Senso Token gets featured on HitBTC

We have featured our digital currency Senso Token on HitBTC one of the oldest and most advanced cryptocurrency platforms operating today. The move follows a recent featuring of Senso Token on the KuCoin cryptocurrency platform and signals Sensorium’s intention to expand its operations and enable users to engage deeply with Sensorium Galaxy, the unique and industry leading 3D social virtual reality platform.

HiBTC is one the world’s top 10 and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can use the token to make Sensorium Galaxy gaming related purchases and exchange content.Third party developers can use it to create unique in-location environments and customised events for the 3D virtual environment. Supported trading pair includes SENSO / USDT.

Brian Kean, Chief Communication Officer, Sensorium Corporation said: "This listing on HitBTC reflects our ambitious growth plans. We are in negotiations with world-leading artists and venues to create 3D social experiences unique to Sensorium Galaxy and as such as the platform develops we are anticipating millions of users worldwide. The HitBTC listing will provide these users with the means to buy and sell within the games. It also follows a recent listing on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange both of which reflect our strong commitment to and ardent belief in the significant future of cryptocurrencies."

The Senso Token has been developed on the Ethereum network, the global decentralized platform for digital currencies and meets the ERC20 standard, the de facto technical standard for token implementation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Peter Swen, HitBTC, Marketing team said: “As a company fully committed to the advancement and growth of financial technology we are pleased to integrate the Senso Token into our platform. The inroads that the Sensorium Corporation is making into the digital gaming space are significant and as our industry expands we look forward to working with the Sensorium team."

Sensorium Galaxy brings a new form of entertainment and social engagement to the world by providing multi-user access to 3D virtual entertainment worlds. For instance, users will be able to visit unique concerts and events with friends, attend in real-time, create their own avatars, buy content and interact with their friends and other attendees at the event, all within a 3D world.

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