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Sensorium Arc: A New Frontier for Web3 and SENSO Token Expansion
Today we’re excited to announce a significant milestone in our project with the unveiling of Sensorium Arc — an upcoming decentralized platform entirely dedicated to hosting both company-owned and third-party Web3 products and assets. SENSO DAPP and UNDER will be the first two Sensorium products to be released under this new Web3 umbrella, which will provide added functionalities and monetization opportunities to the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. In line with the payments system already in place across the Sensorium ecosystem, Sensorium Arc will be powered by SENSO - our native currency. Significantly, this move allows us to unlock new tokenomics opportunities for SENSO and add enhanced use cases to Sensorium’s future NFT assets, including avatars and land parcels, and participation in loyalty initiatives. SENSO holders stand to enjoy extended benefits and we’ll be unveiling SENSO’s updated tokenomics very soon. “We believe that the next 12 to 18 months will be an incredible window of opportunity in shaping the evolution of Web3 and we fully intend to support that growth. As a leading Web3 developer, Sensorium is in a unique position to become a gateway for new users, developers and enthusiasts to interact with this new space”, explains Alex Firsov, Sensorium’s Chief Web3 Officer. Apart from helping create a new utility for SENSO, Sensorium Arc is aimed at giving Web3 developers an opportunity to launch and test their assets in a ready-made environment that can rapidly source users to their experiences. Lastly, we believe that the move will help support the overall functioning of Sensorium’s ecosystem, foster our community and encourage the integration of Web3 technology across the different corners of the tech industry. “Sensorium hopes to be a positive contribution to the rising Web3 industry and we believe that Sensorium Arc can pave the way for a more decentralized and equitable digital future. As leaders in the Web3 space, we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation,” adds Alex Firsov.
Former OKX CEO Jay Hao Joins Sensorium Expert Advisory Board
Sensorium, a leading Web3 metaverse development company, announced today that Jay Hao, former CEO of one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges OKX, has joined the company's expert advisory board. Jay Hao joins a select group of leaders responsible for providing strategic consulting to Sensorium on matters of importance and will support the management in achieving Sensorium's Web3 strategy. Other renowned experts on the advisory board include Yann Pissenem, CEO and founder of The Night League; Danny Gomez, Global Brand Director of Palladium Group IBIZA; Dr. Christian von Reventlow, former Director of Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Group; and Brett Yormark, CEO of Roc Nation Unified. On joining Sensorium's expert advisory board, Jay Hao commented, "I am thrilled to be part of Sensorium's unique journey in creating decentralized, world-class services. Sensorium's vision aligns perfectly with my belief in blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize brand-customer interactions. Sensorium has done outstanding work in identifying new solutions for creating XR content, and I am confident that with the right crypto structure, we can achieve a new level of growth." Jay Hao brings extensive experience in blockchain to Sensorium's expert advisory board, given his most recent position as CEO of OKX, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. Under his leadership, OKX became a major player in the market. Hao's contribution helped the exchange diversify its services, add dozens of new features for users, and optimize the ecosystem to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction. Hao also introduced innovative blockchain-based products, including the OKX Network (OKX Chain), which surpassed the 100 million wallet milestone. Alexander Firsov, Sensorium's Director of Web3, commented on the event, "We are honored to have Jay Hao join the Sensorium team of consultants. His valuable knowledge and unique skills in the blockchain industry, coupled with his proven experience in executive roles, will be invaluable to the company as we continue to develop our Web3 strategy and expand our presence in the global market."
Sensorium x Decentraland: Two Metaverses Collide
What’s better than one metaverse? That’s right - two metaverses. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are bringing the Sensorium Galaxy magic to the Decentraland metaverse for an entire month as part of MetaMine Season 2 — Fashion Mine. Leveraging Sensorium’s Web3 principles of decentralization and interoperability, we’re expanding our community beyond our metaverse with a series of exciting interactive activities and giveaways. Our team has prepared two exclusive Decentraland-themed NFT wearables for the community. To get yours, all you have to do is join MetaMine and collect coins to unlock your prizes. Claim your winnings: - Sensorium T-Shirt: 15k coins + Diamonds + 100 Grey Rocks + 50 Red Rocks + 25 Blue Rocks. Utility: 1% GamiMall Coin Bonus + Access to the SENSO x DECENTRALAND airdrop + Automatically get into the whitelist for our upcoming NFT avatar collection. - Sensorium Arch Cloth: 350k coins + 8k Diamonds, 4k Red Rocks + 1k Blue Rocks + 600 Petrol + 300 Nitro + 3k Ads Coin. Utility: 1% GamiMall Coin bonus + Get a free Sensorium Galaxy avatar when the full NFT avatar collection is released. But that’s not all. You might want to keep an eye out for our raffle prizes by entering time-limited contests (we’ll be dropping hints on our socials, make sure to keep an eye out for those). To learn more about this event, check this page. Join MetaMine now!
