Sensorium Corporation Participates At GBBC Blockchain Central UNGA

Last week, Sensorium Corporation took part in the Blockchain Central UNGA conference to address the role of new technologies in the achievement of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This two-day conference was organized by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), an official partner of the UN Foundation’s Global Goals Week.

The event brought together leading voices and innovators in the blockchain industry, and business leaders and policy makers.

Alexey Blagirev, Deputy CEO for Investor Relations, Blockchain, and Technology at Sensorium Corporation, participated in a panel on the topic: “Achieving Greater Equality in Music, Sports, and Entertainment.” During the discussion, he outlined the vast opportunities that virtual reality is offering to increase inclusiveness in entertainment by lowering entry barriers such as geographical limitations and high costs of live performances.

Brian Kean, Chief Communications Officer at Sensorium Corporate, also joined this virtual conference hosting a keynote session titled “Confronting the Pandemic’s Mental Toll” which analyzed the consequences of COVID-related lockdown measures on people and the positive impact of new technologies in alleviating the associated psychological distress.

Earlier this year, Sensorium Corporation became an active member of the Global Blockchain Business Council, the world’s leading industry-focused association for blockchain technology. The membership is set to provide Sensorium Corporation with a strong skill set to enhance the use of blockchain technology within the alternate universe of Sensorium Galaxy. At the same time, through GBBC, Sensorium Corporation contributes to the global blockchain community by sharing the latest trends and use cases in the entertainment space.

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