How to Play Axie Infinity

Ever since the maturation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain gaming took the world by storm with its lucrative offers. From P2E games to gigantic metaverses, the virtual world is now a playground for millions around the globe to turn their tech-savviness into a lucrative means of earning.

In the Play-to-Earn (P2E) spheres, Axie Infinity is dominating blockchain gaming with its immersive offerings. Developed by Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is the most popular P2E game on the market with millions of players joining each day to dip their toes into the blockchain gaming scene.

The concept of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) feature incorporated into Axie Infinity opens up alleyways for its players to earn lucrative awards by engaging with the gameplay. Over the past couple of years, millions of players have tested their might against some of the most powerful Axies of the metaverse and managed to rack up lucrative offerings, courtesy of the rewarding gameplay of Axie Infinity.

While this game may seem like a simple card game, there are many factors that contribute to the success of the person. In case someone wants to experience the immersive world of this P2E title and get paid for it, they will want to learn how to play Axie Infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axis Infinity revolves around powerful NFTs referred to as ‘Axies’ which square off against opponents in turn-based style combat. Each player controls 3x Axies and engages in Pokemon-inspired gameplay where each side gets to land attacks of their own using various attack cards in their arsenal.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity features player-versus-environment (PVE) and player-versus-player (PVP) modes. By engaging in these modes, players earn SLP and AXS, two main tokens in the game’s ecosystem. These tokens are used for various utility purposes including purchasing supplies in the Axie marketplace to breed the Axies.

Axie Infinity was released in 2018 and Sky Mavis was the studio behind developing this revolutionary P2E game. Ever since its release, this P2E title soared in success with millions of sign-ups and a record-breaking 2.7 million concurrent users. Even with the proliferation of P2E titles on the market, Axie Infinity remains the most popular P2E title due to its impressive gameplay and monetary offerings.

How does Axie Infinity work?

Axie Infinity features Arena mode (PVP) which allows players to face off in a turned-based style of battle and rewards the winners for excelling in their strategies and dominating their opponents. To do well in the Arena mode and get rewarded in SLP, players are required to battle with resilient Axies and devise clever strategies to defeat formidable opponents.

Similarly, Adventure mode (PVP) lets players engage with the cute monsters of the wild to get rewarded in SLPs. There are a total of 36 levels in the Adventure mode and defeating each level would award Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and experience points which would contribute to advancing the levels of each Axie.

Axie Infinity Tokens Explained

The ecosystem is fueled by a dual-tokenomics system with Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as the utility token and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) as the governance token. Both of these tokens are offered to the players through the completion of various in-game objectives and challenges.

What is AXS token?

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is the governance token in the game’s ecosystem and it is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 270,000,000. The AXS token is awarded to players for completing various quests and objectives. Furthermore, players can convert their SLPs into AXS tokens to be a part of the immersive concept of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

AXS holders will have the ability to get a say in the future policies of the game. Since the game is operated through DAOs, players having a healthy amount of AXS tokens are the most likely to be able to influence game-related decisions.

What is SLP token?

The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token is the utility token that is awarded to players after completing the challenges in the PVP and PVE modes. SLPs are used for breeding new Axies as well as purchasing supplies from the native marketplace of Axie Infinity. Unlike AXS, SLP tokens don’t have a fixed supply.

After winning SLPs from beating your opponents to completing the daily quests, players will be able to redeem SLPs in their wallets using Decentralized exchanges. Additionally, a person's earnings are determined by how many SLP tokens they win each day.

What is an Axie?

Axie refers to the cute little furry cats in the game that are used in combat encounters. These Axies are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the game’s ecosystem. The Axies are divided into nine classes, each with distinctive characteristics and a monetary value on the market.

Players playing the game for the first time are required to acquire a total of 3 Axies before they can start their Axie campaign. These Axies can be bought off the native marketplace for a decent sum.

Moreover, after acquiring and leveling up in the game, players can utilize the option of breeding Axies a total of 7 times using Small Love Potion (SLP) tokens to add more Axies to their arsenal. The newly-breed Axies’ attributes will be influenced by their parental gene. Furthermore, the newly-breed Axies can be used in encounters or they can be sold on the marketplace for a profit.

For a successful campaign, Axie breeding is crucial in turning a profit.

Axie Stats

The Axies within the ecosystem of this game exhibit distinct characteristics that have an influence on their performance in battles. These characteristics include Health, Morale, Skill, and Speed. High-stat Axies are more likely to outperform their opponents in battle and are also worth more than their less-effective counterparts.

For a successful campaign in this game and to open up alleyways for lucrative means of earning, it’s vital for players to acquire Axies with the highest statistics. While the process can be quite expensive, it’s quite worth it in the long run.