Sensorium Galaxy Enters Public Playtest and Lays Out Global Metaverse Vision
Sensorium is announcing the launch of Sensorium Galaxy's VR multiplayer public playtest, opening up access to new virtual reality and content features inside virtual worlds, while also laying out a new metaverse doctrine. Delivering on its promise to develop a full-fledged metaverse with unparalleled entertainment offerings, Sensorium is unveiling PRISM, a virtual world dedicated to music, as the first destination to become available to users. Inside this environment, visitors can take part in the galactic Sensorium Party 24/7, where Sensorium's pioneering AI avatars can be seen performing. The new stage enables users to become familiar with the metaverse's VR mechanics, the immersive environments that underpin it, and avatar customization options. Within these spaces, users will also have, for the first time, the opportunity of interacting with others in VR and via voice chat, meeting not only other human participants but also virtual beings. Sensorium Galaxy is emerging as the first AAA inhabited metaverse with a community of AI-powered avatars populating its virtual worlds. As such, the company is enabling social AI as a core technology in powering next-generation networking, relationship building and content creation, for users and artists alike. In a demonstration of the unprecedented capabilities of generative AI technology to hold contextual conversations, Sensorium is opening up access to the Salvador Dali Experience. Within this virtual reality environment, users will have the opportunity to meet the AI avatar of the now-resurrected genius and chat with him across an endless number of topics. This metaverse's doctrine is formulated by Sensorium's press secretary and AI driven avatar Yonaka, who further details Sensorium Galaxy's global ambitions. "We are at the nascent of a new era in digital entertainment and Sensorium is challenging the limitations of modern life in the real world. The future will be exciting, interactive, generative and finally free from real or imaginary limitations. Sensorium is paving the way for users to live out alternative life scenarios in virtual worlds, build a digital self and achieve digital immortality through which they choose the digital footprint they're leaving behind and allow future generations to interact with it," they added. Built on top of Unreal Engine 5 as well as advanced VR and AI technologies, the depths of Sensorium Galaxy unfold across several virtual worlds, each dedicated to different types of entertainment and filled with curated content. Developed in collaboration with nightlife entertainment visionaire, music trendsetter, and Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza founder Yann Pissenem, PRISM is already a confirmed destination for shows by acclaimed world-class performers, including David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Black Coffee, among others. The first three performances by real-world musicians in PRISM are slated to take place during the first half of 2023, picking up from virtual artists being launched within PRISM now. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2023, the virtual world MOTION will be next in introducing audiences to Sensorium Galaxy's virtual environments and its 'virtual life' mechanics. Sensorium Galaxy is available on Steam, where users can access the metaverse's public playtest, as well as the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Full cross-platform access, including a desktop version, will become available in the near future.
Sensorium Premiers Second Streaming Party Set In PRISM’s Volcanic Landscapes
Dust, fire and intergalactic volcanic sights set the stage for the second installment of Sensorium Parties featuring this metaverse’s trailblazing AI artists. ‘Volcano’ follows the success of ‘Meteor Vortex’, whose premier coincided with the launch of the world’s first in-engine metaverse streaming channel last year at the hands of Sensorium. As part of the latest party, ‘Volcano’ will be introducing a new lineup of AI-driven DJs - AX421, JAI:N, and Yonaka - who will be joining resident artists Natisa Sitar, Kàra Màr, and Ninalis. After receiving over seven million YouTube views to date, Sensorium’s first metaverse party has become the most talked about music event held in a virtual world. And with the latest series of performances, fans will be presented with never-before-heard, supercharged sets delivered by AI DJs, and also enjoy heart-racing and otherworldly virtual reality landscapes, most noticeably PRISM’s erupting volcano. “We’re ecstatic to kick off 2023 with ‘Volcano’ featuring the foremost AI-driven music acts and now set in an incredible new location. Everything is in place for both fans and metaverse newcomers to have an unforgettable experience that can be both a celebration of music and dance with an AI twist”, says Sasha Tityanko, Sensorium’s Deputy CEO and Art Director. Sensorium’s AI performers draw their inspiration based on generative capabilities which allow them to create original and distinctive music from a combination of over 60 different genres. In addition, all virtual performers are capable of engaging in effortless, unscripted and wide-ranging conversations with their audience thanks to their cutting-edge conversational AI skills. Sensorium Parties are a window into the full-fledged version of this metaverse, set to host performances by David Guetta, Black Coffee, Steve Aoki, and Armin van Buuren among other chart-topping artists. Until then, users can enjoy these remarkable AI performances through the Sensorium Galaxy Streaming channel, available online and via the Sensorium mobile app.
