Sensorium Galaxy Is Rapidly Expanding

Sensorium​ Galaxy has struck up a partnership with the Sergei​ Polunin Charity Foundation for​ the galaxy’s new Planet of Motion. The Sergei​ Polunin Charity Foundation for the Support and Development of Arts is headed by the world-renowned ballet dancer Sergei Polunin and his unique and world-beating talents are being virtually incorporated, for users to emulate, in the landmark 3D social virtual reality world that is the Sensorium Galaxy.

The Planet of Motion is one of five planets orbiting the Sensorium​ Galaxy’s Entertainment Star in which users can enjoy beauty and artistry of different dance styles including modern, improvised, ballroom, jazz, breakdance, ballet and more.

The Sensorium Galaxy media platform enables the seamless broadcast of virtual reality content to users all around the globe. Based on social virtual reality technology the platform signals a radical step change in the experience of virtual reality. The Sensorium Galaxy enables users to interact with each other, and avatars, as events are either live-streamed or accessed from a library.

Polunin is a world star and something of a legend in his own lifetime; he conquered not only world ballet but also made a mark in the film, fashion and advertising industries. Polunin is also known for his collaborations with famed American photographer and music director David LaChapelle. His meteoric rise to fame was also captured in a 2016 documentary ‘Dancer’.

For the Planet of Motion, Sergei Polunin’s photorealistic avatar has been created and his dance performances digitized for integration into the planet’s 3D virtual reality space. Further, the​ Charity Fund for the Support and Development of Arts of Sergei Polunin,​ as a partner with Sensorium, will be the producer of the Planet on Motion. Within this context Sergei Polunin will also personally bring ten other leading world dance stars into the project. Their avatars will be created and performances also digitized for the Planet of Motion.

Speaking of his partnership with Sensorium, Polunin said: “The Sensorium Galaxy Planet of Motion is the future. We are memorizing dance because dance will exist in a virtual world forever. The Planet of Motion is a game changer and I'm happy to be involved in this collaboration.”

Brian Kean, Chief Communication Officer Sensorium Corporation,​ added: “It’s​ exciting to have Sergei Polunin on board the Planet of Motion. He is a widely recognized international talent. Within his professional activities he also brings together dancers, contemporary artists, musicians and choreographers from different creative backgrounds which dovetails perfectly with what we are creating with Sensorium Galaxy.”​

The Planet of Motion Sensorium has developed a ground-breaking concept featuring compellingly beautiful virtual scenery in which world dance stars create a new kind of 3D social art, synthesized from the abilities of the human body and enhanced by the ground breaking features of the new technology.

Brian Kean, Chief Communication Officer Sensorium Corporation,​ added: “There​ are no limits on the Planet of Motion. Gravity exists in the physical world but not in our 3D social virtual reality world. Dance is one of the oldest forms of self-expression and Sensorium Galaxy gives participants the opportunity not only to contemplate and explore the beauty of body language, but also to learn from the world’s masters of dance.

The Planet of Motion is the second virtual world after the Planet of Music to be created as part of the Sensorium Galaxy’s entertainment constellation. In the near future, as the Sensorium Galaxy continues to expand outwards the purpose of the constellation’s third planet will be revealed.

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