Sensorium Corporation Joins The VR/AR Association

Sensorium Corporation is now an official member of the VR AR Association — a prestigious international organization that fosters collaborations between the world’s most innovative companies and professionals in the VR and AR ecosystem.

Entering the VR/AR Association gives Sensorium Corporation access to an extensive network of industry-relevant contacts and resources that could potentially impact the development of Sensorium Galaxy — our next-generation social VR platform.

This membership is an opportunity for Sensorium Corporation to further expand its footprint in the ever-evolving VR and AR global community. Through the association, our company will engage in top-tier events and initiatives that directly support the leading trends and contribute to build a more comprehensive knowledge base and promote best industry practices.

“We’re extremely excited to be part of the VR/AR Association. This membership is a clear representation of our commitment to the industry, and our desire to contribute with a revolutionary product such as Sensorium Galaxy,” said Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO of Sensorium Corporation.

In today’s landscape, the VR/AR Association plays a major role in supporting companies of all sizes with research, education, as well as developing industry standards and actively promoting all members of its network.

To date, the association counts on over 100 chapters throughout the world, combining the efforts of the major companies (4,200+) and ICT professionals (27,000+).

“As a company that’s building the future of communications and entertainment, we are dedicated to creating high-quality virtual reality content and deeply immersive experiences,” added Blagirev, “That said, we are all responsible for building a virtual reality ecosystem and working with all actors out there to drive mass adoption. Our participation in the VR/AR Association will certainly help us achieve that goal.”

To learn more about the VR/AR Association:

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