Health statistics showcase the endurance of each Axie. With each hit that Axie suffers during the battle, their health will deplete and once it has diminished, Axie will be ruled out of the encounter. The higher Health states would mean that an Axie can endure a higher amount of damages. Having an increased health bar than your competitors ensures a win.


Morale determines the chance of landing a critical hit on the opponents which would bring them to their knees. Higher morale also offers a temporary last stand once the health has been depleted after the enemy’s attack. Axies with higher morale are likely to develop the second-blow feature which would stun the enemy’s firepower.


Skilled Axies have a higher damage profile, especially when a combo attack is equipped. The higher the Skill statistics are, the more chance a player has of defeating their enemies in less number of attacks. Highly-skilled Axies inflict great damage to the opponents and are a great asset to the team.


Speed statistics determine the order of attack. Axies with more speed will draw the first blood against opponents. Since the game incorporates a turn-based style of combat, speed doesn’t matter much but, having your strongest Axie land the first blow with high chances of a critical hit increases the odds of winning the battle.

Axie Classes

Axies are classified into 9 different classes with each one having its own strong points and drawbacks. Since this game requires players to devise clever strategies and make the most formidable combination of Axies, it’s vital for players to understand the characteristics of each of these classes to be able to come up with the most balanced lineup of Axies.

Axies with class advantages are likely to inflict 15% more damage and when they’re coupled with a card of the same class, a 10% bonus damage is also inflicted to the opponent. Moreover, keep in mind that making ill choices and randomly making the combination of Axies could land you in hot water when faced-off against a well-balanced team.

Axie Tank Class

Axie belonging to the Tank class are the first line of defense since they have a higher health bar and can endure many hits from your foes. Axie Tank class is further divided into three more categories which include Plant, Reptile, and Dusk.


Plant Axies are known for their sturdy health stats which allow them to endure a great deal of damage inflicted by their opponents. While these Axies have the most health point, their speed is low, making them the last Axie on your order of attack.


Reptile Axies are high in demand because of their ability to stand their ground. Aside from having a strong health bar, they’re quite effective in landing good blows to the opposing Axies. For best results, use Reptile Axis against Bird, Aquatic, and Dawn Axies.


Among the Tank class, Dusk Axies have the strongest health bar with a decent damage profile and speed. Since it’s high in demand for its endurance ability, Dusk is quite rare and it is often pricey.

Axie Critical Class

Axies from the Critical Class are the midline attackers with high morale and skills. Combined, these stats offer the ability to land critical hits on the foes and have the last stand option as well. Axie Critical Class consists of Beast, Bug, and Mech.


Beast is an ideal choice for landing the most critical hit on the opposing team. It has balanced stats but lacks a strong health bar which makes it vulnerable against stronger Axies. While Beast is not much of a challenge for Damage class, it can put up a decent fight against Tank Class Axies.


Bug is considered to be one of the weakest Axie within the ecosystem. However, it can certainly provide support to the team and when the time comes, it can take advantage of its class and can put up a fight when backed with a combo card.


Mech Axies are the second to draw blood in an encounter due to their high speed. They’re a rare breed of Axies that can only be bred using pre-existing Axies. Lacking in the morale section, Mech Axies are unlikely to deliver a powerful critical hit which makes them a liability.

Axie Damage Class

Axies belonging to the Damage Class are the first line of aggressors since their high-speed statistics allow them to draw the first blood. They’re excellent against Critical class but weak against Tank Class. Moreover, Axie Damage Class is made up of Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn.


With a high damage profile coupled with sheer speed, Aquatic is the ideal choice for anyone looking to add an attacker to their lineup. However, the low morale of Aquatic Axies decreases the chances of obtaining the last stand.


Bird Axies take advantage of their high speed to draw the first blood but their low health stats makes them vulnerable against critical hits. While these Axies can leverage their skill and morale to take on the enemy, players have to keep the enemies away from these Axies to ensure a victory.


Dawn Axies are the offspring of cross-breeding between a Bird and an Aquatic Axie. These Axies have balanced statistics with a decent damage profile coupled with high morale and strong health stats. Since these species of Axies are rare, they’re worth quite a penny on the marketplace.

Axie Infinity Land

Lunacia is the virtual metaverse within the Axie Infinity ecosystem that’s home to 90,601 plots of tokenized land. While the land project is still in infancy, these land plots will be the home base for the Axies to grow, breed, gather resources, and craft items.

Every plot on the land will be a non-fungible token (NFT) and the owner would have complete ownership over their land. These land parcels can be developed or traded by the owners in the native marketplace for monetary gains.

Each land parcel would grow its own resources which owners could utilize to upgrade their land and Axies. Furthermore, Chimera monsters, which terrorize the universe, need to be dealt with and plot owners would use inventive methods to defend their land from these monsters and rob them of their riches.

