How to Play Binemon: All The Best Tips and Tricks

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) genre within the blockchain industry is growing rapidly and over the past couple of years, enthusiasts have witnessed the rise of Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and a handful of other NFT-based games. Lately, Binemon, an idle RPG (role-playing game) built on the Draken blockchain, is making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Since last year, the Binemon NFT game has risen in popularity with its lucrative awards. Players can earn a decent amount of revenue by thrashing the competition and becoming the most formidable player in the universe. Furthermore, having many RPG elements, Binemon not only aimed to provide an entertaining experience for crypto gamers but also to attract casual gamers to immerse themselves into an entirely new perspective of gaming.

This round-up includes a detailed guide on how to play the Binemon NFT game for beginners. From hatching NFTs from eggs to selling them on the market, Binemon can be a bit complicated for a beginner but, we plan to change that by offering everything you need to know about the NFT-based game that’s causing sensations within crypto spheres.

What Is Binemon?

Binemon is an NFT game strategy game where players collect Binemons, animal-inspired NFTs, and battle against formidable foes to earn glory. Adopting turn-based battle mechanics, Binemon is hugely popular for its battles that are won through using the most sophisticated battle strategies rather than brute force.

Built on the Draken blockchain, Binemon offers an in-house marketplace for players to trade their NFTs and generate revenue. Moreover, Binemon is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that offers its players generous rewards for interacting with the different modes of the game. Currently, the Player-versus-Player (PVP) and Player-versus-Environment (PVE) modes of gaming are available.

However, down the line, more modes of gaming are expected to be included in the gameplay, expanding further opportunities for monetary gains.

Binemon uses unique tokenomics with three different currencies including Apple (Ambrosia), DRK (Draken), and BIN tokens. Apple (AMB) is the Defi 2.0 token used for utility purposes while the BIN token is the native token of the universe. BIN token, being the governance token, allows its holders to become the stakeholders and make important decisions within the ecosystem through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Lastly, DRK, being native to the Draken blockchain, is used to acquire various items within the ecosystem.

Binemon is operated universally and can be played on any device with a supported browser. While there isn’t a native mobile application available to cater to the needs of iOS users, Binemon can be thoroughly enjoyed using an Android device.

Binemon Gameplay Explained

Binemon consists of two modes mainly, PVE and PVP modes. Players can engage with these modes of gaming to earn lucrative awards daily and experience the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics that the game has to offer.


Initially, players have to obtain Binemons (Mons) from the marketplace. A total of 5 Mons are required to enter a battle and these can be either hatched from an egg or directly bought from the native marketplace. Each Binemon on the market belongs to its respective cast, stage, and class.

Lowest rank Mons would be the cheapest options on the market while Binemons belonging to S and SR (Super Rare) would be quite costly. Moreover, higher-ranked Binemons have higher statistics, and since the game heavily relies on strength and the endurance of the troops, having higher-ranked Mons on your team can make a huge difference.

There are a total of 5 different classes of Binemons and players to assemble their team accordingly to make the most formidable combination. Similarly, the races of the Mons can also impact the ability of the troop. Fused troops containing the DNA of two races are said to be the strongest Mons within the universe of Binemon.

Player-versus-Player (PVP)

After assembling a team, players can play ranked battles to earn experience and gain rewards. In the PVP mode, players can battle up to 5 times before they’ve exhausted their troops. Moreover, upon matchmaking, players have the chance to choose the opponents that they will be facing in the PVP battle. Generally, a player who has less experience than yourself is picked to increase your odds of winning battles.

Once the battle is started, both teams will use different attacking and defensive tactics to be crowned the winner. Each troop on the team has its own special abilities and if a person uses clever strategies, they can outwit their enemies and dismantle them to the ground. Moreover, the combination of the troop order can be arranged before the battle, giving more than enough time for anyone to make the best troop combination.

Binemon uses turn-based combat tactics which means that once the battle is underway, each team will get a turn to attack their opponents. Since the gameplay is automated, players cannot make any changes during the attack. Lastly, players can speed up the battle to save time, and once all the troops are eliminated on either side, the battle ends and the winner gets rewards.

Player-versus-Environment (PVE Game Mode)

PVE mode of Binemon contains a story mode with a captivating story that keeps you entertained throughout. The battle mechanics of PVE challenges aren’t much different from the ones presented in PVP but if you’re an experienced player, the battles are quite simpler and less challenging.

In the initial stages, players have to face level. 1 opponent who hardly puts up a fight. However, as a player beats the challenges and makes progress in the campaign, the battles get more intense and challenging.

Moving on, after completing the challenges, players are rewarded with experience and in game currency which can be utilized to trade NFTs from the native marketplace. Currently, the marketplace of Binemon accepts Apple (AMB) and BIN tokens.

