Top Crypto Influencers To Follow In 2021
So, it's fair to say things are running amok in the exploding world of all things crypto. Iconic internet memes selling for millions, teenage TikTokers rallying huge followings into making cryptocurrency investments, gangs of cryptobros terrorizing the financial markets and who could ever forget – 'The Dogefather' aka Elon Musk making a (somewhat) shameless SNL plug.
Top NFT Artists: 10 Best NFT Creators To Keep An Eye On
Centuries-old paintbrush art selling for eye-watering price tags? Another Picasso or Rembrandt to be hung on the wall of yet another chalet in the Swiss mountains? Auction houses feeding the ultra-rich with eclectic and ancient artifacts? That's so 2020.
Top Blockchain Startups 2021: The Projects You Shouldn Know
Each year, new blockchain innovations driven by technological advancements spring up in droves. In 2020, however, the pandemic accelerated the tech world in a way not envisioned before and forced most (if not all) businesses to adjust the way they operated.
What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)? Quick Guide 2021
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are undeniably one of the most discussed topics in the blockchain industry in 2021, right up there with DeFi and the outstanding Bitcoin rally. So, what exactly are these NFTs? Why are they so important?
15 Trends That Will Rule The Blockchain Market In 2021
Last year was one for the history books for all sorts of reasons – but not all of them bad. For the realm of blockchain, 2020 turned out to be a banner year.

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