A new frontier for non-profit funding: Social Virtual Reality

Sensorium Corporation’s Chief Communications Officer, Brian Kean, hosted our #SENSORIUMLIVE with Co-Founders of STHORM.io Mariano Lopez and Pablo Martins. The topics involved how STHORM.io got its start and its pivotal importance in accelerating impactful ideas and projects.

Additionally, the session discussed how Social VR platforms help to better spread awareness of impactful societal struggles around the world without governmental boundaries or roadblocks. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we have opened up a new way for non-profit funding to resolve the issues directly without the bureaucracies that slow the process down.

With groups like STHORM.io, breaking frontiers to directly change people and societal challenges is one of the pioneered aspects of cryptocurrencies and potential for Social VR to remove restraints on organizing, free communication and applying direct repairs to suffering in our world.

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