Intergalactic Starship sets its course – Sensorium Corporation reveals its first VR tech demo

Starship Sensorium lifts off from the surface of the Earth, taking its inhabitants on a year-long journey to Sensorium Galaxy. Be among the first members of the human race to join the passenger list of Starship Sensorium.

Explore the tech demo, and prepare in advance for the future of Social VR – purchase exclusive avatars and accessories in Sensorium webstore, and try the items on in Sensorium Starship tech demo. All purchases made today will become part of your exclusive collection when Sensorium Galaxy launches in February 2021.

Sensorium webstore only accepts SENSO tokens at this time. SENSO tokens can be purchased at KuCoin or HitBTC cryptoexchanges.

Visit Sensorium Galaxy website!

And try technical demo version