Technology solutions for the crypto age

Sensorium DLT is a business unit focused on providing crypto-powered technological services.

From under-the-hood decentralized infrastructure for digital assets management, we apply our in-depth knowledge of blockchain to help you grow better, faster.

Blockchain infrastructure

Every business has different needs, different goals. Our blockchain infrastructure solutions are tailored to help entertainment businesses of all sizes go further in the most efficient way.

Token Development & Launch

Create a native token for your entertainment business. Mintable. Burnable. Fractional. NFT-compatible. Digital assets can instantly add flexibility to your enterprise, products and services.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Increase efficiency for your enterprise with a modern, flexible, custom-made blockchain infrastructure. Accelerate your products and services with decentralized ledger technology.


Generate marketplaces effortlessly featuring digitalized, blockchain-compatible content.


Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) launch

Let your community create, exchange, and do more with non-fungible tokens. While NFTs are mostly known for art applications, there’s plenty more you can do with these digital certificates.

Games & metaverses

Integrating NFTs into your virtual environment instantly protects ownership rights on all digital creations. Users feel safe to generate, purchase, and exchange unique digital collectibles.


Songs, clips, photos — all together. NFTs are a vehicle for fans to feel closer to their favorite artists. Tokenization makes it all possible.


NFTs can take many forms. Sports is among the fastest growing sector for NFT applications. From NBA historic moments to memorabilia, this space offers endless NFT opportunities.


Digital asset management

Moving away from centralized servers is finally an option. Our team provides extensive support to navigate challenging blockchain-driven environments.

NFT-focused blockchain for entertainment

Wakatta is a Substrate-based network developed by Sensorium DLT. This NPoS blockchain brings to market an innovative suit of NFT solutions optimized for the entertainment industry.

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Let’s talk, do, launch.

Whether you want to implement secure digital IDs for your users, launch NFTs for virtual items, or develop an in-game currency, we have a solution for you.