Sensorium Creators Program: How Unreal Are You?

Have you missed the latest #SensoriumLive? No worries... You can still watch it on Youtube or read our summary outlining the most important updates.

Our latest #SensoriumLive edition featured Sensorium Galaxy Product Director Ivan Nikitin and Sensorium Corporation Product Development Director Alex Leus. During the session, both team members provided valuable insights on where Sensorium Galaxy is headed.

In this 15-min livestream, Ivan presented three key announcements:


The release of a new trailer for PRISM — the world of electronic music events at Sensorium Galaxy. This world is being developed in partnership with the renowned London-based creative studio HighScream.


It’s official — David Guetta is joining Sensorium Galaxy. The Grammy-winning DJ will be the first artist to host live and pre-recorded shows on the brutalistic world of PRISM.

“PRISM is a digital venue for new generation shows. The environment transforms under the influence of music, resulting in a uniquely immersive and entertaining experience,” said Ivan.

As a first step in our exclusive collaboration with David, the Sensorium Galaxy team will create a photorealistic avatar that he will use for his shows. By the way, here’s how the process works.


While music is a priority in terms of product development, that’s not the only type of art we’re working on for Sensorium Galaxy. The alternate universe will consist of multiple worlds, each featuring a specific type of art or entertainment.

“We are moving forward with other types of entertainment like teather, ballet, digital museums, galleries, exhibitions, etc. And we are looking for creative minds to help us,” explained Ivan. “With Sensorium Creators Programs we aim to promote the development of VR experiences based on Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games.

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