Binemon Game Feature

Various unique features of Binemon make it a hit among enthusiasts. Although the game is only halfway through its maturation process, developers have managed to introduce sophisticated concepts within the Binemon ecosystem which are yet to be mainstreamed within crypto spheres. The following are some of the features which contribute to the continued success of the game.


Binemon allows its player to fuse two Binemons to create a unique new Binemon with an improved rank and statistics. Since Binemons are the in-game NFTs, a player will have the ability to infuse two of their NFTs to acquire an improved version of a Binemon which not only could drastically improve your hero's arsenal but also becomes more valuable which contributes to the monetary gains.


Binemon employs the Draken blockchain to host the transactions which allows it to host an in-house marketplace. Instead of using 3rd-party decentralized marketplaces, Binemon players can instantly trade NFTs through the in-house marketplace using the native currency.

The biggest advantage of having a native marketplace is that players can easily trade from the marketplace and they don’t have to pay hefty gas fees either to acquire the desired NFTs.


Players don’t necessarily have to spend chunks of money on acquiring Binemon monsters from the marketplace, instead, they can hatch the eggs to acquire Binemon monsters (NFTs). These newly-hatched NFTs will be eligible to be sold on the marketplace and if you’re lucky enough to get a rare breed, you can flip them off at a ridiculously good price.

What Is the BIN Token?

BIN (Binemon) token is the native token within the Binemon ecosystem and it is used for various utility and governance purposes. BIN is a BEP-20 token with a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 out of which, 40% is reserved for liquidity while the other majority, 40%, is allocated towards ILO.

Players of Binemon can earn BIN tokens by dominating the leagues and making it to the top players. Moving on, currency, BIN tokens can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies using Pancake Swap,, and MEXC.

Can You Earn Money On Binemon?

The earning opportunities within the Binemon ecosystem depend on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics as well as trading on the marketplace. By interacting with the PVP mode of gaming, players can challenge other players and beat them in ranked matches to earn BIN tokens which can be redeemed to your wallet.

Similarly, after hatching the eggs, the newly-born Binemon monsters could also be sold on the market to turn a profit. Lately, the hype about Binemon is dying down and the opportunities to earn a living are also decreasing with the passage of time. However, the game is not developed entirely and there are many flaws that have plagued its continued success.

In the near future, the game could very well be revived for its thrilling gameplay and further offering opportunities for monetary gains. At this moment, however, there’s hardly any potential to earn money from Binemon.

How To Start Playing Binemon NFT Games

Players engage in thrilling battles in perfectly crafted arenas with animal-inspired Monsters besieging the enemy with their arsenal of attacks. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in turn-based games, Binemon goes to great lengths to ensure that every player is enjoying their time.

Understanding the mechanics surrounding NFT-based games can be a bit confusing but, here’s a brief guide on how to start playing Binemon.

  1. Create a Wallet

The first step is to create an account on the official website of Binemon and after that, a player is required to create a crypto wallet which will be used to trade on the native marketplace. Binemon supports MetaMask and CoinBase wallets and it's up to the users to choose the ideal option for them.

MetaMask is generally the choice of enthusiasts since the wallet is universally acceptable which makes it easier to redeem the earned cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Moving on, after creating an account on MetaMask, head to the Binemon marketplace and click on “Connect Wallet” at the top-right corner of the window.

Follow the on-screen steps to connect and activate the wallet. Moreover, keep in mind that players are required to have Ambrosia tokens to purchase Binemon monsters and these can be bought from various decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

  1. Purchase Binemons (NFTs)

Once the wallet is set up and loaded with the required funds, players have to purchase at least 5 Binemons from the marketplace to be able to compete in battles and earn rewards. Binemons can be bought from the native marketplace along with other NFTs including Egg and Gems.

  1. Assemble Your Binemon Team

Once an arsenal of monsters has been created, players need to assemble their line-up for the battle. Many monsters feature unique attacks and perks which makes them and players will have to study the specialties of their monsters to understand how each one would influence the outcome of the battle. Afterward, players can click on the ‘Battle’ tab and fight their first battle.


The hype surrounding the Binemon game might have died down at the moment, however, the quality of the content and a sustainable ecosystem indicate a revival soon. The roadmap laid out by the developers talks of major content changes that would play a vital role in the future of the Binemon NFT game. At the moment, the devs are working on launching Arena, Guild, and Tournaments mode which would further entice the enthusiasts.

While Binemon may have its flaws, this play-to-earn (P2E) game offers entertaining gameplay and since there’s the slightest chance of making a living, it would be appropriate to suggest that Binemon would be dominating the blockchain NFT games market very soon.

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