Sensorium Corporation is a company that expands into the global entertainment market with the latest advancements in VR, AI and content streaming

  • Jurisdiction: Cayman Islands
  • Registration Number: 342737
  • Registration Date: September 21, 2018


The goal of the Sensorium project is a worldwide roll out of a new high-tech company brand - a global player in the market of IT and VR.


Sensorium Corporation was founded with the purpose to implement a project that forms the social environment of the future based on the synthesis of modern practices of various industries (gaming industry, show business, cinema and social networks), embodied in an innovative product — Sensorium Galaxy.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Sensorium Corporation implies functional distribution of competencies in project implementation.

  • Sensorium Cayman — substance, issue of tokens, tokenomics, content creation, ownership of content and brand rights
  • Sensorium Zurich — operations management
  • Sensorium Moscow — marketing, investor relationships
  • Sensorium Lab — technology research center
  • Sensorium MoCap Studio — raw asset creation for development of digital product components
  • Studio Los Angeles — digital product testing and showcase

Sensorium Corporation Offices

International Project Team

Yann Pissenem
Music Content Formation Consultant, CCO Ushuaïa, Hï Ibiza, CEO and founder of The Night League
Daniel Gomez Korf
Brand Development Advisor CCO Palladium Group IBIZA
Brett Yormark
Labels and Musicians Liaising Consultant, Co-CEO ROC NATION UNIFIED Ex-CEO Barclays Center USA
Vladimir Kedrinskiy
Chief Executive Officer
Arnet Stephan
Chief Executive Officer Cayman
Igor Goldman
Chief Business Development Officer
Brian P. Kean
Chief Communications Officer
Alex Blagirev
Chief Digital & Investor Relations Officer
Paul Entin
Head of Strategic Communications with Investors
Anton Poskonin
Chief Council Officer
Andrey Zinin
Chief Operations Officer
Alexandra Tityanko
Art Director
Sergey Drozdkov
Chief Technology Officer
Ivan Nikitin
Head of Product
Alexander Leus
Product Development Director
Siranush Sharoyan
PR Director
Elena Rudovskaya
Deputy Digital & Investor Relations Officer
Daniil Solopov
Strategy & Partnerships
Anastasia Everskova
Head of Legal
Alexander Gorbatyuk
Head of Design
Dmitry Astapkovich
Project Manager
Michael Polejaev
Content Manager
Alex Mamonov
Mocap Studio
Dmitry Andronikov
VR Content Manager
Kate Fedorova
IR Coms Manager
Dmitry Chirkin
Legal advisor Managing Partner, White Stone

Sensorium Corporation Roadmap



Opening an office in Hong Kong


Opening an office in New York


Opening of the Sensorium Corp. demo studio



Opening MoCap Studio Sensorium Corp.


Opening an office in Moscow



Company and brand foundation


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