Sensorium Premiers Second Streaming Party Set In PRISM’s Volcanic Landscapes

Dust, fire and intergalactic volcanic sights set the stage for the second installment of Sensorium Parties featuring this metaverse’s trailblazing AI artists. ‘Volcano’ follows the success of ‘Meteor Vortex’, whose premier coincided with the launch of the world’s first in-engine metaverse streaming channel last year at the hands of Sensorium.

As part of the latest party, ‘Volcano’ will be introducing a new lineup of AI-driven DJs - AX421, JAI:N, and Yonaka - who will be joining resident artists Natisa Sitar, Kàra Màr, and Ninalis.

After receiving over seven million YouTube views to date, Sensorium’s first metaverse party has become the most talked about music event held in a virtual world.

And with the latest series of performances, fans will be presented with never-before-heard, supercharged sets delivered by AI DJs, and also enjoy heart-racing and otherworldly virtual reality landscapes, most noticeably PRISM’s erupting volcano.

“We’re ecstatic to kick off 2023 with ‘Volcano’ featuring the foremost AI-driven music acts and now set in an incredible new location. Everything is in place for both fans and metaverse newcomers to have an unforgettable experience that can be both a celebration of music and dance with an AI twist”, says Sasha Tityanko, Sensorium’s Deputy CEO and Art Director.

Sensorium’s AI performers draw their inspiration based on generative capabilities which allow them to create original and distinctive music from a combination of over 60 different genres.

In addition, all virtual performers are capable of engaging in effortless, unscripted and wide-ranging conversations with their audience thanks to their cutting-edge conversational AI skills.

Sensorium Parties are a window into the full-fledged version of this metaverse, set to host performances by David Guetta, Black Coffee, Steve Aoki, and Armin van Buuren among other chart-topping artists.

Until then, users can enjoy these remarkable AI performances through the Sensorium Galaxy Streaming channel, available online and via the Sensorium mobile app.

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