Modern VR, AI and streaming capabilities have formed the basis for the next stage of social media evolution – Social VR. The main element of any social network is the community of its users. Sensorium aims to bridge the quintessence of new technologies with community of users to form the social environment of the future.

The product of Sensorium project is the media platform Sensorium Galaxy. Sensorium Galaxy is a set of star systems, content hubs, which expand the directions of human thought and activity.

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The first step towards the launch of Sensorium Galaxy is the opening of Music Planet and Motion Planet.

Music Planet offers a unique experience of a shared immersion into a virtual environment of music concerts. Fantastic worlds, unimaginable scenery and memorable characters for the virtual shows are created in collaboration with renowned performers, event producers and festival organizers.

Ballet, improvised dance, ballroom dancing, breakdance and much more — Sensorium Galaxy offers a virtual space of Motion Planet for those who want to experience incredible emotions from the works of the greatest masters of choreography.

Production Ecosystem

Strategic Partners

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Epic Games
Cary, NC

Strategic partner in the scaling of the project

Sensorium Galaxy is being built with the unprecedented feature-set of Unreal Engine 4, making it the truly AAA- level VR experience.

The main goal of the strategic partnership between Epic Games and Sensorium Corporation is to create a next generation product for the worldwide community, and making it available to the Epic Games Store audience.

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RedPill VR
Los Angeles, CA

Creation and streaming of the Social VR content.

Product development is carried out in cooperation with Redpill VR (Los Angeles, USA), an expert in the field of VR development.

Development Partners

High Scream, London, UK

Concept development and virtual scenography.

Iconic Engine, Los Angeles, CA

Avatars development, facial animation, 360° content streaming from virtual environments.

H+ Creative, Los Angeles, CA

Visual development (avatars)

Temporal Games, Chicago, IL

Evolving Avatar AI R&D

Content Partners

Ushuaïa Ibiza

World famous club project.

Hï Ibiza

World famous club project.

ID&T, Netherlands

One of world’s pioneering electronic music entertainment companies, who are known for organizing biggest electronic music festivals such as Mysteryland, Sensation, Awakenings, Defqon.1, Thunderdome.

Apenkooi, Netherlands

Creating and executing signature electronic music festivals and events like DGTL, Amsterdam Open Air, Pleinvrees, STRAF_WERK, Valhalla, Elrow Amsterdam and The Gardens of Babylon.

Sergei Polunin Foundation, Russia

Sergei Polunin Foundation is charitable body, established by renowned ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, dedicated to supporting young talents, providing them with access to professional dance education.


Barclays Center, NYC

Nassau Coliseum NYCB Live, NYC

Paramount Theater, NYC

Webster Hall, NYC

Sensorium Hall, Moscow

Sagrado Corp, Moscow

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Technology Development Center — Sensorium LAB

Sensorium LAB is researching the opportunities provided by cutting-edge AI technologies for creation of unique behavior models of virtual characters inhabiting the VR space.

Emotional contact and social interactions between AI and users bring the next level of purposeful communication with the native inhabitants of Sensorium Galaxy.

Sensorium Galaxy Roadmap


February 2021

Sensorium Galaxy Motion & Music Planets Release


March 2020

Sensorium Galaxy Technical Demo Release


October 2019

Public Launch of Sensorium Social Media

September 2019

Sensorium Galaxy Concept Development

June 2019

Prototype demo at E3 2019