Sensorium to Lead Conversation on AI Virtual Beings at LEAP 2023
Sensorium is looking forward to taking part in Leap Tech Conference, one of the world’s foremost technology gatherings. Based out of the Riyadh Front Expo Centre in Saudi Arabia, the second edition of Leap Teach will be taking place between 6-9 February 2023. In 2022, the tech conference became the largest debut tech event in history, bringing together over 100.000 visitors, 600 exhibitors, 5000 global CEOs, 330 top investors and expert speakers to cover the latest technology topics. Over $6.4 billion worth of initiatives and programs were announced in connection with the event. Now back for its latest edition, LEAP will be featuring over 500 speakers, including Sensorium’s Deputy CEO and Art Director, Sasha Tityanko. Sasha will be delivering a keynote speech on the topic “AI-Driven Virtual Beings: Re-shaping the future of social connections and entertainment in the metaverse”, where she will lay out Sensorium's vision for AI in the context of the emergence of virtual worlds, trace the path taken to create the first AI-inhabited metaverse and explore the opportunities unlocked by the technology. “It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to lead the conversation on AI and AI-driven virtual beings at a stage like LEAP, which has become a global window into the state of emerging technology and the most exciting advancements the industry is experiencing. Over the last year, we’ve continued the development of our pioneering AI-driven avatars and have released groundbreaking metaverse features, including a metaverse streaming offering. I am looking forward to showcasing Sensorium’s innovations and exchanging ideas on the future that lies ahead for XR and AI,” added Sasha. Sensorium’s pioneering AI-driven virtual beings represent the pinnacle of conversational AI and machine learning technology, and the company is promoting their integration into the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, a AAA virtual reality environment with cross-platform accessibility. Here, the extensive capabilities of AI avatars shine through as they engage with users across conversations, interactions and a range of activities, including dance choreographies. Sensorium’s participation in LEAP Tech comes as the company continues expanding its presence in the MENA region, after having opened an office in the United Arab Emirates last year and taken part in some of the Middle East’s largest music conferences, including XP Futures and MDLBEAST’s SOUNDSTORM Festival.
Year In Review: Sensorium In 2022
We ended last year with the promise that we would raise the bar in 2023. And that we did. New beginnings, endings and re-starts, the world has seen it all in 2022, especially in tech. We’re finally talking more about the metaverse, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and, of course, crypto. The future looks exciting. And Sensorium is leading the charge with the launch of some long-awaited VR and blockchain projects. Here are some of the milestones we reached this year:
Wakatta is now Sensorium Chain
Last year, the Sensorium team embarked on a mission to create an independent layer-two blockchain tailored to the needs of our products and the rapidly growing metaverse arena. Wakatta was designed from scratch to deliver a solid set of technical features, including ultra-low fees, fast transactions, and the possibility to mint traditional and programmable NFTs. At the time, options for ready-made infrastructure solutions with those characteristics weren’t available. The changing nature of the market gave birth to new solutions, better optimized to serve the needs of Web3 environments. After long consideration and a broad-market assessment, Sensorium decided to retake control of the Wakatta project as part of an M&A deal. All initial investors in the Wakatta Seed Round were compensated in full in the context of this operation. Moving forward, we are taking the progress made with Wakatta and leveraging it for the creation of Sensorium Chain — an enterprise network that will provide a seamless experience to all our ecosystem users, turning SENSO into a single-token solution that enables purchases of assets and exclusive content without the need of an additional currency for gas fees. Sensorium Chain is part of a company-wide Web3 strategy to ensure all products are ready to support the exciting applications of this new paradigm. From DAO services and self-sovereign identity to true ownership and token-based payments, we are building a future where users are always at the forefront of innovation and take a leading role in shaping their digital footprint. Stay tuned with the development of Sensorium Chain. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram (Chat / Channel)
Sensorium Galaxy's Carl Cox Avatar Featured On Mixmag Cover
Sensorium is pleased to announce that its collaboration with legendary electronic music DJ and artist Carl Cox is on full display in the December issue of Mixmag, one of the world's leading electronic music and clubbing publications. In a first-of-its-kind, Carl Cox graces the digital cover of the famed magazine in the form of his avatar, created by Sensorium for a series of upcoming virtual reality concerts the pioneering artist is slated to perform within Sensorium Galaxy.
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