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Recently our Deputy CEO, Alex Blagirev, held an in-depth AMA session with the community, in what was an exciting conversation about Sensorium, SENSO and the current status of our products as well as what the future holds for the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. Alex also dropped a few hints about some long-awaited developments. In case you missed it, here’s a transcript of the AMA.

What is Sensorium Galaxy?

I like to think of Sensorium Galaxy as the combination between Netflix streaming, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Roblox’s social media features. We are taking premium content like music concerts, shows by chart-topping artists, dance performances, lectures, and more, to a whole new level permeated by a highly immersive VR setup supported by advanced social and AI-based game mechanics.

What can Sensorium bring to its users?

Instead of scrolling through endless streams of content on social networking platforms that tend to make us feel anxious and perhaps even isolated, Sensorium Galaxy lets you have digital entertainment experiences together with those you’re the closest to while encouraging you to also make new acquaintances. In essence, we want to bring people together, regardless of their physical location, through out-of-this-world digital experiences.

What are the use cases of the SENSO?

As firm believers in a decentralized future, our metaverse uses blockchain technology to power every aspect of its virtual economy. In 2018, we launched SENSO — a metaverse currency that allows users to access exclusive events, buy limited-edition avatars, special effects, virtual fashion, and plenty more. This token can also be used to mint NFTs, create social tokens, and participate in a DAO for creators. The in-platform value of SENSO is fixed at $10, and all tokens by users within Sensorium are burnt quarterly. To learn more, I suggest you check out our Whitepaper.

What makes Sensorium avatars special?

Each avatar has a unique character and they can be fully customized. AI technology allows the avatars to learn from their surroundings and the interactions they have, allowing them to use environmental data to become increasingly smarter and also better virtual citizens of our vast metaverse. We call this feature digital immortality, where avatars can forever live within our metaverse. There are plenty of fun features too - our avatars can stream themselves, create original content, and even mint NFTs.

Which NFT assets will be available through the Sensorium Marketplace?

The Sensorium marketplace will undoubtedly be a place where users can find the rarest metavere creations. We see it as a place where you can buy and sell not only human creations but also those conceived by AI. This means that you can expect original AAA avatars, 3D art, virtual fashion, and even private spaces in Sensorium Galaxy's top locations. Tickets, collectibles, music, and original dance moves to enhance your avatar are just some of items you’ll find in our marketplace.

What can we do with the Sensorium App?

You can create and customize AI-powered virtual beings and engage in exciting conversations with them using text or video chat. All of these beings have unique personalities and they learn from you. You can ask them about literally any topic. Besides, you can use our AR dance console and build a collection of moves. The Sensorium App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Can you tell us a little, what inspired you to enter the crypto world?

My personal path in crypto started in 2015, when my colleagues in the banking industry asked for help in designing Masterchain - a crypto infrastructure that central banks could use in order to process digital currency settlements. We designed this platform and enabled the world’s first digital-based service for bank-to-bank transactions. This was one of one of the first instances of the concept of digital identity being used in this sphere. Nowadays, the crypto industry has evolved significantly, so our team decided to go with our own blockchain platform Wakatta to support in particular the NFT industry. You can find more information here.

Do you have an audit certificate or are you to audit your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

The answer is YES. Our smart contract was audited by Quanstamp. That is actually a mandatory procedure for a token to be featured on an exchange. SENSO is available across nine of the world’s top crypto exchanges, and it’s been fully audited by professionals. DEFI doesn't require an audit report, but CEFI always requires it.

I love this project for placing importance on the community aspect. It’s something lacking in many projects. How can us, early investors, really help Sensorium grow before it launches? From providing liquidity to general participation, what different roles are there when it goes live?

Community is very important for us. We pay close attention to requests and feedback. You can always help by raising awareness about SENSO and Sensorium Galaxy on social media. In general, we see community contribution within a DAO context and also through your help with feedback about our products like our mobile app.

The main priority when developing a project is having enough resources. What can you tell us about the financial aspect of your project. And can you briefly expand on your plan to make a profit?

It’s a great question given the turbulency of recent times. Yes, we are financially backed. That includes having solid resources to further develop our VR and Mobile products.

Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes you stay ahead of the competition? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel the most confident about?

Yes - we have a number of great killer features like AI personalized avatars that can be fully customized by users. In fact, you can give it a go yourself right now with our mobile app. These virtual beings can talk and interact with the latest AI conversational model. And as for the cherry on top - we have a huge library of professional dance moves, so your personal avatar can deliver a dance performance in a professional way and you can stream it through social media if you want.

Do you have an Ambassador Program available? If so, how can I join? And can you tell us what are the benefits available to ambassadors?

We are so proud to have such a vast community of Sensorium users that is exploding all over the world. We may say that they are part of our community as our informal ambassadors. That said, in the near future we are planning on launching a DAO. So, surely there will be important updates you’ll want to know about. Stay tuned.

The SENSO project is mainly dependent on Artificial Intelligence. Do your team members come from an artificial intelligence background?

I like this question. Our team is strong enough when it comes to AI. Our Chief Metaverse Officer, Ivan Nikitin is our mastermind of AI competence and he is driving the latest developments on all things related to that so that our avatars can have human-sounding conversations and a number of other important features. We have some major developments in that regard that we will be sharing soon on our socials. Stay tuned for that through our SENSO Telegram and Twitter channels.

For now, I can reveal that our next steps when it comes to AI and how we’re leveraging the technology have to do with producing different forms of content, like original music, dances, art, and more.

Right now, the market is uncertain and there is unreliable news being spread all the time. How do you see the decision to launch your project in such an environment? Although it seems to be a successful project, have you thought about the possibility of failure when there is so much negative news all around?

The development path of a project takes time. Something like this can take several years when you start from scratch. Our journey goes back to 2018 when, if you all remember, crypto markets experienced some serious stress. Many of us surely also recall that most ICOs failed during that time and yet we agreed to press ahead and launch our project in the midst of challenging times. Now, the current market situation is not as scary as it once was. Crucially, we remain flexible and can adjust our products to any changing circumstances. In fact, I believe that is one of our strongest assets and capabilities. Markets might be uncertain but we’ll continue investing in our product.

*Does Sensorium have a code of ethical conduct? Will there be punishment for people who engage in bad behaviors? That’s a pertinent question. We are appreciative of our community and we would like to propose the designing of an ethical conduct together with everyone as to enable a DAO to take on governance and be able to step in and react in situations where unethical behavior might occur. This would be an effective way of promoting good conduct in the metaverse.

What makes you feel confident about the survival of Sensorium in the near future? Will you take into account community feedback and its demands while developing features of your project?

The way I see it, it’s inevitable that soon a part of our lives and the social interactions we have will go through the metaverse. This is a big topic of conversation and as we’ve talked with partners and major brands, we have seen confirmation of the trend. That’s, simply put, very cool and exciting. We aim to have a high quality offering, but in the end the market will be the final judge when it comes to how successful our project will be. Based on the latest statistics and feedback we’ve gotten from both our mobile app users and those who’ve already experimented with Sensorium Galaxy, we are confident that our metaverse will become popular and widely appreciated by global audiences.

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