Sensorium App Is Here: Join The Beta Test

The wait was long, but it’s finally here. Today, we’re excited to introduce the beta version of the Sensorium App — a mobile application that empowers you with advanced AI and AR tools to create intelligent virtual beings capable of elevating your social life.

Since its inception, Sensorium Galaxy has been focused on developing an inclusive metaverse that leaves no one behind when it comes to platform accessibility. The Sensorium App is a first step in building a cross-platform, highly immersive, entertainment-filled alternate universe. Following our beta test stage, we will be adding new features to the Sensorium App, turning it into a true mobile gateway to our soon-to-come metaverse.

“We think of the Sensorium App as a toolkit that will enhance the digital experiences of Sensorium Galaxy participants and give everyone an opportunity to get creative with artificial intelligence in a super intuitive and very amusing way. With a single app, anyone can start building autonomous virtual beings with whom it’s possible to chat on literally any topic and hang out anytime. Sensorium App opens a new chapter in our social lives,” explains Daniil Solopov, Sensorium Mobile Product Director.

From a technological standpoint, Sensorium’s Chief Technology Officer Sergey Drozdkov highlights the synergy achieved by combining Google’s UI toolkit Flutter with Unity’s endless creative possibilities.

“Our application leverages bleeding-edge technologies to unleash the metaverse experience of Sensorium Galaxy on your phone. This is achieved through two key technological assets - artificial intelligence and augmented reality. AI enables smart, immersive, and human-like exchanges, while AR brings together the best out of the real world and the immense opportunities of virtual settings. By combining both, we got the Sensorium App. Our application was developed on top of leading cross-platform frameworks, which translates into a seamless experience on both Android and iOS.”

Sensorium App Features

Here’s a snapshot of the core features of Sensorium App. Keep in mind that this is a general description and does not reflect the features you’ll experience on our Beta version. But no worries, these features are all coming soon.

Creation of virtual beings

Sensorium App lets everyone create unique AI-driven virtual beings with just a few taps. Set up their appearances and abilities from an extensive library of options.

Text & video communication

Powered by the world’s most advanced conversational AI, your virtual beings are capable of chatting on literally any topic for hours without losing context. You can put them to the test with tricky and complex questions on literature, lifestyle, fashion, philosophy — you name it!

One of the great things about these dialogues is that there are no predefined settings or scripts. It’s all generated by the powerful AI behind each virtual being. And with every interaction, they learn about you and your preferences.

NFT-enabled digital immortality

Let’s imagine that you’ve created THE perfect virtual beings. You enjoy their company so much that you simply don’t want to let it go. What do you do?

By default, all virtual beings have a lifespan of 24 hours. However, you will be able to give them eternal life by turning them into non-fungible tokens. Once minted using your SENSO balance, your virtual beings will also inhabit the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, and you can explore the extent of this universe together.

Using NFTs opens up a new dimension of possibilities, protecting your rights over your creation and letting you decide what to do next with your virtual being. As soon as the Sensorium Galaxy marketplace is ready, you could sell your virtual beings or their AI-generated creations.

Dance staging

AI is awesome. But it isn’t the only technology used by the Sensorium App. You can also try our Augmented Reality feature and see how your virtual beings stage eye-catching dance performances. A library of 1000+ signature moves will be available for you to unleash your inner choreographer and create entire music videos for your social media.

Social sharing

Hilarious conversations? Lively dance moves? Don’t keep them for your eyes only. The Sensorium App will allow you to share your dialogues and dance choreographies on the in-app feed as well as on external social networks. If your creations go viral, you can become a true influencer on Sensorium Galaxy.


We get it. Carrying your VR headset is not the most convenient thing. Yet, we don’t want you to miss out on what’s happening at the metaverse. And guess what? You won’t. The Sensorium App will indeed allow you to stream some of the events taking place on Sensorium Galaxy, such as music shows, seminars, dance performances by renowned artists, and more.

How to become a Beta Tester of the Sensorium App

So… the big question: how do you get the Sensorium App? We wanted to make it easy and smooth for our community to try the app and give us valuable feedback. Follow these steps to become a Beta Tester today.

1. Download or apply for access to the Sensorium App

This first step is slightly different for iOS and Android users.

Android: the Sensorium App is already listed on Google Play Store, so you can simply hit ‘download’ and launch it on your device.

iOS: users get access to the Sensorium App through TestFlight — Apple’s official service for application testing. To be included in our testers base, please fill out this form. It will only take you a minute. Our team will notify you as soon as your application is processed.

2. Get ready to provide feedback

There are different ways you can provide feedback on the app’s performance. If you’re an Android user, you can follow this guide. Apple users, on the contrary, can provide feedback through TestFlight. Here’s how to do it.

Any doubts? Contact the support team!

Having questions is only natural. To ensure a quick reply, send your inquiry at — Support agents of Sensorium Corporation or SENSO divisions cannot answer Sensorium App-related questions. Additionally, we encourage you to stay tuned for new features on Sensorium Galaxy social channels:

Meet your next metaverse friends

Interact, chat and dance with AI virtual beings. Explore new worlds. Break the next digital frontier with Sensorium App.

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