Security Announcement

Following the recent announcement of the KuCoin team who has detected unauthorized withdrawals of Bitcoin, ERC-20, and other tokens from the exchange’s hot wallets, Sensorium has taken several steps to ensure SENSO holders won't face any damages:

First, we are contacting all exchanges where SENSO is featured to pause SENSO deposits and withdrawals until the issue is resolved.

Second, we are sharing the list of addresses used by hackers so that they wouldn’t be able to use illegally obtained SENSO tokens in any way:
SENSO/ETH: 0xeb31973e0febf3e3d7058234a5ebbae1ab4b8c23
LTC: LQtFoidy5TmLrPP77MZzgMRffqPsmRfMXE
XRP: r3mZvvHVLPtRWAujzBsAoXqH11jhwQZvzY
BCHSV: 15mC7zKbLyErSKzGRHpy6gyqS7GyRpWjEi
TRX: TB3j1gUXaLXXq2bstiSMfjQ9R7Yh9DdDgK

Finally, we ask all SENSO holders to avoid transacting with these addresses. Do not trade or provide liquidity on any DEX exchanges where the hackers might try to sell the coins and tokens they had withdrawn. If you buy any tokens from tainted addresses, you won't be able to further use them anywhere.

Meanwhile, KuCoin has assured its users that if any user funds were affected by this incident, damages will be covered completely by KuCoin and its insurance fund. We will keep you updated with any news regarding this incident.

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