Pavia Metaverse Review

Worldwide changes are occurring, people are moving towards adopting Web 3.0 in their lives and the metaverse is gaining traction with enthusiasts. The virtual shared space, commonly referred to as the metaverse, is the talk of the town, and Pavia, an up-and-coming decentralized virtual space is laying the foundation for what the future holds.

The idea of owning virtual land is something we need to wrap our heads around. But as the world moves towards technological advancements, it won’t be long before we’ll be interacting with people from every part of the globe without ever leaving our house, courtesy of the metaverse.

This roundup includes a detailed Pavia Metaverse review covering all you need to know about the virtual land metaverse. From owning a piece of land parcel on the side of the beach to creating avatars, is the Pavia crypto project worth investing in? Read on and find out.

What is Pavia?

The Pavia metaverse is a virtual real-estate world that is built on the Cardano blockchain. This metaverse is home to thousands of minted land parcels owned by community members. Each land parcel is sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) with owners having complete digital ownership over their assets. While still in its infancy, Pavia has gained traction with enthusiasts and is now home to more than 17,000 landowners.

The gigantic Pavia metaverse consists of various geographies including land, sand, sea, deep sea, mountains, and forest areas. Ownership of the land of the virtual world resides under the landowners' digital ownership as an NFT or Cardano NFT (cNFT). All the rest of the areas, on the other hand, are strictly designated as public spaces where users are welcome to socialize and enjoy themselves.

This metaverse is inspired by Pavia, a city in Italy that was also the birthplace of Gerolamo Cardano - a mathematician famed for his contribution to Algebra. Pavia was launched in 2021 and has seen soaring success in the initial months. Despite not having any venture capitalists to back the metaverse, Pavia is bound for heaps of success.

Currently, landowners cannot deploy the Pavia Compatible Asset (PCA) inside the Pavia World as long as the platform is in its beta phase. That is set to change in the near future.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain platform aimed at offering sustainability and security for applications that are part of the decentralized network. It provides a platform for creators to develop new games, currencies, or in the case of Pavia, a sprawling metaverse in a safe environment. Cardano blockchain has ADA as its native cryptocurrency, which is used for all sorts of transactions on the blockchain platform.

Cardano, the third-gen blockchain platform, was made public in 2017 and one of the founders of the Cardano project includes Charles Hoskinson who is also the co-founder of Ethereum. A key characteristic of the Cardano blockchain is its use of proof-of-stake, which offers sustainability and safety to decentralized apps (dApps). This feature makes the transaction move rapidly with minimal gas fees.

The primary goal of the Cardano blockchain is to provide developers with a platform for creating decentralized applications and smart contacts. Moreover, Cardano blockchain native currency, ADA, is available on all the major cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe. A few years after its launch, Cardano's blockchain platform is now the backbone of hundreds of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Pavia Land

Pavia has a massive map with various parcels. The land part of this metaverse is mapped as a Cardano non-fungible token (cNFT) and it comes under the digital ownership of the landowners. Each bit of the land on the map has its own location and coordinates on the map.

This metaverse project consists of 100,000 land plots which were listed on the marketplace in three different phases. All the allocated land parcels were sold in a jiffy and currently, there isn’t a single land plot available for purchase officially. Each land parcel offers a space of 16x16m with a maximum 20m building height.

Pavia Land Sale 1

In the initial phase of this project, Pavia Land Sale 1, 29,000 land parcels were minted by the creators and listed on the marketplace in October of 2021. The going price for these numbered Cardano Non-fungible Token (cNFT) was around $45 ADA for each piece of 3D-land parcels. The user could purchase 9 parcels of land and can bind them together to form a Pavia land parcel estate if the land parcels were adjacent to each other.

At the time of writing, the land parcels are of no use to the users since the builder tools for the Pavia Compatible Asset are still in the works. By the second quarter of 2022, Pavia Corp plans to release the builder tools which will allow the users to deploy their digitally-owned assets.

Pavia Land Sale 2

Last year, Pavia Land Sale 2 was announced with the release of 31,000 land parcels listed on the marketplace. Similar to the previous land sale, the price tag for each parcel was around $45 ADA, the native crypto token of the Cardano blockchain. In the wake of the success of the first land sale, more interest in purchasing virtual land arose and users who bought parcels during the second land sale saw it become an incredibly profitable venture. The second phase, Pavia Land Sale 2 went live on 24th November 2021 with users now able to purchase up to 30x land parcels with a 33% chance of acquiring adjacent land parcels and forming an estate. In just a short period, all the listed 31,000 land parcels were sold out.

Pavia Land Sale 3

For the third and last time, Pavia Corp minted 40,000 more land parcels and listed them on the marketplace for users to purchase and become landowners in the virtual world. With the price tag of only $80 ADA, the land sale went live in February. In the previous months, land parcels on the platform saw an appreciation in their price and hence, the Pavia Land Sale 3 was a huge success as all the allocated land parcels were sold within a day.

