True Engagement with digital Avatars in VR: is it real?

Sensorium Corp continued its Summer of Virtual Vibe with another lively #SensoriumLive event on 7 July 2020 with a very sunny and hot discussion with the acclaimed and talented 3D artist Jason Ebeyer. Known for his glossy figures and sensual style of artwork, Jason was checking into #SenoriumLive’s studios all the way from Australia.

Speaking with Jason spoke about his motivations, inspirations and his experiences working on the Sensorium project were Sasha Tityanko, Art Director for Sensorium, Ivan Nikitin, Sensorium’s Product Director and Brian Kean, Chief Communication’s Officer at Sensorium.

Over the course of a hour, the quartet discussed the ways that the immersed experience can become more real, more in the way of “human to human” and less obviously digital. Jason’s avatars are very sensual and offer seeks to capture not only the typical physical attributes of us, humans, but also he tries bring to a “visual surface” the feelings, emotions, senses that make each of us so unique; in this regard, we are not merely speaking about having the avatars mimic the exact actions and expressions of humans but to have the whole “menu of senses” flow from the avatar when it speaks, moves, dance or flies.

Ivan, as a product builder, had some suggestions for ways that Jason could help enhance the overall product so as to more accurately capture Jason’s vision. The two agreed to further discuss this separately. Overall, it was agreed by all the possibility of become “real” virtually does exist and will be the next step in our evolution as living, breathing, thinking, dancing and loving humans.

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