While the tokenized land within the game’s ecosystem is under development, millions have already been spent by enthusiasts in purchasing these land parcels. Sky Mavis is yet to announce the release of the beta version of Axie Infinity universe but, rumors are that players will be able to access the virtual land by the 3rd quarter.

Axie Infinity Breeding

Axie Infinity features a sophisticated style of breeding that allows its users to breed an Axie up to 7 times using SLP and AXS tokens. The traits of the newly-bred Axies are influenced by their parental Axies. Each Axie has 6 different body parts which include the Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Tail, Horns, and back.

Moreover, cross-breeding various sorts of Axies together could result in a rare breed of species that aren’t only expensive, but quite effective in combat encounters as well.

The newly-bred Axies can be sold in the marketplace to make a living. Some rare Axies can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars while common Axies can also be flipped for a decent sum since newly-bred Axies are high in demand.

Axies are initially cheap to breed, but with each breeding, the breeding cost increases, causing players to think twice before breeding them. Moreover, after breeding new offspring, it will take them 5 days to turn into Adults.

Axie Infinity Game Modes

Axie Infinity consists of two modes mainly which include Adventure (PVE) and Arena (PVP) mode. In the Adventure (PVE) mode, players are tasked to defeat the monsters in the ruin which spreads across 36 different levels. Engaging with these monsters and beating each level would award players with a maximum of 50 SLP tokens each day.

Beating the monsters in the Adventure mode will also earn players some experience points which would contribute to leveling up Axies and improving their statistics. Moreover, more SLPs are awarded to players who complete the daily quests of beating certain numbers of monsters each day in the ruins.

In the Arena (PVP) mode, players square off against each other using attack cards. Players with the most balanced lineup are likely to dominate the battle and defeat their enemies. Each victory awards players with SLPs and tropics.

All the SLPs won through Adventure and Arena modes can be redeemed in your wallet.

How to get started with Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is available across all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. Getting started with the game is quite straightforward as players can use Google Chrome to sign up and start battling Axies in brutal encounters.

Firstly, players are required to navigate to the official website of Axie infinity and click on ‘Play Now’ at the top-right corner of the window. After that, players will be required to create a Ronin wallet which would allow players to acquire Axies from the Axie marketplace using AXS, USDC, SLP, and WETH.

Players can fill their Ronin wallets with the currency of their choice using various DEX on the market. Keep in mind that at least 3 Axies are required to start playing the game and to acquire those, a decent sum of cryptocurrencies will be required in your Ronin wallet to make the purchases.

Afterward, players will need to set up their Axie infinity account. To do so, click on ‘Dashboard’ at the bottom-left corner of the window and then click on Setup Email & Password. Once the process is completed, players will be able to download and install the Axie Infinity application.

Lastly, after launching the game, players will need to sync their Axies and for that, click on ‘Axies’ at the bottom-left corner of the window and a screen will pop-up and click on ‘Sync Axie’ to complete the process.

How to Earn Money Playing Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity offers lucrative opportunities for its players to make a living by engaging with the ecosystem. Currently, there are many methods of earning rewards from this P2E title, and although the game requires some initial investments in the shape of Axies, the return on investment (ROI) is quite decent due to the highly sustainable and profitable ecosystem of Axie Infinity.

Selling Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

SLP tokens are awarded to players for completing daily quests and beating their opponents in the Arena mode. These SLP tokens can be sold on decentralized exchanges to turn a profit and redeem them in the shape of real-world money.

Breeding and Selling Axies

Players can breed their Axies and sell the offspring to turn a profit. For a rare breed of Axies, there’s a huge demand in the Axie marketplace and such Axies can be sold for a very high price. Although breeding Axies requires SLP and AXS tokens, players can easily sell the newly-bred Axies to earn monetary gains.


Playing Axie Infinity can be quite expensive since it requires initial investments. However, those who cannot afford to buy Axies from the marketplace could join guilds and leverage the scholarship program for personal gains. Using the scholarship system, players will be able to rent out Axies with a profit-sharing scheme and would be able to redeem their daily winnings to their pocket.

Flipping Axie Infinity Land

The Axie Infinity land parcel marketplace is still in its infancy, but these land parcels can be purchased and sold off to turn a profit. However, these land parcels are already quite expensive, and flipping them for an even higher profit could be a daunting task but looking at the market, flipping Axie Infinity land could earn players a buck or two.


The immersive gameplay coupled with lucrative earning opportunities of Axie Infinity made it the most popular play-to-earn (P2E) game on the planet. Players from every corner of the world have spent their hard-earned money to play Axie Infinity and see some action for themselves. In short, the play-to-earn (P2E) model of gaming is revolutionizing the gaming industry forever.

Despite the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity is here to stay and dominate the P2E market and if someone is interested in making a living off their passion for gaming, they are advised to start playing Axie infinity.

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