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SENSO Whitepaper Released: Extended Use Cases & Detailed Product Integration
Today is a great day for Sensorium enthusiasts. We’re releasing our long-awaited SENSO Whitepaper 2.0 — a document that unveils for the first time important details about Sensorium Galaxy's metaverse and its blockchain-based currency - SENSO. Don’t have time for a long read? Here's a quick preview:
### IN-PLATFORM CURRENCY The primary function of SENSO is acting as a payment method within the Sensorium Galaxy. But there’s more to it than just paying for things, especially because of the wide opportunities it represents for users. As most of you know, SENSO can be purchased from major digital asset exchanges or straight from Sensorium Galaxy's platform. However, getting SENSO in the open market can provide a dynamic discount for users. Inside the metaverse, one SENSO is worth ~$10 per unit. That rate is applied to those buying SENSO through traditional fiat payments. This mechanism incentivizes the use of the token against fiat purchases, which positively affects the burning rate.
Sensorium Becomes Member Of The Alliance Of Blockchain Industry Z-park
Sensorium is officially joining the Alliance of Blockchain Industry, Z-park (ABI), one of the largest and most influential non-profit blockchain communities in China. Currently, the Alliance has over 220 members, including key Chinese industrial partners, research organisations and technology groups, with the aim of boosting cooperation, development and adoption of blockchain-based infrastructures across China. This membership presents a unique opportunity for Sensorium to engage with regional partners in strategic technological initiatives, as the company continues bolstering its reach in China and the wider Asia-Pacific region. "Being a part of ABI means having a gateway to a vast community of established blockchain experts and researchers, opening up limitless opportunities for cooperation. China is undoubtedly one of the world's most significant centers for blockchain technology and we couldn't pass up the chance of joining this alliance to help bring more evolution and innovation to Sensorium Galaxy", said Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO of Sensorium. As one of the earliest blockchain alliances in Asia, ABI has led numerous initiatives in the fields of blockchain education and development, leveraging the contribution of notable partners such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu and China Mobile to help improve growth efforts. Given its extensive presence in the region, ABI is also recognised as a trusted source in industry news and development trends. “More than ever, we're dedicated to taking our virtual reality content and entertainment possibilities to new frontiers. As such, we're thrilled to be a part of a respected community of like-minded partners and we look forward to working together in achieving breakthroughs“, added Blagilev.
SENSO Featured On MXC Exchange; Trading Competition Now On
In a move to open up new opportunities for its global community, Sensorium Corporation’s SENSO - the in-metaverse token of Sensorium Galaxy - will be officially featured on the MXC Exchange. As of May 29, 2021 at 16:00 (UTC+8) the following pairs will be made available: SENSO/BTC, SENSO/ETH, and SENSO/USDT. With over five million users across 70 countries, MXC ranks among the world’s top digital-asset trading platforms and as such, adding support for SENSO will significantly increase the availability of tokens through a safe, reliable and fast trading exchange. Currently, MXC supports the most significant number of trading pairs and global crypto markets, having over 480 coins on the platform. “Partnering with MXC to include SENSO on its platform is a significant step forward in expanding accessibility to new markets,“ said Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO at Sensorium Corporation. ## Two Ways To Celebrate It To celebrate this exciting collaboration, we will be launching a deposit and trading competition on MXC. Here are some important details to keep in mind: ### Deposit Competition The deposit competition will start at 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 29 and run until 22:00 (UTC+8) on June 3. During this time, users that deposit more than 200 SENSO on MXC will be eligible to claim a share of a 8,000 SENSO prize pool in proportion to their net deposit amount. For those depositing over 800 SENSO, the prize pool will be 12,000 tokens. ### Trading Competition The trading competition will be open from 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 29 until 22:00 (UTC+8) on June 3. For this contest, users trading SENSO will be ranked based on their trading volume (minimum trading volume of 5,000 SENSO). The Top 50 traders will share a 15,500 prize pool.
SENSO Lightpaper Released: Tokenomics, Token Burn & Blockchain Migration
Today we're releasing the official SENSO Lightpaper — a short yet comprehensive document that introduces you to our token, its use cases, and our plans for the near future. No time to read it? Here’s a quick overview.
Sensorium Sets On Fire 4.2B SENSO — The Largest Token Burn In History
Sensorium Corporation is burning ~70% of the minted SENSO supply by the end of April 2021. This decision is set to adjust the supply following a successful private token sale and ahead of the release of its Whitepaper 2.0. The document will outline new use cases for SENSO (NFT & DAO) and details on an imminent blockchain migration to the Polkadot ecosystem.
How To Add SENSO Token To Your Cryptocurrency Wallet
SENSO is an ERC-20 token compatible with a long list of Ethereum-compatible wallets. Yet, most wallet providers require users to add SENSO as a custom token. Follow the steps below to ensure that your holdings are correctly displayed on your chosen service. Let’s get started!
Sensorium Galaxy Tokens SENSO Now Available On Hotbit
Sensorium Corporation announces that SENSO — the in-universe token of social VR platform Sensorium Galaxy — is now available on Hotbit.
SENSO Featured On Poloniex To Drive Crypto Mass Adoption Through Top-Tier VR Entertainment
Sensorium Corporation is pleased to announce that SENSO — the in-platform token of social VR platform Sensorium Galaxy — is now officially available for trading on Poloniex.
Security Update: Token Swap of SENSO
Following our previous update on the recent KuCoin hack involving approximately $200 million of stolen assets, including around 6.5 million SENSO tokens, we have decided to reissue all SENSO 1:1 via a token swap.
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