Motion Capture & New Digital Movement

Last month, Sensorium Corporation’s Art Director, Sasha Tityanko and Alex Mamonov, Chief Operating Manager for Sensorium’s Motion Capture Studio. The subject of discussion revolved around the importance of motion capture both as a way to improve today’s standards of entertainment but also in the market today for all forms of entertainment ranging from video games to movies, music and more.

Subsequently, Alex Mamonov introduces our motion capture studio in Moscow, considered one of the biggest in Europe, and how the studio aims to implement motion capture into our Sensorium Galaxy and the avatars we are implementing within our worlds and VR environment.

For years, motion capture has brought to life characters that we’ve come to grow intrigued by ranging from the Avatars in James Cameron’s Avatar or Gollum in the Lord of the Rings triology. Visual effects, including motion capture, continue to be necessary to tell the stories and fantastical elements that let our imagination go wild.

In our concluding discussion, we delve deeper into our tech. demo, Sensorium Starship and outline the future of Sensorium Galaxy, the shop where users can engage with our array of avatars and the virtual world they’ll inhabit.

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