Digital Assets are Real: Protection and Mainstream Adoption

Sensorium Corporation held a very interesting interview with COO & Co-Founder of Evertas, Raymond Zenkich. Within the hour-long discussion, Brian Kean, Sensorium’s Chief Communications Officer, discussed the unique tools and offerings Evertas has for blockchain companies and cryptoeconomies. From security to insurance, auditing and more, Evertas provides valuable tools to secure cryptoassets.

The insight regarding the importance of insurance of crypto-assets, in the wake of the 2017-2018 era of scam ICOs, helped open the consideration of scalable investment in blockchain projects. This safeguard may lead to more stable and institutional investors.

The discussion continues with the topic of the future for Evertas, how Evertas lines up with the social virtual world akin to Sensorium Galaxy and how avatars with a hypothetical million follows could be applicable to the securities Evertas can provide, even if within the confines of a virtual landscape.

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