Pavia has prioritized the users which were part of the previous land sales and many individuals who were unsuccessful in reserving their spot in the metaverse earlier were awarded the land parcels.

Afterward, Pavia Corp airdropped 500 million $PAVIA crypto tokens to the landowners. $PAVIA is an in-game currency that will be used in the in-house marketplace for purchasing various NFTs and other essentials.

How To Buy Pavia Land?

All the 100,000 land parcels allocated on the map of the Pavia metaverse are officially sold to the owners. And currently, the developers don’t have any plans of minting new parcels to put up on the market. Currently, interested buyers will have to navigate the secondary marketplace to purchase Pavia metaverse land.

Major Cardano NFT marketplaces such as CNFT.IO can be used to purchase land in Pavia Metaverse. Before you invest in the virtual world, realize that a Pavia land parcel currently costs 1200 ADA tokens, with more expensive land in more desirable locations costing up to 2000 ADA tokens.

If you’re interested in purchasing virtual properties in Pavia's virtual world, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to CNFT.IO, a Cardano-supported blockchain market, Create an account on the marketplace.
  2. Use a reputable wallet such as Adalite or Nami to acquire ADA tokens.
  3. Search for Pavia Land Parcels in the search bar and navigate to the one you want to buy.

(Note: Before you complete the purchase, search the given coordinates on the map to locate the location of the land.)

Furthermore, each land parcel will have a policy ID which ensures that you’re buying a real piece of the land. Before proceeding to pay for the land, make sure that the policy ID matches the one given below.

Policy ID: 4bf184e01e0f163296ab253edd60774e2d34367d0e7b6cbc689b567d

Pro Tip: Land Parcels near landmarks such as beaches and other prominent places on the map are worth more and have higher earning potential.

How does Pavia work?

The Pavia metaverse is a virtual world running on the Cardano engine and is backed by the Cardano community. It’s a massive world where virtual land parcels are sold on the marketplace and landowners can do anything they’d like to do on their land. Pavia land parcels can be sold on the secondary market to turn a profit or landowners can deploy Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs) ranging from single chairs to complete zoos and aquariums, as long as they fit on the land owned.

In the initial phases, land parcels are allocated to their rightful owners. Currently, there aren’t any mechanics in place which allows the users to roam the metaverse and deploy resources. Later on, as a part of the Pavia Roadmap, builder tools and essential mechanics will be added to the metaverse which will allow the users to enter the metaverse, roam around, show off their creativity and build skyscrapers.

Once the metaverse has matured, players will be able to roam around the vast metaverse. There is news of Pavia Portals being employed throughout the map which will allow the users to visit other crypto-powered metaverses using Pavia Portals.
Based on Web 3.0, Pavia Metaverse will be played through a simple browser, very similar to Decentraland. It’s unsure whether Pavia Corp would release native mobile and desktop applications for its Cardano-based metaverse since it is too soon to tell.

Lastly, the Pavia ecosystem includes $PAVIA crypto tokens as the utility token which will be used to make in-game purchases. Moreover, in December of 2021, 25% of the minted $PAVIA tokens were airdropped to the landowners as a token of appreciation by the developers for the early support. Each land parcel was awarded 8,333 $PAVIA tokens.

Pavia Map

The map of Pavia crypto metaverse features a variety of diverse terrains that are highlighted through a distinctive color scheme. And there are many ways to explore Pavia. Land parcels that are sold as cNFTs are highlighted by light green followed by Sand (beaches) which is highlighted by a light brown patch. Similarly, Sea is highlighted by light blue color, the deep sea is represented by dark blue color, mountain ranges are illustrated in black and gray color, and the forest is represented by dark green color.

While the virtual plots of land are the property of the landowners, the rest of the region of Pavia Map acts as the playground for all the metaverse users. Once the metaverse is live, users will be able to organize beach parties or go fishing for Piranhas on the coast. Keep in mind that each bit on the map has its own unique coordinates, which are used for navigation.

The metaverse project employs a diverse messaging system where users of the Pavia network can message the landowners directly. By clicking on a specific land parcel on the map, a communication option is presented which can be used to get in contact with the owner of the land. Similarly, landowners can provide their Twitter and discord links under the description of their land parcel.

Pavia Avatars

In collaboration with, Pavia, the Cardano-based metaverse offers its users the functionality of creating their avatars from scratch. Avatars will serve as the physical representation of users in Pavia. These avatars are nNFTs which can be sold on the marketplace to turn a profit.

Moreover, Pavia avatars won’t be restricted to the Pavia crypto metaverse alone, they can be integrated with numerous other decentralized applications and users will be able to use their cross-platform avatar everywhere.

Users of the metaverse have the opportunity to shape their avatar as they wish. When it comes to creating your avatar, whether you use your real-life photo or dress them up in bizarre costumes, there's no end to the creative possibilities. And when you’re done with the avatar, list them on the market for a handful of Pavia coins.

Pavia Team: Who’s Behind the Project?

For the most part, the Pavia team remains elusive as its members use avatars and don’t share many details as to their real world identities.

