Streaming Virtual Content for a more Social Experience

Sensorium Corp kicked off its first #SensoriumLive event on 9 June 2020 with a very sunny and hot discussion with the Deputy CEO for IR, Blockchain and Technology, Alex Blagirev. Alex focused his attention on an obvious and very important part of the Sensorium project in the future, the technology of streaming.

Entitled, “Streaming Virtual Content for a more Social Experience,” Alex sat down in the studios to present the latest updates on the project, share some cool demos with the online, virtual audience and to then got to the meat and potatoes of the discussion when he threw the whole thing open to the audience for a Q&A.

“Will you guys be willing to stream VR entertainment content the same way you stream movies and music?” The resounding response from the audience was “yes.” There were discussions about making payment for Sensorium “content packages” a monthly fee that could be paid directly to Sensorium or to the hardware producers. Some fans of the project pushed the idea of joining with Spotify while others voted for Netflix and Sony and Samsung.

Yes, it was indeed a very hot and steamy discussion that kicked off the Summer of Virtual Vibe on a very positive note.

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