Security Update: Token Swap of SENSO

Following our previous update on the recent KuCoin hack involving approximately $200 million of stolen assets, including around 6.5 million SENSO tokens, we have decided to reissue all SENSO 1:1 via a token swap.

While the incident was beyond our control, rectifying its potential repercussion for all SENSO holders is of utmost importance to us. We have taken several steps to ensure that the stolen tokens will be rendered obsolete.

  • A snapshot of the old token contract was taken on block 11015917
  • The new SENSO contract is issued at 0xC19B6A4Ac7C7Cc24459F08984Bbd09664af17bD1
  • SENSO tokens have been re-issued 1:1 via a new smart contract and distributed to existing SENSO token holders at the snapshot height.

Following the swap the old token contract (0xba6db13aeae3607d400ddffd675aa4e88ecc9a69) will no longer be valid. Please don’t use it for any transactions, otherwise, your funds will be lost.

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