Senso Token gets featured on

Sensorium Corporation has added its SENSO Token digital currency to the Exchange, one the world’s largest crypto asset platform. The BCH / SENSO pair is already available for purchase.

This step followed the recent featuring of SENSO Token on both the KuCoin and HitBTC cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks to the release of the SENSO token, it has now become possible to use it as an internal currency in the Sensorium Galaxy; Users can now buy avatars and many other attributes for use on the project platform. An exclusive Sensorium Galaxy Shop has been launched for these purposes.

Users can use the token to make purchases related to Sensorium Galaxy games and share content. Third-party developers can use it to create unique locations and customized events for a virtual three-dimensional environment.

Brian Kean, Communications Director for Sensorium Corporation, comments: “The featuring on demonstrates Sensorium Corporation’s commitment to expand its operations so that more users can interact with Sensorium Galaxy product offerings. Our flagship product, Sensorium Galaxy, marks the evolution of social networks where users are not limited to just one dimension and can interact in virtual reality. Having our own token allows us to open Sensorium Galaxy to the entire blockchain community.”

Danish Chaudhry, head of the exchange, commented: “We are very pleased that Sensorium's SENSO token has arrived on to the symbiosis of VR and blockchain, users can safely interact with each other, and content creators can easily monetize their work without worrying about copyright protection.We are very interested to see how this will affect the development of Sensorium, and we are pleased to support their token."

Sensorium Galaxy offers the world a new format of entertainment and social interaction through multi-user access to virtual three-dimensional entertainment worlds. For example, users will be able to attend unique concerts and events with friends in real time, create their own avatars, buy content, and interact with friends and other visitors directly during the event, all in three-dimensional virtual reality.

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