Recently, however, Pavia’s COO Paul Manuel revealed his ties to this metaverse as well as his role in founding it. Paul is also tied to NueReality, a company specializing in manufacturing next-gen AI-based computing systems. He has extensive experience in the IT field and is known to have a knack for tech-based start-ups.

Aside from him, no other member of the Pavia Team disclosed their identity. Supposedly, Pavia Project is headed by an enthusiast who goes by the name of Morgan. Furthermore, the Pavia Team will be hosting a podcast featuring all the prominent members of the team in the coming months to reveal the identity of the people responsible for making the project possible.

Key Pavia Metaverse Features

Pavia stands out from the rest of the competition with its unique approach to virtual worlds. Using innovative technology and sophisticated methodologies, they’re offering a new experience to their users. Pavia also boasts some key features that make it unique and superior to other metaverse projects.

Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs)

Every in-game 3D asset in this metaversee is referred to as Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs). Players can use 3D rendering applications like Blender to create the PCAs and deploy them on their land parcels. Certain guidelines must be kept in mind at the time of rendering to make sure that the object is compatible with Pavia.

Similarly, PCAs can also be acquired and sold on Cardano-supported marketplaces such as CNFT.IO for some Pavia coins. However, currently, there isn’t a mechanism in place which allows the players to utilize their land and deploy PCAs. In the coming months, Pavia Corp will release builder tools to make it possible to craft and deploy PCAs on your virtual property.

Inter-Metaverse Chat

Pavia employs an in-house chatting system that allows landowners to communicate with each other. With this aspect of the metaverse, users will be able to invite and get to know other like-minded people. The in-house communications system makes the Pavia community stand out from other virtual worlds in the crypto space.


The PAVIA Token (ERC-20) is the utility token in the Pavia metaverse which will be used to purchase in-game items and special perks. Currently, most of the transactions inside the metaverse use ADA tokens. However, soon, the PAVIA token will be the primary economy of the Pavia ecosystem. At the moment, $PAVIA tokens are available on major decentralized exchanges. Pavia minted 2 billion PAVIA crypto tokens in December of 2021 and airdropped 500 million PAVIA coins to the landowners. By the fourth quarter of 2022, PAVIA plans to provide additional PAVIA crypto token liquidity to utilize the tokens to the fullest extent.

Pavia Roadmap

Pavia Corp. plans to become one of the top metaverse projects and will be reaching the end of its infancy phase by late 2022, based on the roadmap laid out so far.


In the first quarter, assets liquidity, user-generated NFTs, and land sales were given priority. To date, the company has achieved its targets and appears to be on track with the laid-out Pavia Roadmap.

Q2 - Q3

In the second and third quarters, Pavia Corp. will be focusing on utilizing the $PAVIA crypto-token, offering the builder tool for PCAs, creating in-house marketplaces coupled with smart contacts, testing inter-dimensional Pavia Portals, and developing tools required for the deployment of PCAs.


The last quarter of 2022 will be focused on completing the initial developments of the metaverse and keeping up with the Pavia Roadmap. The focus would be on maturing the ecosystem, refining in-game interactions, and a roadmap laid for the final phase of the development of the metaverse at a wider scale.

How To Earn Money in Pavia?

Pavia offers limitless lucrative opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to earn a living in the metaverse. Firstly, landowners can sell or rent out their property to turn a profit, others can deploy billboards on their land and advertise for major brands on the market. Similarly, since the landowners will own various NFTs including their avatars, PCAs, and other valuable digital assets, they can sell them on the Cardano NFT marketplace to generate revenue.

As for the non-land owners, enthusiasts interested in earning a living through Pavia could render inspiring 3D objects and sell them as PCAs on the market. There will be a huge demand for highly-skilled designers to create everything from Pavia plazas to skyscrapers. In the coming months when major companies and start-ups will occupy the virtual space, more lucrative opportunities will indeed be created.

By the end of the development and maturation process, users will have the opportunity to make a living in the gigantic crypto space of Pavia. Trading in Pavia crypto tokens is also expected to take place in the latter part of the development which will further contribute to the earning potential through the metaverse.


The metaverse has a long way ahead before becoming a fully realized project but we’re seeing some positive and encouraging early signs of the potential it might harbor.

With an emphasis on interoperability, the metaverse plans to connect individuals beyond boundaries and widen the opportunities for engagements within the Pavia community. This fact alone makes this metaverse stand out from any we’ve seen before. Of course, not all metaverses are built the same. If you’re looking for a space with virtual lands where you can develop your personal projects with the help of a thriving community, Pavia is a great place to get started.

On the other hand, a metaverse like Sensorium Galaxy is a space for entertainment and social connection that offers a range of other features that can make your experience within virtual worlds even more valuable, from attending concerts by your favorite artists to making friends with AI virtual beings and investing in your original NFT creations.

Moving to the virtual world will also take some time for people to understand, but when the metaverse is fully developed, it will be, without doubt, one of the biggest milestones in the blockchain industry.

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