work every detail to ensure that David Guetta is no longer one of his kind — but two.

Want to see the result? Stay tuned!

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