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Extended Reality

What Are AI Avatars: A Guide to Intelligent Virtual Beings
From virtual goods to burgeoning new digital worlds, technology is again pushing the boundaries of human experience into unchartered territory. Many of us have recently faced a deluge of buzzwords like Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and, of course, the metaverse. And while much of it might seem incomprehensible for now, they’re not to be discarded as another tech fad. In particular, the recent progress in the field of artificial intelligence is opening up new opportunities that are sure to greatly impact human experience in the upcoming era of virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse. While in the past, AI helped machines carry out routine manual tasks, the technology can now also perform certain cognitive work thanks to its ability to learn, improve through experience and ultimately mimic human behaviors. Not only that, but the rapid expansion of cheap and powerful computing power has seen the massive digitalization of world objects and processes. More recently, humans themselves are being digitized in the form of virtual avatars. And artificial intelligence is giving a new meaning to the creation of virtual people by pushing the boundaries of technology to yet again a new frontier - AI lifeforms. AI-powered avatars can serve endless purposes, from being hired out by real-world companies to teach new employees, to serving as trusted confidantes in the metaverse, to name just a few use cases. Emerging virtual worlds, and their profitable economies, already encompass some 2.5 billion people, according to market research company L'Atelier. Moving forward, the world will only become more virtual and humans are increasingly going to live in the metaverse, side by side with AI-driven virtual beings. With that in mind, we’ll be having a closer look at what sharing our online experiences with artificial intelligent avatars will look like and how it could change the world as we know it.
Best VR Headsets In 2022
The concept of virtual reality, or VR, isn’t exactly new to most of us. For decades, VR has been discussed in sci-fi literature and featured in movies. But while we’ve been familiar with VR as a concept, the actual VR technology has only become widely accessible over the last several years. In the beginning of VR, the market was only populated by a few virtual reality headsets. Today, the story is much different. It almost seems like every couple of months, a new groundbreaking and more immersing model is announced. As a result of that, if you spend some time browsing the VR headset market today - you’ll come across a ton of different and great VR headsets that can truly immerse you into a different reality. For example, Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta, is announcing its own VR headset pretty soon. Apple is another company rumored to be developing some form of VR headset for its consumers. And this doesn’t even include the various models already on the market like the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Pro. With all this variety in the market, finding a VR headset that actually fits your needs and preferences can be hard. In fact, with all the different features present on modern VR headsets, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. And that’s why we’re writing this VR headset review guide for you. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best VR headsets in 2022. Not only that, we’ll also talk to you about a couple of things you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on a VR headset. But before we do any of that, let’s take a look at what a VR headset is and what types of headsets are currently available on the market.
What Are AI NFTs: The Beginner's Guide
NFTs have been all the rage for the past year as the popularity of these digital tokens, along with cryptocurrencies, saw buyers across the world shelling out millions in a burgeoning crypto market. The trend has become part of a large shift in technology that has seen the emergence of the initial iterations of the metaverse and the Web 3.0, where non-fungible tokens play a crucial role. The first generation of NFTs, and the one the majority of us will be the most familiar with, has focused on key properties such as ownership, authenticity, uniqueness and transfer. However, rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence are now opening the doors for applications to be extended to areas like blockchain technology and unlocking new layers of potential in the form of AI NFTs. That’s thanks to AI models like GAN’s (Generative Adversarial Networks), which are able to generate new content on its own once they have been trained with the right data set, making it an attractive technology to be paired with NFTs. And with non-fungible tokens taking by storm industries like entertainment, sports, and luxury goods, the expectation is that the latest generation of NFTs will only set the bar even higher.
Metaverse Banking: An Opportunity Too Big To Miss
Out of breath. That’s probably the first association that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘bank’. And who can judge me? After all, that’s exactly what my seven-year-old eyes saw when waiting for my parents to cash out their paychecks. People limited by the banks’ inconvenient schedule, trying to catch their breath as they waited for hours (seated if lucky) to get hold of their salaries or pensions, send money to relatives, or simply get a statement. By that time, my interests weren’t much besides playing video games and watching cartoons. I knew nothing about banking, marketing, or customer satisfaction. Yet, it didn’t take a degree to sense something was off about the whole experience. Today, I can assert that instinct was right.
14 Best Machine Learning Courses
Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that puts you in charge of teaching machines how to learn. This growing field of computer science opens up a world of opportunity for qualified machine learning engineers and is set to be an in-demand profession in the years to come. The list of industries using machine learning to speed up decision-making and make areas of their businesses more efficient has kept growing at great speed. In addition, there are plenty of machine learning courses available for the enthusiasts planning on gaining new skills or even breaking into the industry. If your goal is to learn machine learning in 2022, these are the best machine learning courses to dive right in. They cover creating machine learning algorithms, the mathematical applications behind them and building machine learning applications and systems. We will cover exciting topics including deep learning, artificial neural networks and utilizing algorithms through various programming languages.
Metaverse Gear You Should Know About
The metaverse has gone from being just another tech buzzword to becoming a massive investment for companies around the world looking to be at the forefront of the race to develop virtual worlds where people can interact, attend events, work and play. Many have come to see it as the next iteration of the digital infrastructures we have in place today. But realizing the metaverse requires gear that can allow users to enter virtual environments and have immersive experiences within it. From VR headsets to haptic gloves, big investment is pouring into the metaverse. And with so many breakthroughs being experienced lately, engaging with the metaverse is on track to becoming a seamless and compelling experience that attracts more users to digital worlds. With that in mind, today we are focusing on the metaverse gear that you might be looking into having to make the best out of this technology.
Pavia Metaverse Review
Worldwide changes are occurring, people are moving towards adopting Web 3.0 in their lives and the metaverse is gaining traction with enthusiasts. The virtual shared space, commonly referred to as the metaverse, is the talk of the town, and Pavia, an up-and-coming decentralized virtual space is laying the foundation for what the future holds. The idea of owning virtual land is something we need to wrap our heads around. But as the world moves towards technological advancements, it won’t be long before we’ll be interacting with people from every part of the globe without ever leaving our house, courtesy of the metaverse. This roundup includes a detailed Pavia Metaverse review covering all you need to know about the virtual land metaverse. From owning a piece of land parcel on the side of the beach to creating avatars, is the Pavia crypto project worth investing in? Read on and find out.
The Metaverse Glossary: All the Terms You Need to Know
From gaming to music and e-commerce, all major industries have now started experimenting with the metaverse and laying out experiences, products and services compatible with 3D virtual worlds. But, let’s face it, for most of us this is a lot of new tech to pack in. That’s why starting a conversation about the metaverse with your friends, family or co-workers can seem a little daunting. After all, there are plenty of new concepts and buzzwords to digest. So, to help you get started here are the most important metaverse terms you should know when talking about the metaverse.
What Is a VTuber?
With the advent of modern technology, creating content online has become more and more popular. The emergence of the first VTuber transformed content creation online by improving how people look, sound, and act. The phenomenon of anonymous influencers is not new. For example, consider Marshmello, Gorillaz, or Corpse Husband continually charming the world with talent and an anonymous online persona. Online platforms like Twitch and YouTube and the whole international market have been flooded with popular VTubers, a new breed of online influencers. By presenting themselves in their content as avatars, these influencers avoid showing themselves in person. The era of a public figure's influence centered on their physical appearance is over. What's the big deal with virtual, anime-inspired avatars lately? How do most VTubers fit into today's age of content creation, and what is actually a VTuber? As we examine in this article what VTubers are, how they became so popular, what their influence means in the age of digital media, and how you can become one, you’ll get a chance to learn all about them.
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