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Extended Reality

The Sandbox Review
Blockchain-fueled metaverses are soaring in success and have attracted millions from around the globe. Mainly, to invite them to create a more robust and dominant virtual reputation and set foot in the digital age. Major brands from all over the world are also jumping on the bandwagon of the Web3-powered future where virtual worlds will be forming new realities. Over the years, blockchain game developers gave birth to many metaverses, and The Sandbox is one of the most prominent ones. Aimed toward offering a decentralized virtual space for its users to freely use their imagination to build immersive gaming experiences, The Sandbox is revolutionizing the gaming spheres forever. In the massive and immersive virtual world, players are equipped with the tools required to build exciting gaming projects and deploy them on the owned land parcels. This concept not only allows artists to make their ideas possible, but also opens up alleyways for them to earn monetary gains through their imaginative projects. In this in-depth The Sandbox review, we’ll cover all the essentials that players must keep in mind for a successful campaign. ## What is The Sandbox
Top VR Sports Games
Sports are by far one of the most popular categories in gaming. And there's a good reason: they're fun to play, especially with friends. Virtual reality elevates the whole experience of playing sports games by actually pushing you to move something else aside from your fingers. This article introduces you to an ultimate list of VR sports games you can enjoy alone in your living room or as party entertainment. And since we all have our preferences, we have divided the list by sports so you can easily pick a game that aligns with your taste. So look for the category you like the most and try our recommendations. Maybe your favorite sport is now part of the virtual reality landscape. Some of these games accurately represent real-life sports, while others present you with a futuristic twist on golf, tennis, and more. Get moving! ## BEST VR SPORTS GAMES FOR GYM FANS For gym fans, there is a genre that takes these exercises to a new level. From expanding your horizons by running in the field or biking on virtual mountains, these VR games combine new scenarios and exercises that will take the word sport to a different level. Also, virtual trainers can guide you during play. You can find these titles on Meta Quest and other platforms. ### SUPERNATURAL
Best VR Cooking Games: Top 10 Titles To Try Now
Are you looking for a game where you can use your VR headset and improve your cooking skills at the same time? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of VR cooking games currently available, both arcade and simulator types. More and more games now support VR headsets, the majority being simulators of some extreme activity, sports, racing cars, or activities that need you to make a wide range of physical movements like dancing. However some gamers prefer more everyday, mundane experiences. They can still be as entertaining, especially when enjoyed in virtual reality. Many of the games developed for VR headsets are slowly finding ways to bring new mechanics to different genres. Among them is the theme of cooking and restaurants. One of the features that make them even more attractive is the multiplayer section, making it an experience that you'll definitely want to enjoy together with your friends and family. ## Best VR Cooking Games Let's hope you've had a bite before reading on.
### 1. Clash of Chefs VR
Decentraland Review: The Ultimate Guide To This Metaverse
The concept of virtual reality is catching on and with the maturation of the cryptocurrencies, developers are leveraging the blockchain technology to create decentralized realities. Over the years, we’ve heard of numerous metaverses built on blockchain technology, which not only offers complete digital ownership of the virtual property but also opens up alleyways for generating revenue using decentralized smart contracts. The focus of the world is moving towards work-from-home through the adaptation of virtual spaces and metaverses. One such virtual world, Decentraland, is an example of a virtual world whose users have leveraged the opportunity for their personal gains. From using digital real estate to create a virtual workspace to building entertainment hubs to secure the land as an investment opportunity, Decentraland truly revolutionized the concept of virtual reality. Decentraland, which has already launched its beta mode, lets users take a peek at the virtual reality experience. At the same time, other blockchain-based metaverses are still in infancy mode and years away from becoming a reality. Decentraland’s virtual world has seen a soaring success with enthusiasts investing in the early in-game content and grabbing the limited Decentraland LAND parcels to immerse themselves in the virtual world. Today’s round-up will include a detailed Decentraland review where we’ll discuss all the metaverse's distinctive features that set it apart from other virtual worlds built on the blockchain. ## What is Decentraland?
