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On 27 May of this year, Alex Blagirev, Sensorium’s Deputy CEO of IR, Blockchain and Technology spoke about “Why VR is going to take over the new reality” at the Digital Week.Online virtual event.

A showcase event of the some of the best and brightest in tech and VR, Sensorium was invited to speak about the virtues of a “new reality” in a virtually real world.

Alex presented to the gathering of tech enthusiasts from all over the world and fielded questions from a virtual audience that numbered up to 700 attendees during his talk. Dedicated to innovation and how technology can (and will) provide humankind with a better and more just society, the focus on the Sensorium project was due mainly to the fact the core essence of the project lies in its DNA—Sensorium promises to become an alternative reality in which humans can aspire to being better; in which humankind can reimagine the rules, reassess value and permit for a more equitable and fulfilled existence.

Attended by a cross-section of industry experts, government officials from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, many Asian and non-Asia based VC’s as well thousands of tech, and humankind, enthusiasts, Alex’s speech and the very lively Q&A afterwards proved to be one of the highlights of the event.

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