Virtual Reality and the Blockchain, Perfect Together!

Sensorium Corp continued its Summer of Virtual Vibe with a very exciting discussionwith Global Blockchain Business Council CEO, Sandra Ro. 4 August 2020 Sandra checked in with Brian Kean, Sensorium’s Chief Communications Officer and over thecourse of a lively hour Sandra and Brian explored all the ways that blockchain technology could benefit SVR.

Especially notable was that in a world truly void of practical blockchain use cases, Sensorium Galaxy could prove to be a catalyst for bringing the blockchain technology in real life situations. The talk was truly a passionate one between two blockchain devotees who both agree that decentralized ledger technology (DLT) could (should) evolve humankind to a better place.

The hope many share for DLT is precisely one of the most motivating factors behind Sensorium’s SVR context hub.

"The socially virtual setting can help get a feel for, an understanding of how the blockchain can nudge humans toward a more equitable world. A content hub like Sensorium Galaxy can truly be a watershed moment for widespread, practical blockchain technology."

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