Top VR Racing Games In 2022
Within a large number of video game genres around the globe, racing games have been there since the beginning. Hundreds of video games of the racing genre have been released year after year and evolved along with technology and gaming platforms. Both the gameplay and the graphics have followed a revolutionary path, and now, we are in the stage of virtual reality. This new stage of racing games is critical because it is a perfect opportunity to introduce new mechanics in VR games, in addition to creating a VR world full of new opportunities that can bring the player realistic simulation. Thus it’s possible thanks to the technology of the VR headsets like the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest, and HTC Vive which provide an immersive and fun experience. The development of the most famous racing titles has also gone hand in hand with the evolution of the cars themselves, creating memorable content that has accompanied gaming enthusiasts for over 40 years. Right now, VR racing games are at their best, which is why we bring you this list of the top VR racing games in 2022. ## Best VR Racing Games In 2022 To define which are the best VR racing games, it is necessary to mention what was considered to create a list like this one. The player's immersive racing experiences are the most important thing, as well as the development of the game as a racing simulator. Another vital section for some fans of racing games is the multiplayer modes and story mode. We cannot leave behind the graphics section, where there are clear differences in each of the styles, although most seek to be faithful to the representation of the models that can be selected in the game to play with and that are part of the real world; thus having VR headsets can improve the experience to make it more realistic. Let’s continue with the first game on the list. ### 1. Gran Turismo Sport
What Are AI Avatars: A Guide to Intelligent Virtual Beings
From virtual goods to burgeoning new digital worlds, technology is again pushing the boundaries of human experience into unchartered territory. Many of us have recently faced a deluge of buzzwords like Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and, of course, the metaverse. And while much of it might seem incomprehensible for now, they’re not to be discarded as another tech fad. In particular, the recent progress in the field of artificial intelligence is opening up new opportunities that are sure to greatly impact human experience in the upcoming era of virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse. While in the past, AI helped machines carry out routine manual tasks, the technology can now also perform certain cognitive work thanks to its ability to learn, improve through experience and ultimately mimic human behaviors. Not only that, but the rapid expansion of cheap and powerful computing power has seen the massive digitalization of world objects and processes. More recently, humans themselves are being digitized in the form of virtual avatars. And artificial intelligence is giving a new meaning to the creation of virtual people by pushing the boundaries of technology to yet again a new frontier - AI lifeforms. AI-powered avatars can serve endless purposes, from being hired out by real-world companies to teach new employees, to serving as trusted confidantes in the metaverse, to name just a few use cases. Emerging virtual worlds, and their profitable economies, already encompass some 2.5 billion people, according to market research company L'Atelier. Moving forward, the world will only become more virtual and humans are increasingly going to live in the metaverse, side by side with AI-driven virtual beings. With that in mind, we’ll be having a closer look at what sharing our online experiences with artificial intelligent avatars will look like and how it could change the world as we know it.
Best VR Headsets In 2022
The concept of virtual reality, or VR, isn’t exactly new to most of us. For decades, VR has been discussed in sci-fi literature and featured in movies. But while we’ve been familiar with VR as a concept, the actual VR technology has only become widely accessible over the last several years. In the beginning of VR, the market was only populated by a few virtual reality headsets. Today, the story is much different. It almost seems like every couple of months, a new groundbreaking and more immersing model is announced. As a result of that, if you spend some time browsing the VR headset market today - you’ll come across a ton of different and great VR headsets that can truly immerse you into a different reality. For example, Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta, is announcing its own VR headset pretty soon. Apple is another company rumored to be developing some form of VR headset for its consumers. And this doesn’t even include the various models already on the market like the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Pro. With all this variety in the market, finding a VR headset that actually fits your needs and preferences can be hard. In fact, with all the different features present on modern VR headsets, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. And that’s why we’re writing this VR headset review guide for you. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best VR headsets in 2022. Not only that, we’ll also talk to you about a couple of things you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on a VR headset. But before we do any of that, let’s take a look at what a VR headset is and what types of headsets are currently available on the market.
What Are AI NFTs: The Beginner's Guide
NFTs have been all the rage for the past year as the popularity of these digital tokens, along with cryptocurrencies, saw buyers across the world shelling out millions in a burgeoning crypto market. The trend has become part of a large shift in technology that has seen the emergence of the initial iterations of the metaverse and the Web 3.0, where non-fungible tokens play a crucial role. The first generation of NFTs, and the one the majority of us will be the most familiar with, has focused on key properties such as ownership, authenticity, uniqueness and transfer. However, rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence are now opening the doors for applications to be extended to areas like blockchain technology and unlocking new layers of potential in the form of AI NFTs. That’s thanks to AI models like GAN’s (Generative Adversarial Networks), which are able to generate new content on its own once they have been trained with the right data set, making it an attractive technology to be paired with NFTs. And with non-fungible tokens taking by storm industries like entertainment, sports, and luxury goods, the expectation is that the latest generation of NFTs will only set the bar even higher.
Metaverse Banking: An Opportunity Too Big To Miss
Out of breath. That’s probably the first association that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘bank’. And who can judge me? After all, that’s exactly what my seven-year-old eyes saw when waiting for my parents to cash out their paychecks. People limited by the banks’ inconvenient schedule, trying to catch their breath as they waited for hours (seated if lucky) to get hold of their salaries or pensions, send money to relatives, or simply get a statement. By that time, my interests weren’t much besides playing video games and watching cartoons. I knew nothing about banking, marketing, or customer satisfaction. Yet, it didn’t take a degree to sense something was off about the whole experience. Today, I can assert that instinct was right.
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